He hates alt-right nazis

>he hates alt-right nazis

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Yep. I can't stand racists lady

Where can I find a heterosexual leftist chad bf? Most of them are either gay or ugly, but they're everything I want in a bf.

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The alt-right is made up term create by jewish MSM to label anyone they dont like as a racist, misogynist, anti-semite in order to discredit them in the public domain.

No true meaning nationalist calls himself an alt-right.

You should be on your back making babies.

The cities. You're out of luck if you're in a rural area.

no such thing

i hate neo-nazis. they're all fuckin faggots. alt-right are kinda faggots too.

actual nazis (the ones that don't even exist anymore) were pretty cool though.

Do you wish to recant that statement

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Hasan piker is a dreamy Chad anyone that says otherwise is coping hard

>I'm not a racist, misogynist or anti-Semite, you nigger-loving kike whore
>It's all a media slander to make me look bad, fucking Jews, man, I swear
yikes.. YIKES.

All extremists are fags today desu
Literally every commie ive ever met is fetishizing past communism, all neonazis fetishize the reich, ancoms are just "bro guvment bad we should remove guvment and all share" and ignore without bas guvment no one can make them share and also ignore humans made the big bad guvment for a reason.
Ancaps are arguable the worst though
1900's extremists were atleast competent, today 90% of commies are millenial reddit users who think capitalism is bad because they have to pay for stuff, and 90% of nazis are Jow Forumstards with no semblance of any knowledge of economics but they hate blacks and muslims and jews and want the government to too.

>le centrism I am very smart
What we need is an economy thats about 80% socialist and 20% capitalist

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the economy is fine tho

Not centrist at all, im pretty close to lassez-faire anarchism. Also
>80% socialist, 20% capitalist
Id argue the other way around.
Healthcare, and education with other entirely essential things should be handled by the government. Ive 100% believed for a while now the government should be producing meds and selling them for exactly the cost they took to make.
I can see the merits of having some government run stuff, but id rather keep the bulk of the market free other than true essentials. The more power we give to the government is just brightening a flame that attracts moths of corruption.

I would argue housing should be added in the list of of essential things.

this. no chad is a white knighting woman respecter since women dont find that attractive lmao

based and third positionpilled

The only people that call themselves alt right are those looking for shekels instead of being true believers. It should be pretty easy to spot who's genuine and who isn't

Indeeed. Anyone who uses the term "alt-right", is a retarded leftist who should be immediately ignored, since they have an extremely low iq

>When hes an alt-right nazi

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Issue is you cant provide housing for everyone in a proper way. What do we do with houses already there and those who live in them? And how do we make proper housing that isnt bleak concrete 20 story tall apartment blocks?
Id say that housing should be covered, but not for everyone, for those who need it. If someone can afford their housing currently cool they keep their house and its good, but if someone doesnt have a housez the government finds them one, and makes sure they're attempting to get a job, sorta like the current welfare system. Then when they have a job where they can afford housing (lets say a 1 bedroom apartment taking up 33% or less of their pay bc 33% is the upper limit of what one should pay for housing) they are given some time to find a new place and move out
Giving free housing to everyone is good morally and all, but in practice it would be so rushed that the houses could barely be called that and would be hellish to live in due to overcrowding.
Help those who need help, dont help those who dont need help.

There are more vacant homes in the US than there are homeless people.

Yes, the man shitposting in his underwear on Jow Forums truly knows what women find attractive.

try again, i have a gf and have a had a couple before
have sex incel

Look around kike, you have no friends here.

>try again, i have a gf and have a had a couple before

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cope. have sex

>why are all lefties betamales
hmm what a quandary

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god hasan should fucking buzz his hair, it looks so fucking shitty like that

>he posts dumb bait on 4channel.org

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>he is an alt-right nazi

>Tfw no ancom antifa fash-bashing chad cock to choke on
>r9k is full of dicklet nationalists who want a mommy government to force people to accept them because they're white

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I have a gf right now. Stay mad, incel.

I'm factually fucking both your mom and dad right now. Stay mad mom cuck

Why are these non-robot normies wasting their time here? When you could be having SEX with a WOMAN. The only 2 things that matter.

What I find funny is that when women say no racists, or no conservatives or no fascists or whatever. They are literally stating their preference for white guys. They would never assume any of those afformented things if they were trying to date non white men. What they are saying is that they want a white guy who not right wing. Which is pretty problematic in of itself

Well why dont robots have sex with men then instead of whining here?

>he hates alt-left commies

everybody hates dumb leftist bitches that think they know anything about politics, if it wasn't for le white male you'd all be living in saudi levels of female opression. Stop pretending you care for the poor and minorities you dumb bitch or start looking for that cat cause you're not getting your hole filled anytime soon

>>>/reddit/ if you want a onions >revolutionary