Ok but why dont we just force everyone to be nice to each other...

Ok but why dont we just force everyone to be nice to each other? Like destroy all borders and forcibly unite world into single world goverment that makes everyone treat each other fairly?

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how about you break all the walls of your house and start letting homeless people in

How about we give them equal footing and help them so they dont feel the need to be the way they are?

how do you give everyone exactly equal footing? how do you plan to create a perfect utopia?

did you know that bad people exist

somebody add a panel where the crocodile eats everybody

Did you know that a dead bad person doesnt do bad things anymore?did you totally gloss over me saying "forcefully"?
Hyper athoritian communism where religion is abolished and unmade and the concept of individuality is shunned.

knowing the people on this board, none of em would be able to handle being around a decent person so theres no difference

>single world goverment
Nice try you illuminati Shill!
Always foiling my plans! DAMN YOU

>religion is abolished
yeah I'm sure everyone in the world will be happy with that
especially the people who have dedicated their entire lives to worshipping their gods, and the ones who believe religion gives meaning to life

yes, that have never been tried before

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you can't "force" people to be nice without some kind of oppressive authority that would obviously draw resistance and conflict. groups of people don't like other groups of people and would rather die than have their country and communities dissolved into a single world government that forces them to behave a certain way

I dont care if they would be happy. They need to assimilate.
Piss poor weaponry

and what are you going to do with the ones that want to resist you?

Destroy them utterly;Unperson them,throw there ashes into the wind.

see, a bad person to you is going to be anyone who goes against your idea of your one world government.

i'd rather kick all the foreigners off my island, send them back to where they came from, and deal with the remaining violent criminals, would be great, we'd actually keep our cultural, religious and ethnic identity, as opposed to le epic everyone is the same. we get to live how we want to live, and what everyone else gets up to in their homelands is none of my business and vice versa.


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Imagine being this fucking naive

>forcing someone to give you a job or welfare when you're not even from there

That's not being nice, that's being an asshole

>Ok but why dont we just force everyone to be nice to each other? Like destroy all borders and forcibly unite world into single world goverment that makes everyone treat each other fairly?

Murder every Jew

alright, you're a classic communist, congratulations

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>Ok but why dont we just force everyone to be nice to each other? Like destroy all borders and forcibly unite world into single world government that makes everyone treat each other fairly?

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a lot of ye olde communists were racist and sexist, many of them supported the nation state

being sexist and racist makes very little difference, if you're going to kill people that disagree with you, you're going to be just as evil as them

Imagine representing 7 billion people in a single government. There isn't a better recipe for genocide than this.

nah i was calling them based and redpilled, i think op's idea is gay

Genocide is the plan. Itd be easier if there was 3 billion people.

Ok this is epic b8

>i dont agree with it so im just gonna call it b8!!


You want everyone to be nice to each other but you want to personally treat them like less than shit if they act up?

>Allanimals are equal, but some animalsare more equal than others

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People who disrupt the peace should not be treated well. Fuck them.

Given the scale of various historical atrocities governments can't seem to help themselves from committing, the idea of a single-world-government should inspire nothing but well-founded horror in the hearts of civilized people.

This is True, I think I would vote for this idea, not The worldwide government but The genocide part.

Some people will always try to exploit even an infallable or benevolent system for ulterior motives like personal gain.

You realize there are people who don't think like you? Evil people aswell as low IQ niggers who grew up shooting each other and being abandoned by their single mom. All they know is hurt and if you treat them like intelligent well-balanced humans they'll just take advantage of you
You are extremely retarded if you think anything you're saying is even remotely possible

Showing people that there is more to life than pain will show them the way.

Under your own system you disrupt the peace. How do you not see that? Your system cannibalizes itself.

This entire thread should just be called OP failed history in school.

>all the various "utopias"
>Every religion ever
>Every empire ever
>The Crusades
>The Middle Ages
>Present-day China, Russia, North Korea
>every country to some extent, though those are just three of the most dramatic

>Hurr durr let me eliminate murder by killing all murderers


No. It does not actually because we are setting a base for a new age of peace. Of course we would have to enforce that peace. Thats just how people are there will always be someone who benegits from chaos but we would have to do what we can to destroy those who would ruin the peace for everyone else.

Humans aren't evolved to live in a large society
That's why the distribution of resources around the world is so fucking retarded.
People are still running on their Neolithic programming, what's worse is that they think they aren't. It would be a problem that could be fixed, but humans like feeling comfortable above all else, like all organisms.

Now let's say Trayvon Martin happens in your utopia. No matter how the jury rules, conflict and protest will ensue. You gonna shoot the protesters, and then shoot those who protest your shooting the protesters too? What happens when the surviving bunch decide they don't like living under constant fear of death because one faggot moron decided that these survivors are disrupting the peace too much? You gonna let them have their freedoms back or institute an even harsher rule?

I'm sure Kim Jong Un will tell you that his country is exactly what you're looking for. No government dissent, concentration camps for disruptive influences, happy citizens who love the state and a happy state.

Maybe the real peace is the friends we made along the way.

>1 bucket contains 10 liters of diarrhea
>1 bucket contains 1 liter of drinkable, clear water

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No lets just kill all the diarrhea people

I always imagine the shlomo images speaking he dialogue in Jerry Lewis voice.