Any other fembots wish they were tall? I get jealous when I see long legged women

Any other fembots wish they were tall? I get jealous when I see long legged women.

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You are just perfect the way you are, user. Don't be jealous.

Yeah me I'm 5'2 wish I was 6 feet tall

Most guys, including myself prefer shorter girls.

You're lovely just the way you are.

You dont belong here and are not welcome. Girls cannot be robots so fuck off.

Fembots, please ignore this incredibly rude user. He does not represent the rest of us.

I would love if fembots were the taller gender, it would be great if they could see the benefits of height and the strength associated with it

I like how fembots are their own gender now.

Robot and fembot
What is the problem

Dont speak for you dumb cunt.

5'9.5 here.
I am as tall as most of the men I meet, if not taller. its much better to be cute and small.

No, I'm happy being 5'0

tfw no 4'11" kissless virgin fembot wishing to date a 5'7" kissless virgin like me

>tfw no gf that's at least a head taller than me
it's a rare feel. a feel that i feel.

I fucking love tall skinny long legs girls .
Too bad they dont love me back , kek .

i don't want to be tall i want tall women to bang me. tall lesbians i am 4'11 please destroy me

can i watch pls
sounds hot

No, I'm a bit tall but I wish I was very petite.

Yeah im about 5'2. Just short enough that its hard to look elegant and thin bc boobs and hips.

I always do. Its nothing

I'm sorry that you have to deal with that much harassment on a regular basis.

My sister is your height as well. Always says she wishes she was shorter. I wish I was that height desu. You get taken more seriously. Am at 5 ft 4 and everyone still thinks I am a teenager at 25. They are shocked when I tell them my real age. Like every time.

Do you like having to stand on your toes to kiss a man?

Also do you have goblin genes?

No, I kind of like stocky guys and the taller you get as a girl, the smaller your dating pool becomes. Also I'd be scared of being mistaken for a tranny. It's cute when you have to ask tall guys to get things off shelves for you.

I'm 5'10 but legit I just have a long neck and head. I probably have the body of someone who's 5'7

Long necks are based

The only thing that matters is the size of your tits, not your height.

can a femanon pls be my gf so i can shave your legs

>tfw no lanklet gf to have 2m tall children with
what a god forsaken world

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fatties get out

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Are you thin as well?

Short and thin is the perfect combo. If you're short you just need to become thin if you aren't already.