If you were gonna kill yourself, how would you do it?

if you were gonna kill yourself, how would you do it?

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I am going to buy a corvette or porsche and drive in the middle of the night it as fast as I could until I lost control of it and crash to something.

I mean what could be better than a noise of revving motor as your final song?

a fast card while hammered so you won't feel it as much will be a nice way to go

There is a train near my house, all I gotta do is walk on down and lay my head on the tracks.

Helium mask, and if I can't find that, then gunshot to the head.

The helium method is the best. You just put the mask on, turn the valve on the tank to release the gas, and you'll pass out within a few minutes. Then you simply never wake up. Completely painless and hard to fuck up.

Gunshot to the head can be painless too if done right. If done wrong, you'll just end up retarded or in a coma for life, so it's a big risk. Hopefully you won't end up too retarded and can pull the trigger again

Oxycodone overdose bc I'm a pussy

If I were to kill myself, I'd shoot people I hate then fight the cops until I die.

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Choke myself out with a vacuum cord, while listening to some chill beats.

Use carbon monoxide instead of helium, its better

I tied a belt to the clothesrack bar in my closet earlier today
for later

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I'm going to blow my ugly face and head off with a shotgun.

Sell everything, tell everyone I know I am going "soul searching". Leave a goodbye letter to be mailed at a specific date in the future. Go into some wilderness where no one is; live off land for as long as I am until urge is too much; then off myself. If I don't feel urge anymore then go back to a town and mail a letter to void first one.

Gas myself with flammable gas while a phone activated diy ballista loaded with a flaming rod is aimed at my chest but post the live stream link and phone number to Jow Forums and let the Anons have some fun. Secretly set a timer on the phone so that if nobody calls it will go of anyway.

Hang myself.
I still keep the rope from my previous attempt.

desu the rope seems like a nice way if it worked for robin Williams it should work for me.

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At the train station in downturn during morning rush hour on a weekday, Just to mess the wagie's and university student's schedule.

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Ever since discovering the reality behind death, suicide isn't much of option for anything, but before i figured if i was gonna kill myself, it'd be via carfentanyl overdosing with a noose around my neck for good measure.

Forgot to mention before i jump in front of the train I'll yell "Hey everyone, watch this!" to make sure more see me dying and scar more people.

Jump off a cliff, no doubt about it.

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Slitting my wrists and blowing the shit out of my head. Next question.

I'd walk deep into the woods in winter and get drunk on booze and sleeping pills and freeze to death while unconcious.

Or I would superglue my hand to the sides of my head and hang myself with barbed wire so whoever finds me thinks I ripped my own head off.

Holy shit that sounds like a strange death. I couldn't imagine what would be going on in your head out in the cold like that when your body starts to shut down.

Since this is fantasy, suicide by cops after killing tons of shitskins.

Wouldn't heroin OD be the best way to go? I feel like since you're high as fuck it would actually feel pretty good.

I'd take a bunch of valium and drink a load of booze then tie a noose round my neck to the door. Once I pass out I'll suffocate and won't feel a thing