Be fembot

>be fembot
>robot friend has never felt boobs
>spur of the moment let him feel mine for a couple minutes
>realize it was a mistake when he gets a boner

is it cheating if a guy just feels your boobs? i dont think it was serious enough that i should tell my bf

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Imagine being this much of a Slut.

Get off my board.

Imagine being so bitter you're mad a girl for giving a sexually inexperienced guy a taste of what he's never had.


Nah it was just a moment of poor judgement. I know you meant well trying to help out a robot but please don't do it if it means you will feel like you degraded yourself in the process of if you feel like you are cheating.

Imagine still being friends with a woman after they're already taken. He sounds like he's in love with you, too, because he orbiting so damn hard.
God he's so pathetic.

Imagine coping this hard.

Get off my board cuntbot.

i did it to be nice. jealous much?

thanks anons

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you have to go back

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how do you want us to be objective if your don't post pics of your tits?

He got to touch boobies though, that's a win in my book.

>has a bf
I'm activating the national bruh moment alert

Dont tell him. Just let it slip.

>i did it to be nice. jealous much?
yes. be nice and post bobs

I wish I had a friend like you, OP. You seem like a nice person, I am sure your BF won't need to know.

This is low quality bait from this (you) farming cunt

>fembot, has a bf????
>robot who has female friends????

I bet you tell yourself that when chad blows his load on you aswell.

Fuck off.

Why are you all being so hostile to the OP? She did nothing wrong.

not a chad chaser, but as long as there was no contact and it wasnt encouraged.

not posting tits incels get lost

>my bf

Lol get out you bitch ass whore.

Nah, my friend did it too.

>is a whore
>calls people incels

Lol broken hymen.

>Robot with femal friends
Dont add up

The fact this is the norm these days on r9k makes me sick. Japan moot needs to shut this fucking place down again

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Yes. This is cheating.
This has to be bait though.

He's never had a hand job either. Least you could do

I've beaten mine for far less

(for legal reasons that's a joke)

The majority on this thread is really beyond saving. Only because you never touched boobies in your life.

Women like used to be publicly shamed and beaten.

Its not our fault you're a whore. You chose to go down your path.

Yes it is. Every man is responsible for mine and every girls behavior. The father who neglected us, the brother who got all the love, the boys who turned us over, the ones who broke our hearts. FUCK YOU. Im glad the trannies are taking over this board, the sooner you losers cut your balls off the better because even though Ive fucked so many random guys I will never fuck any of you fucking incels. Neither would any fembot. It would be better if you all killed yourselves and just gave the board to us and renamed is /fembot/ because we have more of a reason to be here than you.

I am so sorry that you feel that way. Is there nothing we can do as men to redeem ourselves?

You really, really need to tell him. If he finds out from someone else, it will be much worse than if you just told him.

you did the worst what you can. first of all he would think that its more than just boobstouch from pity, second you let him felt your boobs, something he will never experience again. so you gave him a "taste" of what he will never achieve again. its much better to be without boobs density information, because he can only dream about it. you stole his dreams and future.

u r slut and hope that you bf will dump you

Kill yourself, you ruined that poor boy and cheated.

>I will never fuck any of you fucking incels
You have he just hid his power level.
>former chad.

Too low in content.
If your vagina was a video game it was be rated e for everyone.

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>Has bf
It's like you don't even realize it.

>let guy touch sexy part
>unexpected boner


I fail to see the problem with cucking chad. In fact you should have sex with him.

Most guys get fucking rigid after touching tits for only 10 seconds, nevermind a few minutes. Dumb whore!

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>has boyfriend

Women are very stupid if you guys didn't know.

Well it's not cheating but you have to tell him just to be honest with him
And i have 2 questions
-Would you be okay if your boyfriend let another girl feel his cock?/like imagine with me what would be your reaction if you came home and saw that
-what did you think he's gonna get when he touch your boobs ? A health insurance?

>The father who neglected us, the brother who got all the love, the boys who turned us over, the ones who broke our hearts.
We arent those guys though

That's definitely a wrong thing, and frankly OP that guy is probably in love with you. You should know how sexual something like that is and the fact that you have a boyfriend means you are committed.

would you let me lick your butt if I didn't get a boner?

You should have helped him out with his boner, too. He probably never got help with that before.