Whatever happened to that quiet kid that was in your class?

Whatever happened to that quiet kid that was in your class?

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He became a shut in neet who killed himself ((thats me))))

He grew up into the sad, pathetic faggot typing this comment on your retarded and autistic thread.

He became a fucking loser and failure.

That kid was me.

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unironically became rich
he is still a weirdo but has money so he fucks whores

he died and is now working towards being reborn

He disappeared on all forms of communication, social media, phone calls, texts, and everything for 2 weeks before disappearing himself. His parents and the authorities couldn't find him. I only talked to him a few times, he didn't seem like a bad dude.

that might be me.
im doing fine tho, but life sucked in school.

>unironically became rich
How exactly?

I think he's doing better than me.

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He was a lonely shy autist for the first 4 years of highschool
Always made a room of himself in oral presentations, group projects, and especially PE
In last year he surrounded himself with 3 girls: 1 lesbian, 1 trans, 1 super ugly. They looked like good friends but I heard they cut all contact with him after he sperged out cause they wouldn't be their gfs lmao so pathetic
He also talked with a girl of another course though and I think they remained friends for as much as 4 years after hs ended. What's more, he ended up having sex with her like 10 times. But when he found out she was fucking other people too he hit her and called her a whore, then proceeded to tell her it was her fault. She never spoke to him again

After that episode, he stopped going to the gym, the few friends he had ghosted him, he dropped out of college, and barely got out of bed for 45 days and counting

Of course this dude is me

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I'm right here, I didn't kill myself.

He shot up my school some time ago

>made a room
*made a fool
This is what I get for phoneposting

he got a gf and im still a kv @ 25

He killed himself back in 2012.
See you space cowboy

Working a 9-5 job.

W-why not ask your b-boss who's m-making 300k a year?

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What's the afterlife like user, share with us your wisdom

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he's typing this shit lol

He ended up joining the Royal Marines and won a bravery medal in Afghanistan. He's actually really hot now and I regret being so mean and cold to him in HS. Im glad he'd found his purpose in life.

That was me, i'm a shut in neet on disability

>I regret being so mean and cold to him
>but only after he became hot and a war hero
Vapid cunts like you should honestly fucking neck themselves.

Fuck off incel, we dont exist to make men feel good. He was weird and ugly in HS and now hes not. I was a stupid teenage slut who went after the rugby boys because they were hot. Now theyre nobodys as am I and he isnt. Im allowed to be attracted to whatever I want.

I know you're probably some larping faggot but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
No one was asking you to fuck the poor kid but being callous to someone over some shit they have no control over is fucked up and destroys a persons self-confidence for years.

no clue and desu idr his name

I said I felt bad for being a wanker to him but other than that I regret nothing and I dont care. I was an immature teenage girl having fun and enjoying herself like teenagers are supposed to do. He was a weirdo who didnt. Im sure after he left school he peaked and got to have all the fun I did. I dont exist to validate and empower your ego, no woman does. Marine or no he probably wouldnt fuck me as hard as the other boys did in the change rooms after their grand final win. But Im sure he gets good health benefits and housing.

he became an engineer for the government
prob wage cuck and die a virgin

Not sure, I dont remember her name. She probably got some arranged marriage since she was Muslim or something

He lives with his grandparents, is obese and should kill himself.
It's me btw.

>ITT spergs describe themselves.

>thats me

He's in college repeating history.

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I started browsing this chinese cartoon forum