My nephew wants to be white

He's black. I'm black. But we grew up in two completely different environments. I grew up around other people of color, blacks, Mexicans, Asians. Hip hop and R&B was the cool music where I'm from. BET was on even in Mexican's houses. My favorite superheroes growing up were unironically Static Shock and Blade.

My nephew is 10 and comes from a white neighborhood. He listens to pop music like Charlie Puth. He likes some R&B songs but he thinks R&B is a white genre, even though all of the singers are black. He wants straight hair. We try to tell him that he can't have straight hair but he's intent on having some whiteboy haircut when he grows up. For a guy like me, who grew up in a place where fades and braids were the thing, I can't comprehend the shit he says sometimes.

The reason people of color want more representation in the media is because of shit like this. Because if a little black boy doesnt grow up around other blacks and isn't much of a fan of black music, he doesn't have many people who look like him to look up to, so now all his heroes are white people and he feels like something is wrong with him because he doesn't look the way they do.

It's just fucking bizarre to see a black kid want a white boy "flippy hair" swoop thing when, back when I was his age, I wanted to look like fucking Trey Songz.

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Why give a shit let him be him.

Because he's not a straight haired white boy and I don't want him to grow up hating how he looks and being one of those weirdos who straightens their hair and looks like a clown.

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>The reason people of color want more representation in the media is because of shit like this.
You have far, far, far too much representation already.

Fuck off to Africa if you want to see more nigs and nogs everywhere.

Thats his life decision not yours.

Help him to be masculine before being "white", but also fuck off and let him be what he wants.

Let him do whatever the fuck he wants. I'm sure in a few years he'll realize that being nig is cooler than being white now and switch over to it.

That's weird. I thought everyone wanted to be light skinned black soundcloud rappers. I guess I don't really know what's up with kids.

Why cant he have straight hair?

The issue isn't him wanting straight hair, the issue is him hating his natural hair and literally crying because he isn't white.

>literally crying because he isn't white.
He sounds pretty based desu

Nobody likes nappy hair. Its ugly and filthy.

Fuck off, nazis. God made us all with our own purpose, and your hatred of God's creation nails Jesus to the cross all over again in the present day.

Yeah bro God made an ugly race of darkies that do nothing but destroy themselves, the environments around them, and try to bring down those more successful and better than them for a real purpose.

No, he created niggers because he's a genuine piece of shit that made this world for his own amusement. There's no reason such a subhuman sect of people should exist or be anywhere near actual decent socities and communities.

I dont know why youd come here to look for answers, but just follow everyones advice and let him be himself. He will either realize that he can never be white or invent a race changing machine. Do not steal his struggle from him. This will define his character. You wont always be there to tell him what he should and should not do. Let him believe what he believes and act how he acts then watch and see when he realizes his dreams are not and will not ever be. Kinda like how youve probably realized youll never be able to look like Trey Songz

>God is a piece of shit
What irony will be had when you are the one flushed down the Great Toilet.

Get off my board, christfag.

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You get off my board, newfag.

Blade and Blade II were legit kino. I assume we are agreed that Spawn sucked. And I am glad you didn't cite that ridiculous kaaangz bullshite Panther.
As for your nephew: maybe you two can find some middle ground. The new Shaft movie isn't bad. Try that one.

>f-fuck off whitey!!
the post

>he willingly gives his credit card info to the gook
Get off my board, low IQ.

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That unironically looks good on him.

>wants to better himself

If you compare the representation of blacks in the media with their real population, you'll find they're actually far overrepresented. But this is fine. People like seeing blacks onscreen for the same reasons they don't like seeing Asians: they are gregarious and charismatic.

>still calls it his board
A normalfag and a retard

Hey look its two retards arguing over nothing! Whoever the newfag is will definitely stop replying

White communities are incredibly and casually racist.
I think it's because we don't teach people in schools that their very own families lynched people, and they are never ashamed of their own past.

I met a doe-eyed blonde girl that graduated college without knowing what the word "lynch" meant.

Most you can do is try to guide him. Never possible to force anyone to change.

>I met a doe-eyed blonde girl that graduated college without knowing what the word "lynch" meant.
Damn, we should start doing it again.

Lulz I was kinda like that growing up. I'm black. I remember during senior week I was hanging out with a few girls, and then the "urban" group from my high school came over and i was like "ugh niggers". Fucking lollll. I ended up banging one of the white girls I was hanging with though and one of the Asian girls i was with later wanted to bang so i guess they didn't give a fuck that i was kinda "self hating"

I still think black culture is pretty shitty, but i don't do things like tell people I watch friends with the intent of them seeing me in a better light because its le epin white show xD

Not gonna lie id rather a black person have straight hair and be a "wanna be white", than them be an obnoxious prideful black. It's the best of two sucky things imo.

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