I'm 36 weeks pregnant, AMA

What the title says. Ask a pregnant femanon that just entered her final month anything.

Some quick bg:
>No, daddy's not on the picture
>Met him on discord and lost our v-card to each other and he ghosted me before even knowing I was knocked up
>Mostly neet atm, living on my own off savings but parents are willing to help and I'll move back home soon
>Will keep the baby
>Lonely, few friends, into videogames, horror movies, anime, the usual

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Fuck off you slut.


should probably fall down some stairs and get rid of that future welfare shitter

>Will keep the baby
Why are you doing this to your kid? Do you want him to grow up without a father and with a poorfag irresponsible single mom? Why?

Post belly

Also where are you from?

I'll take care of and provide for your baby. Provided youll be a good sex slave, you're okay with being punched and your kid is white.

>No, daddy's not on the picture

Please put the baby up for adoption to a family who will actually give it love. It does not deserve to live with a broken mom who will not love it and sleeps with strangers who leave.

>I'll take care of and provide for your baby
You are unironically the reason western society is going down the shitter.

You sound like a good person, OP. I would have loved to raise that baby with you.

How old are you?
How hard have you tried getting in contact with the father?
What's your discord?

Hey, hypothetically if she was down for it I'd be getting a pretty good deal. Provide the bare minimum for some thot and her little faggot and i get a sex slave i get to unleash my cruelty and sexual sadism on. Will probably never happen but thats the only scenario I'd consider a single mom.

That's pretty disgusting of you, user. You should want to give her and your child the best life possible.

> Provide the bare minimum for some thot and her little faggot and i get a sex slave

You people wonder why the modern world is so godwaful and then this is the kind of parents you would make.

Midwest US. Also sorry but no, I'm kinda paranoid about putting personal stuff on Jow Forums (wouldn't want my kid to find out some day) and my belly isn't exactly aesthetic rn, stretch marks, linea nigra and popped bellybutton.
Thanks, user.
22, 23 in a couple months. Well, the dad ghosted me BEFORE he even knew I was pregnant, and I didn't have much to track him with, so I figured it wasn't worth trying much. Also, he was, to put it bluntly, so mucho of a loser my son will be better off without even knowing he's his father. Sorry, user, I don't use discord anymore. Not too many fond memories from that place, I'm sure you understand.

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can you fuck off and die
roasties arent and will never be welcome here

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Please be my gf, I will get into the usual stuff you like and will keep the babies of your choosing

Abort the baby. It will either have autism, be retarded or have a shit life with a roastie single mom. Will likely end up in jail or a be a slut if female.

>should want to give her
>and your child
Yes, my child. I'm not gonna put forth the best for a kid that's not even mine. The fact I'd be willing to feed and put a roof over their head is good enough. If im allocating life and resources to her child i deserve complete obedience.

Is there any way we can help provide for the baby?

It would be your child because it is the child of your wife.

>Single mother
>no job
>comes onto r9k to get berated by randoms

What a great mother you are going to make. You should do the species a favour a jump off a cliff.

why didn't you have an abortion? I had one, it's NBD. obviously too late now but there's still adoption. white babies are easy to give away

>being this selfish
My point stands. The ideal choice for a single mom is to give the child to a loving and caring family.
The fact that modern women are rewarded for being single moms and skanks, and the fact that boys grow up without a father figure and loving family, is why basedboys exist.

I'm fine on that regard, but thanks. After some drama my parents actually became really supportive and I'll work and go back to the college meme while they help me out until I can be on my own (+ kid) again.
My periods have always been irregular, once I went trough four straight months without any bleeding. I didn't know until I was about 3 months along and by then I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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Is the dad black

are you hornier now tha you are pregnant?

>met him on discord

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Then I will wish you the best for your future

Was it even good sex? Are you white?
How big have your titties gotten?

why don't you post this on lolcow instead?

What color will the baby come out as

No it wouldn't. And I'd never wife a single mom. Id just have a transactional relationship with one where i get a cumdump to abuse and she gets a provider. Maybe if i had a biological child of my own with her (with DNA confirmation) things would be different.

Are you going to raise the kid without a father figure?

A 36 weeks pregnant baby doesn't deserve to die because of the mother. It should be put up for adoption.

I think you need to go talk to a therapist or something. That is not healthy.

no complications?

>Also, he was, to put it bluntly, so much of a loser my son will be better off without even knowing he's his father.
what the fuck lady

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fuck you for posting that gif

you ound really, really EPIC and hardcore

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Good luck OP! Glad you're keeping the baby.

No, we're both white. Jesus fuck, why do you want to inject your fetishes into everything?
Yes, a lot. Your libido kinda dies during the 1st trimester but the other two have been the complete opposite.
Thank you, user. Same to you.
Yes, it was pretty good. See above. I'm firmly into DD territory by now, they're heavy, itchy and leak all the time.
If I don't meet anyone I like enough and is good enough to absorb into my brood nest, yes.
So far, nothing except the usual stuff. Swollen feet, headaches, SERIOUS mood swings and back pain. I have some trouble sleeping but my belly has pretty much dropped by now so I'm doing alright.
I met him on discord and from what I know he frequented Jow Forums too. He was a virgin before we fucked, anxiety issues, depression, basically neet too. Yeah, real catch, I know.
Most babies come out a bit flushed.

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That sucks. Hopefully you find love someday regardless.

Lol idk what the problem is I'm saner than any of these cucks who'd care for another mans offspring while getting little in return. Its not selfish, all relationships are transactional to a degree. Love isnt real.

>and my belly isn't exactly aesthetic rn, stretch marks, linea nigra and popped bellybutton.

I don't think you realize how much that doesn't matter to me. Besides, I'm not asking you to post face or anything identifyable about you

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>It's not selfish

Thing is user, with that attitude, nobody would ever want anything to do with you. That's why even in your dark twisted fantasies you have to pay for a relationship.

>tfw no DD gf

>Yes, a lot. Your libido kinda dies during the 1st trimester but the other two have been the complete opposite.
hot. post preggo pussy.

have a great son or daughter
dony let them spend too much time on their phone tho, give em books

>If I don't meet anyone I like enough and is good enough to absorb into my brood nest, yes.
Bad idea.

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Thanks, that's because I do go hardcore.

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Yeah, single mothers are so evil. Taking care of children nobody else wants.

MGTOW is so based, never ever help ANYONE. Just be a selfi- independent MAN who don't need no WOMAN.


This attention whore has been here multiple times now

>I want to feel speshul so I'm going to make an AMA based off the single defining trait about myself

Fuck off slut
I look forward to when you're too busy struggling to pay the bills to come here and collect orbiters.

It is selfish if you're unleashing a shit child into society just for the sake of your own pleasure.

Oh, a mother loves her child? Wow. What a piece of shit, am I right?

Yeah... that's totally it. you hit the mark

What is wrong with you people sometimes.

>Yeah, single mothers are so evil. Taking care of children nobody else wants.
No, that's not what the pic was about lmao. Kids without father figures end up failures simple as.

My father didn't have a father, and he gave birth to me. I'd call him a success.

That's anecdotal. I gave you statistics.

I get it, but I'll still have to decline. I'll give you this though, I look almost exactly like my pic right now, except with big tits. Te girl even looks kinda like me, except my hair is auburn.
I'm sure you can get a big tiddy gf user.
Post bussy first.
I will. I want him to be the best human being he can be.
Absolutely based.

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He better not be a nigger. That's all I'm going to say.

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To put it into simplified terms. By having a submissive whom i can unleash my cruelty and malice on i feed off of their energy thus making myself stronger. She wants wants a place to stay? Well i require her lifeforce. I'm your fucking reaper, it isn't too hard to comprehend.

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Haha get fucked literally haha holy shit why would you even hook up with someone over the internet? and keeping the baby is pretty fucking pathetic on your part desu.

Hows your back? Eating habits? I was a C section and took her uterus out because of me. You think you might need one?
Names for the baby?

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how is it pathetic to take responsibility for your own actions?

Explain everything he did up until the point he left so I can hopefully replicate it.

Is this picture a reference to that pixel art gore gif?

My back is killing me as you might imagine, I tried to exercice earlier in the pregnancy and I try to stay active around the house and go outside at least once a day now, but I was always in shit physical condition so I'm mostly powering trough it and doing what I can to relieve the pain.

I'm eating well, I've had the usual cravings and occasional pigouts, but I try to eat a lot of vegetables, protein, and take my vitamins. All In all, I think I'm doing fine on that regard.

I want my labor to be as natural as possible for a number of reasons, and so far, the doc says things should be alright on that day. I'm afraid of tearing so I've been trying perineal massage and other things but we'll have to see what we have to see on the big day.
Alright, here we go.
>Have common interestes with the target girl
>Have common problems and common issues with her
>Make her feel comfortable and talk about common stuff until you both feel ready to open up more
>Don't be afraid to confess you're a virgin, she might be one too
>Meet up irl, have sex
>Profit I guess
Sorry if I can't be more specific than that. You just have to "click" with someone and things will flow from there. I'm not sure how to explain it beyond that.

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What will you do if your child is miserable in their life?
Trick question, you won't really be able to do shit past a certain point, since the one suffering will be your offspring.
I am always in disbelief at how selfish human beings are.

Forgot about names. Right now I've narrowed it down to
Well, I would try to help him to the best of my ability. That's what parents are supposed to do, user. I'm sorry if it's been different for you.

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Those are amazing names. Do you know why you like them?
Thank you for answering my questions and it is good to try to keep your body moving instead of just laying around and it is awesome that you are eating healthy. Good on ya!
Ye, posted it on Facebook the other day as a reaction and man did I get a lot of hate.

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>0 christian names
gj at picking generic cuck names

How tall and good looking was he?
inb4 no that much
Yeah he was probably a Chad
Usual slut hoe

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I like history, they're all names of English kings, (except William, technically) and sound pretty cool to my ear too. Thank you for your support, user. Also holy fuck, I hadn't seen that one in a long time.
>This the average incel's knowledge of history

He was a 5'7 skinnyfat chinlet, user. You tell me.

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yeah i imagine

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>hurr durr i pick names from people in history who "defended" christianity not the actual biblical names
kys and your child, you shouldnt be allowed to breed

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im sexier

Nah, think closer to pic related. Sorry to bust your fetish bubble, but women can be attracted to men that aren't novels.
Fucking kek. I'm not even religious myself, I just like making fun of ignorant cunts like you.

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Where do I have to go to fuck your pregnant pusy?

Men that aren't models*. Sorry, clumsy preggo fingers.

I get the feeling he was just another piece of shit exploiting vulnerable people on this board, just like subhumans from lgbt, d, and soc
He planned this from the start, lying through his teeth, and i guarantee you he wasn't virgin
This, what he did to you is his fetish

You are welcome! Try to have a bitchin day if possible.

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what books will you have your son read?

>23 posters
>89 replies



Kill yourself and your baby. You do not belong here you literal slut.

Imagine growing up with a mentally ill slut as a mom who does not know who the father is or how to contact him. Fuck you are literally a worthless pile of shit for bringing a kid into your shitty ass life, whore.

I hope not, but either way I don't really care. The decision to keep the baby was mine and that's all that matters for me.
That's something I hadn't considered. I want him to get a good reading habit from an early age if possible, but I think it would be counterproductive to start him with heavy stuff or try to force him. I'm open to recommendations, but now that I've thought of it a bit I think I'll def try to get him to read Treasure Island, it was my childhood-defining book.

>my child defining book
Who wants their childhood defined the same way as a e-slut who does not know the father? Fucking hell.

How does it feel knowing you are gunna raise a bastard child?

thats what you get for e-dating you fucking retard
you dont even have the compassion to put the poor baby out of the misery that is being raised without a father, yikes

God I hope this is a fucking larp. If not, kindly leave r9k or livestream your suicide. No one wants your or your bastard.

This is the definition of fake. You people are retarded. Sage

>I just like making fun of ignorant cunts like you.
not him, but you unironically have a shittier personality

To the guys posting that OP is a bitch for raising her son without a father, did it really affect you that much? My mom raised me by herself and I turned out alright
>REEEEEE but you're on r9k
I'm not without my problems, but I from what I read daily here I'm far more functional than most robots with two parents.

>but women can be attracted to men that aren't models
only if they offer economical resources

Meh. Only a very specific kind of people tries to act like being religious is a virtue in itself and uses "cuck" unironically, and there's no reasoning with those. I mostly ignore personal attacks but he hit a personal button.
Well, daddy didn't really have a dime to his name, yet here I am.

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>Well, daddy didn't really have a dime to his name, yet here I am.
it does not compute in my reality
he must have had a big dick or something

Some philosophers and scholars have stated that a child shouldn't receive education in subjects where one is required to take large views, such as philosophy and theology; because their faculty of judgment is not well developed at that stage.
Instead they should be directed towards subjects where no error is detrimental such as mathematics, language, natural science, history, and so on.

Further, the memory should be especially taxed in youth, since it is then that it is strongest.

At least that is what some say. The theory of education is a vast subject.

Then maybe your view of reality is distorted then. I couldn't exactly measure his dick, but from what I remember it couldn't have been bigger than 5 point something inches, which I read, seems to be the fucking US average. You can discount my entire thread as a LARP if you want, but I can guarantee you, you're probably better looking than the guy that knocked me up. Liking and wanting to get into bed with somone depends on a fuckton of factors, and often personality and "vibe" CAN outweight all other shortcomings.
Yeah, I'm kinda worried about schools fucking him up later on. I guess I'll just have to try early with simple stuff to teach him how to read (fairy tales maybe?) and see where his interests are.

Fuck off to reddit you slut no one cares you got knocked up cunt.

how often do you lay on your back and just, like, put random shit on top of the bump? like an apple, or your phone, or a kitten? and just let it sit there on the bump