Hey anonkin

Hey anonkin,

I made a delicious keto salad just for you



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That does look delicious. Is there anything I can do to repay you?

>knows how to make keto stuff
You're a landwhale aren't you?

I'm on a weight loss journey. Currently 176, want to get down to 107

Well I'm a fatty and need to lose weight so thanks

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You're welcome, anonkin!

Good luck on your weight loss journey. We're all gonna make it!

>tfw keto gives me acid reflux and headaches

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but friendo, i like my eggs scrambled.

also idk if i've eaten raw mushrooms... does that actually taste fine?

no it's fucking gross and cooking them with butter or oil is still keto

Yeah I imagined it would, i had to look up if you could even eat them raw because i've never heard of anyone doing that

Even the tomatoes would be better if you blistered them in a scorching pan. The soft boiled eggs look decent but I could take these ingredients and a sautee pan and make it 10x better with butter.

The whole idea with cooking plants (generally) is to reduce the moisture to concentrate the actual flavor so they actually taste like something.

Mushrooms are like 90% water so you want a lot of heat to the point where you get a nice browning on them like on a steak and then they taste good.

t. professional fine dining wagecuck

Yay! It's another keto salad day~! ^o^
Thanks, femanon! :3

yeah salad that's not even mixed aroud, all the ingrediends are in their own little place on a plate. Not to mention gross fucking white mushrooms.

I tried eating raw champignons the other day. Kind of bland taste and a weird texture. I wouldn't recommend it.

White mushrooms are tasty tho~! UwU

"UwU' fags should die and white mushroom and mushrooms in general are shit with no actual taste on their own.

Am I the only goddamn retard who doesn't know how to make champignons properly? They taste bad unfried and when i fry them taste like crap

Wow 4 eggs and a bunch of rabbit food, thanks bitch. How abot next time you cook some bacon and a steak to go with it. Dumb cunt.

oh yes and allow me to bump while I'm at it because I'm a giant newfag

Here's my breakfast. Suck me salad whore.

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Cut them in slices and throw them in a oily pan together with some chopped onion and bell peppers.

I appreciate the effort, anonette :) youre supposed to clean mushrooms running water on them but its fine this time only because you made it

Thank you so much femanon
I would eat this stuff everyday

>no actual taste on their own
In my experience, different mushroom species do have distinct flavors!

Looks delectable, but what's SMWTFS?

>I would eat this stuff every day
Hey, me too~!

Stop using this faggot ass emoticons you bitch, this is no twatter or faceshmuck.

That's a whole lot of tomatoes for a keto meal

>what's SMTWTFS
not the user you replied to, but it's a pill case. Each letter represents a different day (first S is Sunday, M is Monday, and so on)

that's not a salad, the eggs are overcooked, raw mushrooms are disgusting and the pepper? is unevenly distributed; it probably doesn't even have salt
thanks for nothing, roast

cut them in chunks, or leave them whole depending on their size -do not slice them if you'll eat them on their own or as a side dish-toss them with a bit of water (only one or two tablespoons worth) in a pan until the water is gone so they retain water, don't shrivel up when you cook them, and don't soak up a bunch of oil, then toss them in some oil on a very hot pan, add some salt and pepper and they're done. if they're still disgusting to you, it's probably because you don't like the taste

thank you frens, i'll try them out both ways

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> it probably doesn't even have salt
That's because it shouldn't

Yes it should, you need salt

if there's something that any food needs, it's salt; just eat more potassium and exercise if you're so concerned about your sodium intake

Why did you post this here again fembot?

this guy knows his stuff, you definitely need to do the water thing or your mushroom will just be filled with oil.