Everyday I'm reminded of my own inferiority. Why did I have to be born this way?

Everyday I'm reminded of my own inferiority. Why did I have to be born this way?

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At least white people have inherent worth. There is nothing if you're an ugly shitskin.

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Whites can't be robots.

I gotta black gf and i gotta say she definitely has more shit to deal with, always being the odd one out in the room and shit

Imagine if the robot level of isolation was transferred to a normie level and black normies have to deal with it

That's how she feel

Not speaking for all black ppl but thats how she feel

>he's self hating
user please

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>always being the odd one out in the room and shit
This is basically my entire life.

>be black femnormie programmer
>work in a sciency place with lots of engineers and physicists
>only a couple of other black women there even though the place employs several hundreds of people
>workplace encourages us to get involved in volunteering events to introduce kids to STEM
>the guy who's sort of the head honcho of the science volunteering for our region comes in and talks about all the times he's dealt with kids who think science is boring and got them to change their minds at least a little
>at the event he asks each of us to explain what we do for a living as if we were talking to a kid who thinks science is lame
>it's my turn so I explain my role
>the head honcho is visibly surprised by what I do even though he basically earns a living from getting people into STEM who wouldn't normally be into STEM
>it's like even he wanted me to say I'm a hairdresser or something

Being black is better than being a tranny.

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At least you aren't a Pajeet.
It's completely over for Pajeets there is no hope for them

Atleast people fetishize you for no reason. Being a low tier white guy is honestly hell.
T.5'6 240lb dwarf looking motherfucker

What do you mean?
different shade but sorta in the same boat.

at least you aren't a damn fucking godforesaken tranny

at least white girls line up for your gorilla cock

hope i made you feel better niganon

hey, you are doing something. im almost completely sure is more than what others can say, I can relate to that feeling tho.

>Atleast people fetishize you for no reason
Nobody fetishizes me except for gay white twinks because I'm low tier. I'm a short, skinny effeminate black guy. Women despise me and don't see me sexually at all.

At least you have asians

Pajeets are always associated with being creepy/ bob and vagene guy or scammers.
And it's like this even among normies.

Asian gril here. Even I wouldnt touch a 240lb pig

Fuck you cocksucker
Whiteoids have all the luck in thwe world and they're fetishized by non-white women all over the place
Whites CANNOT be robots

I think all anons here (including me) have grew up seeing themselves as a sum of their labels instead of as individuals, which is very easy when you are the odd one.
user, this might be very gay, but I hope you get to like yourself, if not as a proud black man at least as a proud version of you.
Thats right. As a sand nigga/kike/regular nigga I can tell you that some people cant tell the difference.

Citation needed
And im not a pig im powerful.
Grass is always greener blah blah blah i guess cuase that certainly isnt the case in my reality

I agree. Plus India is the filthiest country on earth. I'm from Argentina. This place is Heaven compared to that hellhole. I'm a light-skinned mestizo but at least I'm not Indian . Even being black is better I assume

did you guys stopped feeling bad about yourselves?

You're not fucking inferior. Now get out there and kick some ass. Or eat some, I'm not judging.

go to africa and become a rebel warlord

You guys literally do it to yourselves stop complaining it seems like that all you guys fucking do.