WoW Classic

Less than 75 days until we get to go back... How are you preparing guys? What class are you planning to play? I can't fucking wait

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Really wanna play Druid for some reason, but I'm extremely stupid and incompetent. I want to make full use of the class' capabilities, but I just know I'd fail horribly at tanking or healing.

Maybe I should just go Warlock

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you'll be bored after a month or less when the nostalgia wears off

>subscribing to play

Im glad other multiplayer games never copied this. On the other hand, loot crates

I've been drilling private servers for years and have killed Kel'Thuzad on both factions. I know what I am in for.

What's having brain damage like?

pretty fun. The government pays me monthly for it(service related) and I can afford to just play WoW all day everyday off your tax dollars.

Making a Night Elf Priestess, Night Elf Druid, and a Dwarf Paladin.

Probably going to play the Priest first because shadowmeld and priest skills seem like they'll be pretty stupid in wpvp.

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>healslut, healslut, and healslut

i like playing healers because i don't trust the average healslut to do their job properly

i also get to absolutely shitter shatter retards in world pvp

warlock isn't worth playing until aq is out
druid isn't worth playing at all unless you can do all the jumps and your ideal wow session is spamming wsg all the time
>nelf priest
get farmed, retard
dwarf is the only viable priest on alliance, both pve and pvp
you won't shatter anyone but retail cucks, every braindead who isn't playing for the first time will faceroll your ass

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Go away, nobody likes you minmax autists.

do you honestly believe that most people aren't going to be hilariously bad at pvp just like they are in every other mmo?

you're also acting like it's going to be some honorable 1v1 fight where the racials will actually have some kind of impact, which is not how world pvp works lol

>Retards will actually pay 55 dollars to buy a 15 year old game and pay a monthly subscription fee to ensure no new content is ever added.

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>we get to go back
Not really. What I enjoyed about the original WoW was the people that I played with. We met on Final Fantasy XI and when WoW released a group of us moved over to it. Eventually we all stopped playing and it's been about ten years since then. The actual game itself doesn't hold any romance. I'm surprised there's still any market for MMOs these days.


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>minmax autists
i bet you also think swapping weapons between stances is useless
you should stay with roleplaying in goldshire
absolute majority of players are bad at pvp, doesn't mean anything in vanilla since it's an unfinished game not balanced around 1v1 (or at all)
majority of players won't be playing vanilla for the first time, they will be running around with eng (not to mention the rich bois fapping) and since the game is old and all the matchups figured out, they won't have trouble beating some roleplaying shitter
>racials are useless in wpvp
some racials are huge in wpvp (orc, ud, gnome, dwarf) and pvp in general
fear ward isn't huge, but it's at least useful against 3 classes (2 post-aq because sl warlock shits on everything), shards aren't ever useful
wpvp (sometimes) not being 1v1 is even more reason to go for fear ward

Me and a group of friends are playing classic, about 6-7 of us. They're genuinely good people and if any of you guys want to play with us you can join here.


It's a close knit group of friends so I'm extending this offer with stipulations, if you're disruptive or an asshole you WILL be banned. Thank you.

>majority of players won't be playing vanilla for the first time

i suspect this will be less true than you believe it to be

*mind controls you off a cliff*

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Yeah, I have one friend from BFA and 3 that have never played before.

I don't have any raid leadership experience or raid but I realize that the same people that poopsock to 60 will be the ones that burn-out before the second content release. THe game can be played quite proficiently casually if you just start up at launch.

Even then, there were a ton of people who "played" vanilla wow but never made any sort of meaningful progress in it before tbc came out. It's not going to help them that much.

The only people who have any sort of head start are going to be the private server autismos, and they are relatively small in number.

>implying people in anno domini MMXIX are retarded enough to not notice this
might not even work on retail plebs since addons are a thing for them

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Nothing, I won't play.
It was good when I was sixteen, but there is no reason to play again.

You'll let your guard down eventually, and it will work. Gonna sneak up on you like the Vietcong.

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You probably know already but you won't be tanking much outside of 5man dungs. I recall it's a good healer and a decent buffbot as dps

>user casts mind control on you
>rogue, warlock, druid uses trinket and spits in your general direction

It's honestly like that one song, "That's The World of Warcraft That You Play"

"Just because you have tier 3 gear shows that you have no life". I'm not here to judge anyone, but if you're a NEET who has played wow for the last 2 decades non stop, it's not something to be happy about.

I'll take getting pwned in pvp on occasion if that means I get to have a life outside of the game.

Then you've used your trinket on something stupid and the real fight can begin.

real fight when the rogue just vanishes, waits around and ganks you when you're fighting someone else?
real fight where druid lols at you as you try to chase him?
real fight where warlock fears you and waves goodbye since you picked roleplaying class?

I was playing elder scrolls for a week, its feels like a true gameplay analouge of oblivion, not in a good way

The healing was boring and WAY too easy to just spam group heal

I deleted it and downloaded tera, its been alright but i just wanna do difficult coordinated raids not level

I like playing healer, i used to play alot of mercy, made gm so i redownloaded overwatch, havent played since they changed mercys revive

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>difficult coordinated raids
no such thing in mmos now, wildstar is dead

Didn't play it when it released and don't plan on playing it now either.

>inb4 normie

I was with Blizzard since warcraft 1. WoW was the betrayal that killed Blizzard.

WoW Classic is gonna flop fucking hard lolol

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that's right white boy, keep playing childrens games hahaha

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implying you would get to tank at all outside of low level 5 man like monastery or kraul. Druid was for healing only and especially in today's climate where everybody knows every aspect and has had more than a decade of resources and research nobody will be dumb enough to let you tank instead of taking a green-geared warrior.

>no such thing in mmos now
>forgetting bfa exists
dont blame you on that one, i would love to forget it too

what the FUCK is this, Jow Forums is dead

>difficult coordinated raids
that's a yikes from me, m8

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Who the fuck cares?

Playing WoW is literally the cheapest hobby you can have, even cheaper than gaming in itself, as, like almost every WoW player, you stop playing all other games entirely and thus don't need to but 2-3 70$ games every month, just a $12 subscription.

go ahead and do mythic jaina and tell me it isnt difficult

>tolerates mistakes from individual players
conclave is the only shit that comes close to wildstar in terms of difficulty, and even then it only comes close to the easier wildstar content
wow isn't difficult, it's just that it is full of braindead casuals thinking they're good for clearing mythic+, so when bfa upped the difficulty from I Can Win to Bring It On, it filtered the plebs, it still doesn't make it difficult, the mechanics are trivial, it's just that the average player is a complete retard that just watches his dps and has 0 clue about anything else that is happening in the fight

Human Rogue and/or Human Warlock.

White male of course, just like me.

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Is that a faggot tree?

And if so, what is it?

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orc warlock chad wwu

I just started yesterday on the new server for lightshope to get ready for classic. Trying to get life sorted out so receeding back into video games for the first time in years sounds good when I'm not working.
>LMK if anyone else is playing, I'm Undead Rogue - Name: Fuzzen

but the new server is coming out in a week user

so are there gonna be PvE servers?

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while you fuck my gf, mom and sister? ok I stream btw
Good luck enjoying Classic if you're playing in NA

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>playing vanilla for the pve 1 button rotations

It comes with the base sub so no 55 dollar upfront payment needed.

Secondly, they've discussed adding post nax content but will wait until they get closer before deciding.

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I hope this does not happen, but assume it will. No gold can stay.

I'm guessing if they do post nax content they'll do it in a way that allows some servers to remain unsullied.

That is, they'd do that if they had half a brain.

In which way do you imagine: BC, OSRS-esque, Diablo like seasons, something else?

im gonna have so much fun killing faggots as a kitty and humping their bodies :d :d :d

>rushing to lvl 60 to camp lowbies
a man of taste, i see

>tfw never got addicted to wow because born 2000
i asked some people this already and they said yes but is the relaunch of classic a good chance to ruin my early adulthood like everyone did pre-2010?
i understand why classic is such a huge deal since i know the lore about private servers and such unlike many zoomers but never got to experience the golden age myself
i want to relive this dream of wasting youth oldfags had crushed, is this a good oppertunity?

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>unlike many zoomers
bet you listen to some real obscure music like bob dylan or some shit

do you think fortnite players even know what world of warcraft is?
if this game was so good that it made players girlfriends break up with them then i don't want to miss this train

i dont know what fortnite players do, but i think you could easily make an informed decision without hyping it up to missing out on some cultural milestone

your very accturate comment makes me deeply saddened

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more like after 15 days maximum

I'm autistic enough to prefer repetition over competition

First im making a gnome warrior. Then im gonna make my very own oomkin to have fun with

there will be both pve and pvp servers. probably rp and rppvp servers too. at least i hope so, i plan on playing on an rppvp server for all the sick world pvp events

Why dont you just play a private server you dumb fucking nigger?

Same experience without exposure to the normalfags that'll surely be flooding the servers.


I have been playing private servers for 5 years

What's the appeal of this aside from nostalgia? It seems like playing the definition of a generic MMO wouldn't be fun.

tapping into the market of thirty year old boomers wanting to recapture their teenage years. its working

Thinking of just remaking the troll rogue that I played back in the day. I'm iffy on what profession to choose because I remember doing skinning and leatherworking then just having my leather working stuck right after you specialize.

Then why are you excited for this shit?
More of the same. I can't be fucked to give blizzard 15 shekels a month to play the same game i've been playing for free.

pserv communities are ass. on live there will probably be some decent players

I have friends that still reminisce about classic, TBC, and WLK-era WoW for a solid hour literally every time I see them

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it'll be filled with streamers and their zoomer masses following them. I expect very little of the playerbase will have actually played classic when it was live.

Ptobs gonna roll shaman again.
I wasn't around for classic, wasn't around in BC, but I caught the last moments of WOTLK as enha shammy, and enjoyed it a whole lot.

What am I in for with classic shamans? I've heard they were garbo-tier and rarely invited to raids, but that's pretty much it.

shit healing
shit damage
shit utility

These are not classic-specific shaman issues. They are everpresent.
I was asking more about gameplay enjoyment rather than output numbers. I had my share of endgame content in Legion, a whole year of cutting edge competition pretty much satisfied my hunger for being "tip of the top". I just wanna enjoy the game now.

I'm going to try and be a lot more efficient with using the auction house more so I'll have gold to buy a mount when the time cums. But then I was thinking nobody will have any gold to buy anything when the game first launches

Go back where? You are still gonna have the shitty anti social toxic community/ society of 2019. There's no way to recreate 15 the internet of years ago.

destroy all smartphones and tablets. even then, why do many think it is about recreating?

legion shamans were literally peak shaman

prefered bc. legion hance was in the trend of bad wow design, just procs and random damage. i like lots of buttons, but control and clarity are necessary, like wotlk feral

>competitive pvp
vanilla pvp is a joke, nothing competitive about it, it's pure grind
but vanilla makes up for it with stuff like un'goro mafia, world bosses, faction wars on raid releases, even premade bgs can be great fun
getting raid spot as shaman was about as easy as with druid (peenis, nost, k1, k2, elysium), nobody plays those classes - half of horde is vurtnes or ud rogues, the other half warriors
all you have to do is not be shit at the game
they're second best pvp healer (but trash if not played near-perfectly), pallies being the best (but top shaman > top pally as pocket healer)
ele shamans have insane burst and some guilds run premades with them, but getting gear is gruesome (and you most likely won't get that spot anyway)
enh shaman is leveling, you never want to touch that at 60 unless you love gray screen

Nothing is more satisfying than wiping a guild's world buffs on DMF week. Knowing you just wiped away literally hundreds of hours of preparation for their raid and put all of them in a sour mood for the rest of the night is pure kino.

They were for a while, until Blizzard did the usual pulling of the rug, and pretty much only left us with the regular choice of either spamming chains or btfo-ing to some other class.
I really enjoyed wotlk enha, because of the sheer amount of shit you had. Some might find it a needless busywork, but I'd take this busywork anytime, if it means I won't have to maintain one dot while spamming mindblasts, like 70% of the high-end dps did in wotlk, just because SP were so fucking broken.

>un'goro mafia
only possible on private server circlejerks

I'm a stubborn fucker.
Does enha have, like, any merit of existence? Maybe it's fun to play, or has its niche somewhere?
Because if it doesn't, then I don't wanna play vanilla.
I get my usual share of Blizzard cock on live already, why would I want to gag on it while suffering through classic grind.

>has its niche somewhere
Ya, 39s bracket with PoD.

Gee, thanks, Blizz.
Then I guess this time I'm going to have to pass on deepthroating their dong.
Off to next expansion waiting room with me.

>Does enha have, like, any merit of existence?

at max level? not really.

if blizz is retarded about sharding otherwise you'll see only slightly lower price for devilsaur leather compared to pservers due to nihaos having to grind for gold (pls blizz don't let them out of their containment servers) instead of buying it from devs
>Does enha have, like, any merit of existence?
half of vanilla specs don't, assuming 60 lvl content
>Maybe it's fun to play
it's not, it's fun to watch a compilation of once-in-a-week wf crits on undergeared clothies
>or has its niche somewhere?

>Does enha have, like, any merit of existence?

Admittedly, it IS very niche, yes. You CAN raid with it max level, though. In my guild last year, we ran with one. So if that is what you want to do, follow your heart and do it, because as you can probably guess, you won't have much competition for the spot. Just understand what you're doing and follow the sagely advice of pic related. Got it?

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That's actually pretty awesome. I'm completely okay with my taxes going toward gamer neets. Better than having it go to some fucked politician with already deep pockets

So, the support niche. Sounds fun enough. I love being the hipster one-of-a-kind player.

Maybe you can redpill me on priests also? Is the staff questline as fun as they make it(And is it in vanilla? Maybe its BC content, idk)

This is retarded. You CAN raid as oomkin, prot pala or any other useless spec (trying to fix it by going hybrid doesn't make it any better), but it's about 39 other people carrying your shit build.

Playing mage and shitting on everyone in both pve and pvp, also easy leveling.

hunter and warrior are infinitely better in that role because of cheap spammable abilities which translates to higher uptime

I'd shoot my cum all over your faggy face, mages level ok IF they can AOE pull you want fast leveling go hunter and great pvp

>Pom pyro os you
Nothing personal kiddo