If it was between the two of them who would you want to see Ieading our country?

If it was between the two of them who would you want to see Ieading our country?

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Yang, i think hes looking at the whole "soon automation will get rid of most jobs so we need to prepare for the future" which is honostly pretty based and shows, atleast in my eyes, he has the future of the country at heart.
Also being young hes way more sane doesnt hold onto oudated ideals like bernie.

Bernie. I like the $1000/mo idea but it kinda seems like the only thing he has going for him. I think a higher minimum wage, free healthcare, shutting down the oligarchy, more time off of work by law, etc are more important than UBI.

the one that isnt jewish

Here is a straw poll for you lazy fucks strawpoll.me/18169320/r

Depends on who is more likely to partition China or Russia. That's who I'll vote for

You do realize that Bernie is the one candidate calling for cutting aid to Israel? He gets the least amount of money from Israel to compared to warren

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If Bernie wasn't making it before there is no way Yang will make it with the UBI
The normans would never support it. Anyways, Bern man all the way

i wasn't aware that elizabeth warren was a chinese man

Sanders. Yang supporters should face the fact that it's pretty much impossible for him to win the presidency. Sanders has name recognition and decades of political experience.

gimme the $1000 and let the country go to shit desu, it'll be funny

yang supports single-payer healthcare and paid family leave


whom ever looks like they'll fuck normalfags more than not. also if they give me money now to fuck up the future im down.

You think Yang is going to support Israel?
Sanders is also like 90

i can't believe i continue to read this kind of shit post-2016

yang is polling at 2%, we haven't even had a single debate. you know who else was polling at 2% prior to the first debate? donny t

>Jew VS Oriental Jew

Sanders, the last politician on earth thats not a filthy neoliberal

>You do realize that Bernie is the one candidate calling for cutting aid to Israel? He gets the least amount of money from Israel to compared to warren
>Posts a tweet from a literally who on twitter as as a Bernie quote

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yang, with sanders everything will stay the same just like shit is still the same with trump
sanders will be a gigantic jew fighting their wars and giving them money and following the jew world order agenda, at least with yang there is the possibillity shit will be diferent, sanders is more of the same.

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Go to the 1 hour time stamp. Yang says he wants to continue giving aid to Israel. youtu.be/9I2qiWO3Mkw
He wants a public option which means you have to buy into healthcare.

I'm full on Yang Gang at this point - he just makes TOO MUCH sense. And I voted for Trump in 2016.

In his own words:
Bernie is most likely to change the system. He wants to take on Wall Street, Big Pharma, the private insurance industries, stand up to the greedy landlords, and close the tax loop for the billionaires and make them pay their fair share

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But Donny T has name recognition and an entire shadowy empire to support him.

Yang also supports Chinese surveillance social credit score system.

Do you not see how racist you sound?

He's only 4 years older than Trump

Not even a little bit.

>Sanders is also like 90
Donald Trump is 74, Joe Biden is 76, Bernie Sanders is 77. We only need Bernie for 4 years.

>DaE Jooz r bad?
Yeah I'm sure when yang wins, everybody's gonna get that sweet UBI on day 1.

Thanks, I dont want to write an essay right now.

didnt trump say the same shit and ended up supporting israel and saudi anyway?

>everybody's gonna get that sweet UBI on day 1.
This is what I thought too. I used to be a staunch Yang Gang member until I found out how he wants to start off with a year long study on a couple people to observe the effects then phase it in individually after the first year has passed and will even extend to a second term. Pretty disappointed if ya ask me. Thought it was going to be implemented all at once but with his approach other people will get a head start with their money.

Lmao no, it's not like China or black mirror. Yang wants modern time banking that rewards good actions, it doesn't punish you for bad actions. It would initially be seeded by the Gov and then taken over by local administration

Except bernies own base is strongly anti-Israel because of Palestinian rights. if he disappoints his base he will anger them they may even riot

Of course it wouldn't be implemented all at once. That would be insane.

Yeah, power corrupts. The second he got elected he immediately started filling his cabinet with Jewish wallstreet oligarchs. Honestly both parties are the parties of big business at this point

Trump most likely. He's just unstoppable

Bernie Sanders has been saying the same shit for almost 40 years. Donald Trump said that shit once and retards went insane. Donald Trump had no idea how politics worked and was easily manipulated. Bernie knows the game.

Bernie. Yang seems like he's trying to render existing social programs redundant because they're inefficient and possibly pave the way for getting rid of them. Bernie actually wants increase to wages, better treatment for workers, healthcare etc. I don't agree with him on everything but that's politics. Everyone besides these 2 seems to be a lateral move at best

Well the only thing Trump is good at is... you know... winning AN ELECTION?

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The choice was between him and the most unlikable woman in America. He didn't win as much as Hillary just lost.