Get told all your life that you're incredibly intelligent even though you struggled in school

>get told all your life that you're incredibly intelligent even though you struggled in school
>do a real IQ test in 2019
>103 IQ
>struggle hasn't ended post-school
just fuck my shit up, senpai

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what is like having a retard iq OP? do you have some niche or high brow interests?

103 IQ isn't retard; if you think centre-of-the-north-European bell curve is retard, you're the retard. or maybe an Australian Aborigine

niche is relative, anime is autistic to normalfags but is pretty basic around here
I have a wide variety of interests that constantly change depending on what I get bored of and what piques my interest, this has nothing to do with my IQ though and is probably something like undiagnosed ADHD

I have even less IQ than you. I have 100 IQ. But I study at a STEM university and am smarter than most of my peers, so it's fine.

People are braindamagedly stupid and unambitious in general. Just be you and you'll be fine.

how's your sex life? what are you best at (try not to say something like eating or carving emo poetry into the tortured psyche of my soul)?

>and am smarter than most of my peers
I mean statistically probably no. Harder working, more disciplined maybe, but smarter no.

I think I'm just about smart enough to pretend I'm much smarter than I actually am and I got enough generalised knowledge to pretend I'm learned about various things as long as I don't run into anybody actually educated in any of them
It's very tiring to keep it up

>sex life
virgin, zero action or interest from girls
I suspect it's because I'm a framelet, my height (6 feet) and face are OK but holy fuck are my wrists thin, any girl next to me must feel like the fattest whale alive

>what are you best at
nothing. maybe I'm alright at writing, english teachers in school said I was talented. music teachers said I was talented too.

this is basically me, know about things more than most people but when an expert comes along I get knowledge mogged

I am smarter than them though. I've met many people with higher IQ than me who fail mathematics classes that I pass.

I'm definitely not that disciplined. The key to my intellect is my ambition. Most people don't have any dreams or aspirations, they just do class related assignments then go home and play videogames or go out drinking. They don't work on personal projects outside of school and they don't have any desire to research or create anything that is meaningful to them.

That is what makes me more intelligent than them. I am not just a sheep who's out to get a STEM degree, or work at boring and pointless extra assignments just to impress others. I do things that actually matter, and I spend a lot of time doing that.

What do you think it would be like to have a 160 IQ?

Intelligence is not linear. If you think IQ is anything but a meme you're probably holding onto it because you have no self worth

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You can't be low IQ and a robot. Ignorance is bliss. Anyways, you're normie tier IQ.

Basically this. What your actual IQ is doesn't matter so much, it matters more what factors were used to calculate your IQ. I took a test and got a full essay around my answers in the test and what they meant.

>Having a low IQ means that you are ignorant
If you were ignorant enough to think this then by your logic you can't be a robot either.

my hypothesis
people with 100+ IQs find questions like "how do you know that you exist" interesting but they don't study the possibilities much
people with 130+ IQs ruminate on such questions endlessly, it consumes their time
people with 160+ IQs never bother with those questions - the answers are intuitively obvious to them

>You can't be low IQ and a robot.
two words: prove it

>I'm definitely not that disciplined. The key to my intellect is my ambition. Most people don't have any dreams or aspirations
This is like, EXACTLY what a 100IQ person would think in your situation

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>people with 160+ IQs never bother with those questions - the answers are intuitively obvious to them

you really are retarded

120 IQ here

always told I was "Bright", and I have paper that proves it.

and you are a waste of time, a waste of space and a waste of air
either say something half-substantial even if it's unfounded rambling or shut your mouth

I'm going to be straight with you, brother; it's simple enough to tell from your posts that you're not all that bright. In fact, your last post that I'm quoting claims to be at odds with the poster you were responding to, but in actuality, you just posted an extremely round about way of posting EXACTLY WHAT HE FUCKING SAID. You are definitely NOT bright.

What do you mean? The reason I am more intelligent than people is because of my interest in the world and because of the things I can do.

Just because I have low IQ does not mean I am not intelligent.

No, because my claim is that my ambition and my interests is what makes me more intelligent than my peers.

price origamo

user, it does. 100 IQ is absolutely average and intelligence is only and solely IQ. There isn't "intelligence is this or that", intelligence is very much a objective definition of IQ.

Be proud of your hard work and interests that lead you to achieve more than most people, but objectively speaking in how fast you can understand things, you are right in the middle of the bell curve.

IQ is meant to describe how easily a person can accomplish mental labor. Things like abstract reasoning, pattern recognition, and the speed with which calculations and logic chains are processed all factor into it. What it does not measure is how knowledgeable somebody is, or how skilled they are at any given task. It also does not take into account personality traits (or flaws) which can impact the ability to do serious work either negatively or positively.

What this means is that in real life, an IQ is basically just the potential for achievement, not an achievement per se. Having a high IQ just creates the expectation that you will pick up on things faster, and maybe be better at them than others after you've learned how to do them, maybe even innovate on the process. But if you don't do any of that, nobody is really impressed with your high IQ. It's like being the best at blowjobs in the whole world and the never giving head to anybody.

Wow youre pretty fucking stupid op and I'm basing that off of myself considering I have a 117 IQ and I'm pretty fucking dumb so if I'm dumber youre just retard level dumb

>retards on Jow Forums threads and especially generals call me a retard and gang up on me all the time
>actually proven to be above 70 percent of people when I was 15
Common opinion is usually shit unless it's something very obvious

Lmao I've been told the same thing but my IQ is definitely below 100. I'm an incompetent dumbfuck who can't even remember little things. I hope I die soon.

Where exactly do people get their IQ tested? I'm tempted to try, just so I can prove definitively that's i'm a total moron. Mensa?

The point of that question is that you can't answer it. Nobody knows the answer to that question; an IQ of 160, whatever that entails, definitely does not entail superpowers. Furthermore, whether people bother with a question isn't necessarily only up to intelligence. People's interests, motivation, views, and specialities may have them not care about philosophical questions like that, for example.

You should only rely on IQ to tell you someone's intelligence in situations when you need to predict how well someone will do something that requires intelligence, since that's one of the pieces of data that can at least give some information. But thinking about IQ on its own is pointless and a waste of time. We will never be able to objectively define intelligence, and especially not with a single number to cover the entire capabilities of the brain. Trying to think about how intelligent you are is like trying to admire your muscles in front of a mirror instead of actually using them. If you care about intelligence, you most probably care about things that require intelligence. So just do the things that require intelligence to the best of your ability. Of course, there are other variables that affect performance, so even then you can't assess your intelligence that accurately. But the point is not to assess your intelligence as if you can say something definitive about it; just use what data you can gather about your intelligence from your limited human perspective, and do what you want, regardless of IQ.

Whats the point of being smart when you just end up like Rick Sanchez am I right I bet you love that show I hear it increases IQ

Sorry m8 but you sound like a retard is English your 3rd language?

Listen to this nigger. Unless you suspect you have an actual learning disability, IQ in general is a fucking meme.

Unless we're asked a question like where a certain triangle belongs in a group, you're just as much a dumbshit as the rest of us. Hell, maybe even moreso. IQ only determines your ability to wagecuck, not to think outside the box. For example, you'd excel in knowing what meal requires fries in comparison to what meal requires tendies.

Your hypothesis is something a retard with an IQ of 90 would presume

>get told all your life that you're incredibly intelligent
>do a real IQ test in 2019
>155 IQ
Not sure how to feel about it.

Grateful, I guess, but I feel pressure now to put it to use. I feel like it's proof that I have a contribution to make to the world, so my lack of achievement is even more galling.

Someone read the bell curve I bet youre such an interesting intellectual mister high IQ

you sound a little triggered, do you lack an IQ of 160+ by chance?

Yeah, the Mensa test gives you an IQ and it's pretty cheap to do.

You can go to a psychologist but they will charge you out the asshole.

You can have a high IQ but you probably an unlikeable loser

No I have an overage IQ of 124, I just think youre a faggot who gets inthralled buy unsubstantiated pseudoscience and gay philosophical pounderies

I think you took the post more seriously than it was supposed to be taken. I am not enthralled by intellectual masturbation, no. And of course it's unsubstantiated, that's why it's a hypothesis.

Bumperformers rollout

I know this feel OP
>tfw when you can deduce things like the fact that the universe is finite but has no borders but only have an IQ of 92

>get told all your life that you're incredibly intelligent
It's just a compliment people say if they can't compliment your appearance with sincerity, and you're a bit of a social sperg.

Do you really think most teachers give two fucks about virtue signalling

>implying IQ tests aren't retarded and they actually show how intelligent you are
Well, you're retarded that's for sure.

>Do you really think most teachers give two fucks about virtue signalling

>caring about IQ
being hardworking,charming and down to earth are 3 qualities that will get you way further in life than having an IQ of ten bazillions.I have a tested IQ of over 140 and im a loser in life no matter how you look at it or how many copes you were to throw at this simple fact,but im not angry at this.Im a loser because my attitude towards life has been godawful and im at the spot that I deserve.
Dont be discouraged at your lack of intelligence brainlet anons,it constitutes so little of what can actually get you through life

>intelligence is very much a objective definition of IQ.
cringe and retarded

Not my experience, plenty of kids were completely ignored

High IQ and friendless loser go hand in hand. When you're one standard deviation above the mean IQ, you're probably just kind of a somewhat intelligent person into art. Two standard deviations, and you're smart enough to be "smart", but not smart enough to be an actual genius, which makes this one of the worst spots to be. Three standard deviations and you are a full-blown genius who normal people simply cannot comprehend the intelligence of. Once you get beyond this point, you find it impossible to function around normal people at all, and quickly breach into insane and depressed territory like Ol' Teddy K.

>Three standard deviations and you are a full-blown genius who normal people simply cannot comprehend the intelligence of. Once you get beyond this point, you find it impossible to function around normal people at all

I know this is a commonly accepted truism, but it doesn't really make any sense.

I get along with my cat just fine, even though my IQ is a lot higher than his. In fact, precisely because his IQ is lower than mine, he's a comforting and unchallenging presence, who I can easily figure out and get along with. It's not "impossible for me to function" around him; it's actually really easy.

Imagine you are stuck in a room with a guy who keeps pressing a button. Every time he presses the button, the two of you get shocked. You tell him to stop pressing the button, and he just turns to you, dumbfounded. A large drop of drool leaves his gaping mouth, and you can't do anything other than watch as his stubby finger once more moves to the button, pressing it repeatedly. Nothing you say gets through, and he just keeps repeating actions that hurt the two of you over, and over, and over again.

This is what it's like being significantly smarter than a human being you are forced to interact with regularly. Comparing human interaction to human/animal interaction is fucking retarded here, too.

your cat analogy is dumb
having a cat is comparable to having a severely retarded but curious buddy, a much bigger and more noticeable gap than 100IQ vs 160IQ

actually, it's more like this
>people with people with 90-100 IQ ruminate on such questions endlessly
>people with > 100 IQ know those questions have no objective answers and so don't bother with them

I got 98th percentile on an IQ test (WAI) and failed every class I ever took and am retarded.

also forgot to add, unlike a cat 100IQ people CAN comprehend complex concepts that are easy for the 160IQ people, it just takes them more time to absorb the information
if 100IQers couldn't do that the field of teaching wouldn't exist today (because it'd be useless) and we'd still be cavemen

>tfw IQ test said 126
What the actual fuck

Your IQ is there to help you navigate towards black cock. People with high IQ tend to find black cock earlier in life

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Seething average IQ opinion.
From a high IQ perspective, the average IQ is retarded.
In order for you to properly understand, the official IQ for retardation is 70 and below, which is only 30 points below the average.
To a person with a 130 IQ, anyone 30 points below them would seem retarded from their perspective.
If you don't understand, I can try to explain it in more simple terms.

Fuck IQ, fuck IQ test and everything inbetween.

The ammout of pressure I got as a child for scoring 126 IQ (and 124 in another test) and everybody expecting me to be the next Einstein was so brutal I still carry on the sequels as today.

I'd rather be dumb.

What do you mean you carry on the sequels?

Those morons expecting you to be the next Einstein clearly weren't aware that a genius level IQ like Einstein or Tesla is much higher than that; at least 150.

Show your Mensa test.

you realize that IQ tests were developed to test for retardation, right? the gap between 70IQ and 100IQ is much more noticeable than the gap between 100IQ and 130IQ. beyond the average range each increase yields less gain.

I hate cunts like you. So many kids get told they are smart when they are dead fucking average and they become insufferable teens and adults who are too stupid to know when they are wrong unlike genuinely smart people who are more likely to admit they dont know something rather than bullshit

'For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.'
- Ecclesiastes 1:18

The only thing you can do know is learn to enjoy your suffering.

What do you mean by much more noticeable? That is pretty subjective I would think.
This is correct. Legitimate high IQ too and most people are really fucking annoying to talk to about anything except small talk/social chit chat. Sadly my dad is average maybe even below average and we just cannot talk about anything with substance

>not Simon- binet
Nah, you're actually retarded.

What a dumb assumption; I'm one of the humblest people around. Never hesitate to admit I made a mistake. If anything, high IQ people are more likely to be arrogant.

Like this guy says
It's not noticable to you because you're probably pretty close to average. For someone with above average IQ it is extremely noticable. There are very few things I can actually talk to people about.

Did you miss the last part of my post? A 30 point difference between a retard and an average person is much more cognitively severe than a thirty point difference between an average person and an above-average one. It's not subjective, that's how the scoring works. An average person can with enough time comprehend a complex idea. For a retard this is literally impossible.

Not being able to talk about anything substantial with your dad has nothing to do with his IQ and everything to do with your dad being ignorant. Maybe try getting your dad to read a fucking book or two in his lifetime and then come back?

IQ isn't about understanding complex ideas. It's about being able to understand simple ideas and apply them to different situations. Recognizing patterns in different situations is in no way complex. Your snap judgement to chalk it up to "just read a book" is why I can tell you're average. Someone with high IQ doesn't need a book to infer certain situations. They can take basic principles and apply them to complex ideas without the need to be told how those basic prinicples apply.

>tfw you realized that you're just mediocre piece of shit and your entire city is full of literal retards

It happen to me too OP

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I believe you are conflating IQ with applying knowledge. The dumbest brick of a person can apply his knowledge of carpentry to solve problems; if he couldn't then humans would be a dead species by now. IQ is not about applying knowledge, but devising original solutions in novel situations. Simply look at how they estimate the intelligence of apes. They put them in an unfamiliar environment and watch them try to solve the problem. The apes who attempt tried and true tricks fail. The ones who experiment succeed and those ones are more intelligent than their brethren.

No, you're the one conflating IQ with education. Your solution was to tell someone to "read a book". Literally educating themselves. You misinterpreted what I said. When a person with a knowledge of physics can apply that knowledge to carpentry they are higher IQ. In the sense that someone who understands gravity can use their knowledge and apply it to make a more efficient design. Because they can apply a basic knowledge of one thing and apply it to another. We're saying the same thing here, you just didn't understand my post.

the only thing IQ measures is how well you can memorize, retain and recall info, nothing more

anything else you think it does is subjective based on how well you were educated and everything else that has influenced your life

2 equal IQ people given the same problem might reach A solution but how they got that solution can vary greatly

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>itt actually fucking retards givin 2 shits about le epic IQ

Imagine living your life according to a test and a few numbers on paper.

This is just sad. I can tell it's not even worth arguing with you when you've come to such a retarded conclusion.

That's not true at all. It's literally the exact opposite. Want to know how I know you've never taken an IQ test? Because there is literally no memorization.
IQ has a strong correlation with success. There is absolutely no denying this. Of course it's not a predictor but to say it has no impact is stupid. Remember that 100 is average. There is no shame in being around average.

Yes, read a book, because in my view the dad's ignorance is to be blamed for him not being able to talk about substantial things. To suggest otherwise is quite anti-intellectual, which certainly does not help the current anti-intellectual climate. Maybe we disagree on what "substantial things" are, to me it implies heavy topics that require a minimum amount of knowledge to at the very least scratch the surface. Imagine trying to discuss philosophy with a philosophy major without any prior knowledge of it, even as a very high IQ person you would find it extremely hard if not impossible - philosophy relies on countless references and without knowledge of said references context is lost. Not to mention that philosophers are very "pedantic" - good luck trying to improvise with the terms you already know which do not have the same meaning in philosophy or have multiple different meanings. You would just embarrass yourself with your shameless ignorance.

>the only thing IQ measures is how well you can memorize, retain and recall info
There is no memorisation in an legitimate IQ test.
It's all about problem-solving and pattern-finding.

Why the fuck do people still consider online IQ tests to be real?
Honestly, thinking that is a automatic sign of low-IQ.

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I'm always amazed at how many people don't actually know what IQ is. This is a good post.

everything you learn is MEMORIZATION you retards

whats 5x3?
oh i guess you didn't memorize that from school

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math isn't the only thing on IQ tests you know
funnily enough I skipped several math questions when I was doing my IQ test because I forgot how to perform multiple types of operations. math never interested me in school.
I assume I lost a bunch of points there

oh i know math isnt the only thing, it was just a basic example i used

and an IQ test only gives an average number

someone who could be great in other things on the test but fail at say all the math ruins what their IQ might actually be. you might be bad at math due to being taught bad or any other outside influences in your life

at its core an IQ test is what i said - how well you can memorize, retain and recall info

Why don't you stop talking about things you have obviously never done?
I don't remember there being maths equations on the test neither.

103 is well below the retard threshold, retard. How much money do you make? What class of woman do you sleep with?

>what their IQ might actually be
Decided by who? Nature?
IQ is a man-made measurement and is measured by man-made tools. Whatever the score is is what the score is, as decided by man.

imagine needing to memorize grade 2 times tables and not just doing oh 5 3 times is 15, in your head in a second. No I didn't memorize my timestable like a monkey I just can do the calculations in my head.

sorry to hear you didnt actually take an IQ test then

that's my point

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Your point is what? It's not really anything.
You're complaining and providing nothing better.

>The average college graduate has an IQ of about 115 (about 85th percentile).
OP is fucked hahahaha

you memorize how to get the answer not just how it's written

someone with a high IQ would have understood that
maybe you should go back to school

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>sorry to hear you didnt actually take an IQ test then
I did WIAS.
You've never done an IQ test. Or maybe you did, and are offended by your low score. You maybe couldn't do any of the questions, sad.

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being a jack of all trades is what gets you to have a high IQ
if you are not your IQ is lowered

it really has nothing to do with intelligence, only what you retain

so you took a butchered IQ test that only gives you a score specific to a genre? lol
and you think that means something.....hahaha

Yeah, nah, I've already deduced what you're doing. lol. Awhile ago actually. Your low-IQ leaves your skills unrefined.
I'd rather just go masturbate than continue to entertaine your shitposting.

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