What's the most NPC quote ever?

What's the most NPC quote ever?

For me it's "it's better to have loved and lost than never ever love", this shit makes me reee more than "just be ur leself"

It's pretty much saying that it's better to get addicted to heroin and lose everything than never trying it at all because that's how most modern relationships end up anyway

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For me its when people say its the right thing to do.Fucking NPCs reeee

>what do you mean you don't want a job? what you do all day?

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Yeah, normies bragging about "MUH JOB" even if it's something they don't even enjoy (just pretend to to keep up the image of le hard working class man)

This is why I love exaggerating my depression to get exceptions to look for work while still getting my NEETbux so I can focus on making music because 95% of "REEEEEEEL JOBZZZZ" as boomers like to call them are soul-sucking crap

>The arc of history bends towards progress

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post your music and i'll post some of my weird drawings

how could this possibly be an npc quote if it requires some level of introspective thought and speculation on humanity and society


btw, is this trap? I always thought trap was kinda like dubstep, but I don't know much about electronic music

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It's a piece of wisdom that refers to how knowledge of something brings the perspectives needed to achieve progress and give meaning to your life. But keep saying wisdom is NPC if it makes you feel better.

calling people npc's :^)))

>Dude let her go, plenty of fish outside ; )
>Transwomen are women
>The Toa Metru are the best Toa sets

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>>Dude let her go, plenty of fish outside ; )
Fuck this so much. I miss my ex but she wants nothing to do with me. I want to throw myself off of a bridge because she's dating another guy and I feel so fucking lonely. I tried to move on but I only got lied to, used, and flat out rejected. I haven't been able to sleep well in months because of it. I just want to bash my head against a wall until everything fades to black.

The entire Bible is the most NPC quote ever.

this is the most NPC quote ever:
>The entire Bible is the most NPC quote ever.

Probably the insanity quote from far cry 3

>do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life
yeah have fun either being jobless or getting burnt out and starting to hate what you used to love doing

>If you love something, let it go/set it free

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It was already based on an existing quote/idea anyways
>"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
But yeah I guess most normies would just know the Farcry version and think it's some deep new thing

>just talk to her
>just be yourself
>alpha this alpha that etc.
>holding frame bro!
>red pill

>plenty of fish in the sea

Do NPCs even remember Bionicle?

Found the NPC

original post tbqhfam

>you have to love yourself before you can love someone else
Bullshit pseudo-wisdom

>no butts
can't fap to that sorry

I'm use to the shit normalfags spew out but this still pisses me off to no end.

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this desu, normies moan "why dont you get a job" and then go and complain about how much they hate their job

This one makes me laugh because they're the same ones who say that also say
>"Life isn't fair. Get over it".
Well suck it up faggot. I get neetbux and you don't. Get over it.

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Nice cope, faggot. Try harder. I'm sure Jesus will come back soon, right? Right?

>he calls people npcs but cant make an original post with out orifagging
good job user

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>when they say
just come out as gay already

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>It's pretty much saying that it's better to get addicted to heroin and lose everything than never trying it at all because that's how most modern relationships end up anyway

this is such flawed logic. experiencing love is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and just because it eventually ends or sometimes goes bad doesnt mean it should be avoided

you sometimes get food poisoning when you eat food, does that mean you shouldn't eat food at all? humans need sex and love at a deep level, and to be deprived of sex and love usually results in tons of depression, mental illness and sour grapes

just because some relationships fail in today's age or even most fail doesnt mean they aren't desirable or pleasurable. most people dont work 1 job their entire lives either, and its usually traumatic for them to be fired, by your logic nobody should ever work

and young love relationships do exist. chad dates girls who fall in love with him, he treats them like trash, and dumps them, and he feels great, no loss for him. you cant tell me all relationships are undesirable

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Do humans actually feel love? I genuinely find it hard to believe people feel emotions let alone attachment.

I did when I was 11, though admit-ably it was more their looks and my fantasies.
It ate away at me everyday until I was 20 and gave up on everything and embraced hedonism.
Now it only hurts that I'll never love myself like I did them, and that I'll never feel that way again.
Imagine how drunk a cat is when they're in heat and apply that to the human mind obsessing over someone.