How are you sleeping, user?

how are you sleeping, user?

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The lightning outside keeps flashing outside my window it's hard to sleep. At least I'm deaf so I can't hear the thunder

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get a blankey and cover your eyes wid it

Thanks user that's good advice
I go to sleep now

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really well, so well that I hope I never wake up again
thanks for asking user, how about yours?
sleep tight user

If I'm tired I can't sleep. Last night talked to my friend on Discord thinking it was 10 PM, and he told me it was really 3 AM. It's normal for me to go to sleep at 4 or 3 Am and wake up at 6 AM with enough energy to repeat the process. Of course there are some days where I do get decent sleep, but not normally.

im sleepin badly atm, my schedule is ruined by a girl across the ocean but im getting it fixed i just had good 9 hour kip

have you tried 5htp n some exercise? that helps me out in situations like yours

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I've been sleeping on my couch with a very soft Pink Dolphin blanket. It hasn't been that bad. I've been very exhausted and have been waking up very early, but it's a long weekend now. What about you OP?

that sounds v comfy pal. my sleepings been off the walls i was up 40 hours yesterday but im getting it back on track slowly

I see, well my sleep schedule also bad actually I masturbated too often recently but I sleep well

I've been there too, get your body tired will help your sleep

I try and sleep at a normal time but I end up staying up. Not even my medication helps me sleep. I end up crying myself to sleep every night and I want to just be happy. I haven't slept well in months

i know it may feel hard user, but try a quick run or little weight training! the schedule will do wonders for your wellbeing and sleep gains. I believe in you user

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I haven't slept since Thursday morning and I've got a flight in a few hours. Don't really feel too tired but I'm sure I'll pass out on the plane so it's fine I guess.

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hell yeah make sure you can sleep that plane ride away

Yeah, it's not a particularly long flight and I'll probably take a nap when I get to the hotel so I'll be recharged for later today.

Real bad. Tried to reset the other day and stayed up but it didn't work. I drank tonight so let's get to bed goodnight

user! no drinking for good sleep, itll just make it worse believe me, try a good little jog or calisthenics routine a while before bedtime and youll be sound off, i promise!

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I slept a lot better when I had a bed, believe it or not. My mother has the nerve to ask me to pick up beer for her. I'm sleeping on the cheapest couch available and no other floor space, shes fucking crazy, and were fucking miserable.

cool art. I wish I was a skeleton marching in a skeleton army.

I'm trying to sleeping on double stacked mattresses. Wish I could give you one user. It's actually more comfortable to sleep on the floor sometimes (with a blanket for some support at least)

Thanks user. My mother has towers of shit in the living room. I could make a spot on the floor, but I could be risking a vase of an entire cabinet falling on me. I couldn't sew her either, because she is poor, as am I. I remember being a teenager, years ago. Parents were still together, we weren't poor, and I had a bed room. I need to suicide, man

have anotha

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Is this Warhammer fanart? Or was it commissioned? Either way it looks rad.

its old warhammer fantasy art by John Blanche check him out his shits sick as fuck

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Stay up fer 2 days, sleep fer 12 hours

now dats what am talkin bout

Not sell, I've been working graveyard shift on weekends for like two months now but I still havent adjusted. And shit has been waking me up every morning so my sleep schedule goes from nocturnal to normal and back again. I'm just so tired

thats sounds terrible man, must have your brain all over the place. i hope you can get out of the graveyard shift eventually

Itll be a while. The job itself is probably the easiest you could ever have, I've been watching anime all night. But yeah the sleep thing is a huge issue. I just need a good nights sleep is all. Watching the sunset and sunrise without sleeping is weird