L think we should be kind to fembots

l think we should be kind to fembots.

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i think we need to impregnate the femanons with small tits so we can create a new race of retarded robotic small tit femanons

only if they are virgin, shut-ins who have never had a bf and have documented evidence to prove as sich.

otherwise they should fuck off

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I respectfully disagree.
How is that not original on this board of all places?

I want to be kind to them. I want to shower them with love and affection. But they won't let me.

l want to marry a fembot and be very, very kind to her.

Only if they deserve kindness, which isn't always the case

I'd like to fill a fembot's life with my love.

I'd like to fill a fembot's paypal account with my money

Is it kind to make a fembot cum over and over again until she's completely exhausted?


Fembots are soft

Only fembots i feel for are fellow spergs who don't have sex. You meatbags who think they deserve chad get no sympathy from me. Got one to be my online gf for awhile but we never met up, we live thousands of miles away. She was much fat, has bladder problems and is lower SMV than i am so dont even say im a shallow double standards asshole. Id still pursue a relationship if we lived closer.

l want to save a fembot

I think females should stop coming onto this board and speaking for people they dont represent.

Fuck off slut. You came here, we didnt come to you so we are not going to change to suit you.

Go fuck change your useless cum bucket whore. Fembots dont exist.

I'm OP and I'm not female.

fembots are sad little things

maybe i'll give it a shot, i'm in a generous mood. if any fembots wanna talk about anything or their troubles, hmu at Pondy #2033. genuinely looking to make friends. not expecting any sort of sexual shit.

Just cause I don't get D doesn't mean I shouldn't get Vitamin D
>never had a bf
>have documented evidence
Not sure what that would be

yes all of these. Now get me a shut in virgin loser bf NOW!

Why hello there ladies, how are you doing tonight

Yes they will, they're just fat. But you're too good for those femanons, I'm sure.

i think we should send them all the fuck back to facebook

Your hymen with timestamp.

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it's 3 am and I'm boring, can't sleep, now are you a fellow shut in? what was the last time you went outside ?

fembots arent nice to robots. they always ghost us. but ill shoot my shot anyway

I'm not good enough for them at all. I can never make them happy.

All I want is to type to a fembot but none seem interested in getting to know me. Then I make accounts on dating sites and pay money to see who liked me (yes, I know it is lame to pay money for this, but I am too nervous to "like" or swipe anyone back, so far I haven't got the nerve to do that) and like 200 girls on those sites do in less than 10 days time. Why is it fembots think I am not worth their time when regular girls are allowing me the chance to message them.

Fembots are of a higher class than normal girls.

describe your personality and maybe some fembot ITT will want to date you

Yes why, i'm your state assigned virgin loser bf

I'm 32 years old. Lived with women most of my life and now work with 90% women. I've still never dated one. The best I can do is indifferent.

I know that I'm not boyfriend material, but there has to be something that I can do for these fembots to put a smile on their face.

I just want to sweep a fembot off her feet and carry her to a world of happiness.

>Now get me a shut in virgin loser bf NOW!
How am I meant to support you?
I can't be a shut in, I have to work.

I wish fembots felt comfortable enough to post here regularly and start threads. More threads like this are needed too to encourage their presence and to brainstorm about things they would like to see on this board.

How can we make Jow Forums more comfortable for fembots? I want them to feel welcomed.

It's nearly 8 in the morning here. I'm sitting I bed and trying to gather the willpower to do my meal prep for the week.

Well then I hope you have a wonderful morning.

Fembots need to be hugged.

Fembots need to be fugged.

Fuck them they dint belong here.

>you will never share a warm bed with a fembot

They do. Fembots deserve to have a place to call home.

I'm going to make a fembot my wife.

They do, its called crystal cafe, tumblr, /soc/, omegle and anywhere but here. Girls cant be robots so why the fuck would they want to hang out at Jow Forums. That makes no sense, think about it. Its like someone going on /tv/ and wanting to talk about music.

Girls can feel be social outcasts and autists too.
Wouldn't it be better to get to know each other better?

I think you misunderstand the purpose of this board. Your meme definition of "robot" has nothing to do with the actual rules.

i like this thread
being nice is cool

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It is. From now on we will treat fembots with kindness and respect.

>Girls can feel be social outcasts and autists too.
No they cant. Every girl has options
>Wouldn't it be better to get to know each other better?
See thats the thing I dont see 'fembots' lining up to date robots. In their mind they dont exist to 'help' or 'save' robots and youre deluded for thinking that. You may have an imagine of a fembot as some cut little shy girl who is just as scared as you but the reality is they arent. All the females who lurk here are actually attractive, have or had bfs and none of them are virgins involuntarily. They come here to boost their egos because its easier and safer than /soc/ and because they dont have to compete with other girls on crystal cafe. That doesnt make them robots.
>Huur duur the rules
Like pottery, you cunts love using that excuse while you excplain to me what my board is about when youve been here for fifteen minutes In actual fact the board is about OC yet all you cunts do is post the same old shit everyday. So yeah fuck you and the rules, they dont mean shit. Girls are not welcome here and will never fit the definition of a robot but its not like you want too. You just want the (you)s.

Its not my fault chad doesnt want you and that there are prettier girls on /soc/ and twitch.

I love when cunts post as robots and say things like 'we should accept females'. Something a robot would never say. Hows it working out for you?

You sound very upset, but being mad about it won't change how things are.

>All the females who lurk here are actually attractive
I have spoken to some truly repulsive ones.

i agree. we should put them out of their misery, even if they aren't in misery.

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>just ignore it, you cant do anything about it
Quality rebuttal there vagina.

None of whom were virgins who struggled to find sexual partners.

>everybody who disagrees with me is a girl
This is getting very sad

>and none of them are virgins involuntarily.
lol you idiots really believe that every single female has guys lined up wanting to fuck her

I'm lined up for every fembot

Most of us are dumb attention seeking whores going after guys that get little other attention. I rarely, if ever, make my fembot status known.

That doesn't mean that you deserve to be treated badly.

Because they are. Just as everyone in the tranny threads or the Jow Forums threards are trannies and commies.
Having even one person wanting to fuck you disqualifies you from robothood. proves it
>Makes herself known
Dumb cunt.
Yes it does you cunt.

I assume everyone will treat me badly. It keeps my expectations low and my depression at bay.

>that get little other attention

That's sad.
"Attention seeking" is just wanting to feel validated, and I can't fault somebody or that.

that doesn't prove shit. i bet he's 4000km away from me. no guy has ever been interested in me irl. never had a chance to lose my virginity. so, no, still a robot.
i think incels.is would be more your speed.

See here This does not even bother me.

On behalf of this angry male, I apologize. None of you fembots deserve this abuse.

stop pretending to be nice you stupid faggot. you give me hope

based origenelly

Ease up, cuck.

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I'm really not pretending though.

No you are not a robot. The term incel was created here, incels have always been the core axiom of Jow Forums but like anything that become mainstream people want to distance themselves from it. That being said Ide rather be an incel then a whore. I mean you cant exactly shame someone for being a virgin instead of being a cock gobbling whore.

Tumblr or crystale cafe is more your speed. Fuck off cock sucker.

>Its another episode of a roastie pretending to be a robot who likes fembots
Fuck off cunt, do not speak for me or anyone here. You are not one of us.
Cheers brother.

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I've never been accused of being a girl before. This is a first.

I really long for a boyfriend but then again I self reflect and realize how pathetic I am and how I have no viable future for myself.

Tits then gtfo whore.
Nice digits but other than that fuck off.

Why would you be kind to fembots when doing that only makes them call you a creepy incel?

being nice =/= sexually harrassing someone

not true, Jow Forums was always about original content. not for incels like you to whine about being virgins. now fuck off nigger. I'll stay, because I'm more of a robot than you will ever be.

It does if you are not attractive.

You tell em, user. Stand up for what is right.

I am kind to fembots. This is all that I can do on the matter

What does that have to do with anything that I said though?

>Jow Forums was always about original content

So where is it? What OC do you sluts provide other than 'Im a gurl, reply to me'.

>not for incels like you to whine about being virgins
Um no thats EXACTLY what its about.

>I'll stay, because I'm more of a robot than you will ever be.
Your nothing more than a cunt. Youll never be a robot.

Its ok when chad does it but.

I'm going to sneeze right in a fembot's face

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>I have no viable future for myself
What about a future together?

Tell you what, if you stay and people don't call you out that's fine by me. But if you keep posting trash and people shit on you for being a normie know that people like you are the reason this board is in its current state

>So where is it? What OC do you sluts provide other than 'Im a gurl, reply to me'.
i could say the same to you. what do you pathetic incels provide other than 'waaaah fucking Stacy ignored my text, i hate all women'
you're no robot, you're just a failed normalfag.

what the hell are you talking about? i'm not a normalfag

That's exactly my point. I'm having trouble believing that. but if you indeed aren't a norman then there wouldn't be a problem

You should be kind to all people, not just fembots, or robots, or whomever. It's never easy for anyone, because life is characterized by difficulty.

Well said user. I agree wholeheartedly.

Thats gay as fuck bro. Get lost.

All fembots are queens, worthy of worship.

I disagree but I respect your opinion user.

I want to hug a fembot tight.

what would that future look like?

>just because i don't get D doesn't mean i shouldn't get vitamin D
made me chuckle. thanks.

You and me, happy and content to be with each other.

I would literally give my life for a fembot.

oh ya thats a given but what about financially?