What do you bring to the table?

What does Jow Forums bring to the table when it comes to dating and relationships?

Why should a hot, caring and virtuous virgin date you?

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caring and virtuous virgins would have been the norm if not for this (((society)))

cause I'm a goon mah

It doesn't actually matter because very few women date based on a checklist or pro-con comparisons.

So do you watch porn? Anime? Play video games? If so, why are you any better on this *society*?

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>what do you bring to the table
Nothing, i'm just good looking so i get good puss

I bring absolutely nothing as it is, but I have a lot of untapped potential.

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anime and porn mainly, vidya once a month.
currently doing a (((finance))) intern during my vacations from uni.
I'd say I'm contributing a fair amount but I'm still a failed normie.

>Its another episode of a damage controlling normie trying to throw all the blame of failure on robots

Fuck off roastie. We bring whatever we decide to the table. Its irrelevant. Get on ya back and wet up slut.

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Why arent you pregnant?

>implying OP's a female
It's just a bait thread.

Viewing relationships based on a cost-benefit chart is exactly why you shouldn't believe in love. Obviously I can't fault humans for doing this, since everything is based on what you have to gain and lose, so therefore you should only date people that benefit you. But this is also why you shouldn't conform to the standards set by posts like these. Everything you do to improve is changing your self to impress others, and therefore not only can people not unconditionally love, but they can't love people for 'who they are', whatever that means, as ultimately who they are better be something that makes them feel good. So don't worry about what you bring to the table. The table doesn't deserve anything. What the table gets is what the table gets. In other words, don't think about why you deserve a hot, caring, and virtuous virgin; think about if you can GET a hot, caring, and virtuous virgin. If you just manage to get that, then whether you 'deserve' it or not doesn't matter.

I bring knowledge of mineralogy, faceting, gemstones, computer security, demonology, and beekeeping. But all anons can mutually agree that roasties are leeches that siphon funds from the bank accounts of fools.

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>Why should a hot, caring and virtuous virgin date you?
Idk she probably shouldnt. I'm not real virtuous myself. I'm a virgin but I'm a degenerate with loads of kinks. Frankly I doubt either of us would get any fulfillment out of the relationship

>What does Jow Forums bring to the table when it comes to dating and relationships?
I cant speak for the rest of the board but I'm very affectionate and caring, I'm not the most attractive but I'm strong and very protective. I prefer to work through and talk about an issue than to just ignore it like a lot of people, and it would make me very happy to be able to cook for a girl I love

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love doesn't exist user
it is all about utility, either socio/economical utility or genetic utility aka looks.
best case senario both

You Puerto Rican?

I'm not from a shithole. I'm from Commiefornia

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>Not a shithole

Commiefornia is a shithole user, I've loved here long enough to know that

Depends what part. San Francisco needs to be napalmed. Otherwise, I live in the desert away from the normalniggers.

>elected officials all liberal
>pro-brown/lgbt mentality
>no gun rights
>lack of freedom of speech
>General degeneracy

I'm confident, kind, and nurturing, with a side of mysteriousness / creepiness to keep it exciting.
My job, hobbies, interests, and appearance are all really offbeat so I stand out from the crowd.
Don't want a "virtuous virgin" girl though and she wouldn't want me. Art hos only

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I've got tons and tons of depression
Iam ugly and financially unstable

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I live in SoCal near LA. This shit needs to be napalmed too. May as well just do the whole state to be safe

I got a big dick and own three mcdonalds franchises. So I guess a big dick and nuggets with as many sauces packets as you want.

>what do you mean Iam not original

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We get the whole (((Jews))) thing ok

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About the same as most modern women

Absolutely nothing outside of my body and even that is not really a desirable one

In the desert this shit is the wild west 2.0 . Nobody gives a shit if you run around with a rifle and machete and the city government is literally too autistic to do anything or enforce anything. But I agree it's still degenerate because niggers and skinheads. The niggers are a plague upon the earth and do retarded shit wherever they go.


>on 4chin

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I live near Joshua Tree. The faggot and tranny city of Palm Springs along with Palm desert need to burn.

Palm Springs is that bad? I havent been since I was a kid, kinda wanted to go back for nostalgia
Didnt you guys get fucked by the shutdown with your national park? Your population isnt great either

All it would take is one state trooper or fed to stop you.

You know, the whole appeal of Jow Forums was that it's an anonymous chat site where you can talk with anyone. Now is it just for the socially isolated?

>now is it just for the socially isolated?

Ohhh he did it again

>when wasn't it for the socially inept

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idk i have facial hair and i play guitar
apparently i attract subs
im not ready to be a daddy though

>Now is it just for the socially isolated?
Its always been about that you new fag. Go back to discord.