Dubs decides if i sewiside or not

dubs decides if i sewiside or not

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Do it, pussy. No balls, no glory.

Nope, you're gonna be around for a lot longer faggot.

Do it. Let the negative thots win.

Don't, suicide is for cowards who are too scared to face whatever life has thrown at them.

Don't. You will reincarnate. You'll reincarnate even if you don't commit suicide, but you can use the information (the suffering/wisdom) you gain/experience in this incarnation to improve your next incarnation.

do not do it desu we will miss u vwey much

Go to clown college instead

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sleep deep in a deep sleep until the end of times

do a backflip when you jump you unoriginal faggot

Don't do it man. Start playing life as an rpg with a good allegiance. Think logically. Study everything, it will make you feel good. Help people, and in turn they will help you.

Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein!

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cya nerd

ez dubs

Instead copiously fap to straight missionary sex done by 2 married christians.

dubs confirm.
is that even a thing?

Absolutely checked
Based and missionary-pilled.

I've always thought that logically, reincarnation makes the most sense.
The original NPC guy thought there may be a certain number of human souls that have been reincarnating for a long time. However, since the population is now so large; the majority of people are just soulless shells. Hence NPC.

Very wholesome indeed.

well guess you're safe OP
As for me gentlemen I've lost my bet.

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No sewerslide

based and vanillapilled. Vanilla missionary sex gets me rock hard

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Don't do it my dude. And if you are serious, don't come to Jow Forums asking this question. You won't get a nive response.

We're on the brink of nuclear annihilation and you choose to suicide when you could watch the bombs go off?