Roastie at work who's ignored me for last 3 years starts talking to me this week

>roastie at work who's ignored me for last 3 years starts talking to me this week
>we get along well
>she laughs at my jokes
>think "she didn't hate me, she just didn't know me."
>just texted me asking if I can help her move apartments

I was a fool to think I had suddenly become approachable.

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I wish a girl would text me to help her move apartments

Kek, obviously not as foolish as most hopeful retards who would obliviously help her, thinking she likes them back.

"sure femanon, what are friends for? here's the number to a good moving company, XXXXXXX"

Go help her, be a friend.

when did normies overtake r9k lmao dont help that decietful bitch lol.

she's a typical normie who cultivates friendships for the sole purpose of personal gain. if she expects nothing for free just cut her loose. normies get out.

Well, she's clearly using you, but try to think of benefits from your help. If there is none, then don't.

The real question is, when did xenophobic misanthropes take over Jow Forums

I was here first.

> when did xenophobic misanthropes take over Jow Forums
>I was here first.

Pick one newfag

Say you'll help her, find the most expensive moving company and book them on her.

just shit test her: don't help her with moving, then as soon as she starts being passive-aggressive about it... huh... ignore it.
You don't want to be reported to HR.
Females on the workplace are dangerous

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>You don't want to be reported to HR.
I've genuinely had zero experience with women in the workplace as I'm usually a bit of a loner. But would they genuinely do something like this is they're pissy at me?

>talk to someone
>you both enjoy conversation and mention it
>they ignore you

Play comfy vydia all day > help roastie move furniture

Don't listen to these betas. Fucking show off your manliness and strength. It's a good chance to bond with her

They would get you fired for being "creepy" just because you are ugly and keep to yourself. Women are evil user, do not trust them.

At worst you get some experience talking to women. It could mean she thinks you're strong. I know women usually pick strong looking men to do this shit, it makes them feel feminine when a man helps them with manly tasks

prob not, I work a shitty dead end job with mostly women and it's all good in that aspect. they wouldn't complain in that regard unless you're an actual full blown irrational misogynist spouting hateful shit at work. working with a bunch of women has its pros and cons.

Just ignore it and say you were busy. That way you don't have to worry about it

Nigga. Listen up. Don't fuck up. You just encountered a roastie who wanted to use you and fell for it. This was mistake 1. Do NOT interact further with roasties. Tell her you're busy doing sumshit or sick or with family. Back off before you get drawn into doing an endless list of favors for a thot who eventually reports you to the HR or courts incase you get too friendly and start expecting things in return.

>a women asked me for help

woe is me im being taken advantage!
Im a nice guy!

fucking pussy

>woman ignores him for 3 years
>only talks to him when she wants something
>"you're a pussy! you should help her!"

lmao hey reddit

>a woman befriended me out of the blue only so that she could ask for my help.
>not being used.
Fuck off cuck and learn to spell.

You two will stay virgins forever. She's hinting to OP that she wants to give him some nookie but he's too thickheaded to see that.

You have to quit thinking like this. Being needy doesn't help yourself, and women will eventually pick up on that and take advantage.

My advice is just to try to stop looking at women through rose colored glasses and see them as the tumors they really are.

Ter her no. Don't make up an excuse. Make ssure she knkws you aren't helping her because you don't want to.
What do you have to lose?

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What? You must be a fucking brainlet.

>gets ignored for 3 years
>suddenly out of the blue she starts talking to him
>not even a week passes and she asks him to help her move

She's obviously trying to manipulate and take advantage of him. Literally all women do this, in different ways depending on the type of guy. But they all fucking do it. Absolute cancer to society

Nah, what happened is she broke up with her boyfriend and just needs a good dickin'. The moving apartments shpiel is just a pretense to get him to her place. Of course, permavirgins such as yourself don't pick up on such cues.

>fuck a roatie
>get metoo'd

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>coming up with bogus reasons to not get laid
You're a dicklet, I presume.

At this point I say you should use an audio recorder whenever you talk to her just in case. Females are fucking vermin and you need evidence to protect yourself. It might save your ass.

Just stay at home bro, tell her ill go help.


Actual oldfag here, this board didnt use to be anything like this 10 years ago

Yeah same here, around 2010 there was some level of meme misogyny but a lot more anonymous sex chat. It was a good time.

>>roastie at work who's ignored me for last 3 years starts talking to me this week
>>we get along well
>>she laughs at my jokes
>>think "she didn't hate me, she just didn't know me."
>>just texted me asking if I can help her move apartments
>I was a fool to think I had suddenly become approachable.
jesus christ, you should calmy confront her at work during break
ignore her the rest of the time

Just help the other human being, who the fuck cares... What else do you have to do?

Do it like a normal, non desperate person, treat her like a guy, and enjoy socialising and helping someone

I have been here since before the robot was even a thing and is right, it's the newfags bringing in the incel bullshit.

yeah, there was always tfw no gf, but the whole NORMIES OUT thing was started and maintained by invaders who are the reason this board sucks now

No, don't make a scene. You need a certain level of social credibility to get away with that shit and it's probably not worth the risk.

The best option is to just refuse to help, preferably with decent excuse. If they have just spent time with you just to get an extra pair of hands helping them move, they've wasted their time, if not you haven't burnt any bridges.

suddenly everything becomes an issue once it's a female proposing x or y thing
there's more to life than relationships or getting laid
abd she could've asked anyone she knew to help her
but she chose you; be thankful user

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be thankfull for being a beta. fml this thread is the most beta shit on earth. why the fuck should anyone help someone for a whole day when they just met? get a grip loners. she tried to use him. the miles some of you walk just for the chance of pussy is pathetic.

But why? I like being taken advantage of.

See if she'll let you lick her ass. That would make it worth it for me

>asks you to do something with her
>somehow uses this as another Robot Victimhood(TM) story

fucking lol. typical.

help her, then tell her youll take $400 for your time and gas

Help her but steal her underwear

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She is clearly using u. Destroy her heart, user

FOR her not WITH her. how cucked can a man be to even consider doing this shit for someone you don't even know?

yep, ignore that cunt.

>woman literally plays damsel in distress
>needs a big, strong man to lift all these oh-so-heavy bags of clothes and all this "heavy" furniture from her apartment
>wants you alone insider her old and new apartment exercising and getting sweaty after hitting it off
You're right user, it's totally about using OP for a job she could ask literally anyone male in her family to do. Pic unrelated.

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Fuck with her head. Say "no," but make it seem like you are declining her proposition for sex. Something like: "Sorry, I'm not interested, I'm seeing someone."

Damn try this just for the fuck of it
Sounds funny


this is the most atractive thing you can do.

this even more

Hello fine anons!:

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Prince Alyusi Islassis

>girl texts me asking if I want to grab some coffee
>go over to her house and she wants to drink coffee and talk
Is that a meme? It's really made me just never expect sex.
I'm nauseous

If the woman wanted sex, she would say so. She just wants free labor. Politely decline, and move on. Do not help her.

What you have to understand is that women are retarded. One of two things will happen if you engage and help her move. You act flirty and make a move while you help her move. She's not interested and she gossips at work about how you're a creep. You don't flirt and just help her move normally. She was interested and she gossips at work about how you're a gay creep. There is no winning move here.

To begin with you're wrong for engaging with a cunt outside of the workplace, where you're at least being paid to entertain her.

Too much seething for a Nigerian, desu. Something is fishy here.

At least you're aware that you're being used, most guys would fall for it and help her out for nothing in return. Do everything for yourself user.

I wouldn't even think to ask anyone for help moving. I'd just get my shit and move.