What does your computer look like?

What does your computer look like?

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What OS is that? I'd be impressed if you did that in one that can run anything useful.

That is clearly Microsoft Windows user.

kawai brother, very kawai

How do you figure? It looks like it could be anything to me.

Start menu. I probably spend too much time on computers and Jow Forums

Oh wait nevermind, I see now. This is pretty cooll OP, I'd pay for a customized version for my PC if I had the money.

How'd you do it?

Like a computer


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Two flavours of /jp/ poster: the waifu desktop and the VN desktop

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I didn't know you could change the start menu icon. How do?

can't show background because of gr15

It doesn't need to be windows
It could be a Gnu/Linux rice
Btw I use arch I will send pics soon of my desktop

currently like this.
can't wait for my new computer to come, ordered last week

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Saving this thread from demise

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why use internet explorer?

>when non-existant graphics drivers keep you on windows
I don't like Windows.

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>win7 plebian
>still gud enough for tf2

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Is that all caffeine in the back? Jesus christ if you're that addicted to it.

I think that's some sort of work out powder you mix drinks with

So probably:
>BCAA's (small bottle)
>Whey Protein Isolate (big tub)
>Caffeine (bottle we know of)
>Creatine (black bottle on the right side of the caffeine)

If I had to guess.

yea, unfortunately my caffeine stock is running low. currently i only have 130pills (100 of those are expired) and 1kg of a low-grade pre-workout that has like, 35mg of caffeine per 5g.
i'm addicted to it because it worked better than any antidepressant i ever took. if i take 400-600mg i actually feel like getting out of bed and do something.
i've been using for 3-3.5 years and i don't feel like stopping it any time soon.
no, that one is creatine.
i don't use bcaa bro

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You save a lot of useless stuff.


Fucking kek



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Not onions, just tranny

The best caffeine I ever had was pure coffee been caffeine and it came in a 5kg bag. It was also pharmaceutical grade and in powder form, but ever since they started banning the sale of it on most websites to ordinary customers I can never find it for the price I paid for it back then or that high of quality/purity. You needed hardly any of it at all and I am talking feeling like a god all day everyday.

that fuckin kid who OD'd on the powder really fucked it up for us wagecucks who need it to even get up to go to work

fuck that kid, I hope he's rotting in hell for ruining caffeine


>fucked it up for us wagecucks
man, i'm on my job right now and i completely agree.
unfortunately a good brand of caffeine is getting really expensive these days and if i don't take at least 1 pill, i don't have any motivation to work.

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why the heck do you have so many diapers

Gotta take a shit.

most of the customers here are old people, those guys really can't hold their shit.

please tell me im not conversing with a diaperfag right now

oh ok, they're not for you


This is a 100% genuine original comment.

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who the fuck uses codeblock ?

I can't afford to have one, unfortunately

Nice PC user.

dream build desu

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Minimalism>everything else

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Do you use that setup just for gaming and browsing the web or is that type of power for something work related?

I can never find good wallpapers.

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Mostly games and such, but also some digital art and video editing (as a hobby). It's honestly way more than I need, even for VR, but I figured "better safe than sorry", you know? Probably won't have to upgrade for more than a few years, at least.

>I figured "better safe than sorry", you know?
I know what you mean. Currently considering dropping a ton of money and building a PC myself.

I didn't need to see that shit.

Land of the Lustrous?

Good shit nigger.

Screenshot I took in my Minecraft world is my current background, I like it a lot c:

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Actually think I might like this one a bit more. What do you think frens?

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based 2hubro

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yes I use discord fuck off

i like it more also

Keeping it :]

I don't really use my desktop at all but I have two monitors so I can see the wallpaper pretty often.
I like dark colours so my wallpapers are usually dark or just black

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Minimalism is key, you icon/widget fags.

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Whoops didn't crop.

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Is it just me, or are their eyes fucked up?

>Beta fag wallpaper.

where my black background negros at?

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>OP is actually trying to trace ppl's computer by using the resolution of the screenshot as a guide

How can you stand the glare or do you browse in the dark?

>not putting aluminum foil on your windows

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>Ceiling fan light from above or whatever type of light source you have

the only source of light comes from my monitor or desk lamp. overhead lights are trigger my autism and make me twitch in irritation

absolutely unequivocally stupendously based

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>overhead lights are trigger my autism and make me twitch in irritation

fuck overhead lights. why do i want to have lights shine down on my head from above like i'm going to get beamed up by some aliens and get my colon probed by some beady eye extraterrestrial chinks from the future?

Yours is better than all of the ones posted ITT.

Shows windows desktop manager with a widget... Fucking kek

>lights shine down on my head from above like i'm going to get beamed up by some aliens and get my colon probed by some beady eye extraterrestrial chinks from the future?

That's /r9kautism/ for you.

you know you've been on here long enough when you start to think a huge supply of diapers in the picture is for the poster and the poster only

Here's my pleb desktop
original post

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It's clearly Windows with a custom theme you boomer.

This is what my computer looks like. Here are it's specs:

Acer Aspire E5-553-17JH
AMD A12-9700P @ 2.50GHz TurboCore 3.40GHz
16GB Hynix DDR4-2400 RAM
Radeon R7 Graphics
Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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Too lazy to take a fresh screenshot

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Nice! Ubuntu MATE is sexy as fuck, also nice Plex Media Server you got there.

Ubuntu and mate is bloat af
Also meh botnet
I use Arch btw

Here's my Desktop
CC best gril

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yokohama kaidashi kikou background user you have top tier taste

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Everyone knows Alpha is best girl

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is the freebsd?

alpha is one of the cutest girls out there!

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Since she's a robot, she's pure, and would love you unconditionally if she existed

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plz no bully

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do you wanna be friends user? ive never met anyone else who likes yokohama

What would such a friendship entail?

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talking about manga? general stuff

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What font is that? originally

Here ya go, nothing too special

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>Arch Logo
>iS dAT fReEbSD?
Mate it's just arch Linux with win 95 rice

KYS you faggot waste of life beta shit stains.

the life of based based

Moved icons to the other side so the start menu wouldn't block them.

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Workin' on it, lad.

How's your progress?
I need some tips aswell