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let me guess, it's that trap/homo again.

With obvious brain damage.

>I havent made these in awhile. I feel empty if I dont

Dont you want to stop your dependency or are you content with your addiction?

i dont know
i make these when i feel alone

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how are you

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Basically content. Carry on

kill yourself gunjy you stupid nigger

what you mean
i dont have any content
im not that dude
i dont exist outside of these threads

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Just because ou suffer does not mean you arent content. Youve found little snacks to satiate your starvation. In your mind, without realizing it, youre saying this will do for now

boring people cant make content

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Jesus, you sound like you're a mess. Hopefully you get your life sorted.

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If you believe it then it is that way. This is partially why you are trapped

well gotta do something when everyone else is ignoring me :DDDDDDD

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Do not mistake my words as self indulgence. I do not pity nor hate you. You have taught me that someone can enslave themselves with their own passion. I hope you find what you seek one day so that you can also experience something new

I was just having the big sad

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Lol original good job user

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Thief, do not take my words as your own


If you're a tranny I hope you die, I hope you'll die in pain during your transition. I also hope you go to hell, if there's one.

Closing nostrils?

You talking to me?
I'm a dude but Jesus, get a grip

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Come on your not fooling nobody here

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Translate the vocaroo ruskie

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How many years have you been on HRT? I don't think it's going good for you I can tell you are a Male but hardly pull off a sissy

Damn you sound gay as fuck what's with the sluring and gay lisp

I think you should go on Grindr and get TOPPED, lots of people are looking for bottoms like you if you are lonely

Post your boiclit locked in chastity I will fuck you OP

I'm cocklusting any robots moan so I can fap?

Is that trap from Netherlands here? I want to see your cunt uwu!! Anyone know if OP is a sissy?

You should wear some cute panties and link discord

Hey it was fun jacking off with you last night maybe we can fap tonight again if you keep same discord

Any of you guys try Grindr yet? I might go on there and TOP a bottomboi tonight.

No. Men stink

The trap from /soc/ again not surprised

Twinks and sissies don't cute bussy is shaved and tight

Vaginas stink user a smooth penis is great

Say "daddy fuck your little girls boipucci" or "fuck me hard daddy"

I just said they stink how are you going to tell me they dont. Silly gays

Man you are a fucking homo you talk like a fag and those two you repliesd to are fags meet up and fuck each other

What was it like getting your boitwat stuffed? You never finished telling.

if this isnt projecting a gay fantasy then I dont know what is


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Slap your dick on the strings and vocaroo it

I guess you don't you faggot sounding turd

I fuck a bottom on Grindr first name is R is that you?

Do you ever dance around naked while singing and playing


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>on Jow Forums whilst bathing
The addiction

do u have a discord, cute vocaroo user
i wouldnt mind being ur friend if ur lonely

I'm not a good friend tho
And you could be one of these degenerates posting in this thread

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define "one of these degenerates"

the gay goons
I'm not lonely as much as I feel alone

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whaddya mean? ur not a gay???


Hey act like a faggot please

I thought you were gay? We could be friends if you are a gay

Well summer is here man you are more of a faggot then OP go get TOPPED

Slap your boiclit on the keyboard and scream "I love cock"

You should become gay and enjoy life :)

Why not be a good bottom and let other robots like you fuck your boitwat so they can lose their virginity and be happy?


Can a fembot moan so I can masturbate

I would prefer a trap to moan user

I know you are that sissy from /soc/ a few years ago now show us your sissycunt

Are you getting TOPPED this weekend?

Lmao what a faggot go get TOPPED

Slap your girldick on the keyboard and post it you have nothing else to do you cocklusting boislut

I tried Grindr for the first time yesterday and ended up having sex with a girly twink, his boipucci was warm and tight it felt good after I came in him he cleaned my penis clean with his mouth if you are lonely try it out

What is going on in this thread is it like a gay thread?

That's lucky I would love to fuck a twink none in my area though

This thread is making my boipussy wet anyone want to fap

Just settle for a bottom doesn't need to be a twink just a bottom

I want a girly twink or a sissy they are hard to find someone that is cocklusting

So what pills did you take today?

Are you a transexual OP?

You sound like shit and possibly a trap I would suggest to stop taking what ever drugs you are on and getting speech therapy

You sound like either 1 you are a closet gay or 2 you were molested or 3 both summer down you actual fag


What's wrong with her being a trap if anything r9k needs more boipussy

Well play with our dicks my dude

Can you shlick your boiclit and moan for me?

Have you ever had your boipucci licked?

No I'm antisocial but I do stimulate my prostate

I want mine to be stuffed and abused :)

Not my thing but you can get TOPPED on Grindr

Why do your threads always get so homo and gay

I bet you love all these fags hitting on you

One of you fucking fags moan and post it

You sound really gay do you play it naked while toying your ass?

Sleeping pills so I can forget my miseries
I don't even read them
It's sad and pathetic
I don't usually say shit like this but I hope they kill themselves, which I'm sure they will eventually. I mean what other option do they got if this is all you do with your time

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Why do you hate the gays so much?

I don't spend all day on Jow Forums so I'm not sure what you mean?

user are you dumb
I'm gonna go take more Xanax and pass out

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Sleeping pills are boring and why do you think your life is so bad

>tfw no xanax gf (male) to pound when she passes out