Hi, wanna talk? tell me about anything you want

Hi, wanna talk? tell me about anything you want

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I like people that want to hear you vent and not tell you "I don't care"

you can vent to me if you want, I'll listen for as long as I can (until I fall asleep)

I've been breaking down mentally for the past few months and I'm scared I'm falling into the ditch I used to be in

I need to remind myself how important sleep is for both my mental and physical being before everything else falls apart and I hit rock bottom again. My family thinks I'm in good shape now, but I'm struggling and disappointed again. Although it's not particularly specific, and no, it's not any sort of drug abuse, it feels good to get it out somewhere. No need to respond.

You're afraid of going back to that place and acknowledging you need to change something so that's good I think, are you just lacking motivation? your family seems to believe in you at least so trying to make them proud could be your motivation, or if you have a close friend they could help too. if you have more to say go ahead or if you want to stop talking about it that's okay too

my lack of a relationship has been very slowly and gradually eating a hole within me. it hurts, but mostly i ignore it. pretty much all i can do.

not really looking for a response, i just felt the need to say it.

I think I know how you feel, I hope it gets better for you soon

My peepee grows when I touch it. Mommy told me it was normal and told me daddy has the same thing. So when daddy was sleeping I touched his peepee and yummy yoghurt came out. Do I also have yummy yoghurt in my peepee?

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my cat died and im sad
ive been asking myself what there is i can do but i realized all i can do is cry
i wish i had appreciated her more when she was around, you just never think they're gonna be gone and then they are
i just wish i had one last time to pet her, thats what im really missing the most
yesterday she was put down and it didn't really hit me she was gone till today, i hope my mom puts a picture of her up soon

everyone in my family got a job and car with the help of their parents. the same goes for my small social circle. i cant find any work on my own. why doesnt my own dad help me? why have kids if you wont raise them? he's so irritating and lacks self awareness. the funny thing is he seperated me from my cousins and badmouthed them a lot. he said they were a bad influence and werent raised right. also called them poor. well now theyre the ones with a resume and income. and their fathers hold their head up high. meanwhile i am in my 20s and only have 3 months experience. my dads too much of a coward to even own up to his own fuck ups. he blames me for not being able to convince employers that a NEET of 4 years should get the job over the 100 other applicants i am competing with

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it won't. it hurts, but i make no effort to change it. can't get into a relationship without putting yourself out there, which i don't do. thanks for the wellwishes, though. i send you my blessings through the internet.

only one way to find out
I'm sorry, you should try to remember all the happy times you spent together I think. one of my pets died not too long ago, the feeling gets better but it doesn't go away completely

Hey user, thanks for hearing me out. It's a bit hard to explain the whole situation, but it's essentially just doing well in school this summer and 1 more semester, so I can finally get my degree. Last semester I went to therapy and I was the best me possible, but for the past month I've been knocked up by a few things, and it's going south right now - if I don't pull through, I have to take out more loans and stay another year. My family's made so many sacrifices for me to be here. I know what I need to do, but subconsciously I don't think I care anymore. I don't want to disappoint them, but everything feels hopeless and gone to shit. Most days I think about how quick it would be to od on caffeine pills or otc painkillers and end it, but I'm too much of a pussy to do it. I realize my mental breaks whenever I don't get enough sleep, so I need to make sure I stay consistent with that at least. I'm probably going to clear all my games and apps tomorrow...or today morning and fix up a schedule to start on Monday. Thanks for even remotely caring to respond.

maybe try to talk to him about it? my parents weren't great either but it was because of a lot of different things, if your dad is mentally okay just try to explain that you need some support right now idk
try to motivate yourself to get better, not just for the relationship but also so you'll be happier
it sounds like you're smart enough to do it so what's there to worry about? your family believes in you and you know you could do it before right? stay hydrated, eat properly, get lots of rest, and try not to worry so much. it's okay to take breaks as long as you finish what you started I think

theres no talking to the king of mental gymnastics. my dads just a worthless shit who hasnt grown up. a hypocrite to the core. really dont want to hear his whiny voice

you shouldn't give up on him, one day you might regret not trying to fix things. even if he keeps making excuses or even if he's already given up you should still try I think

>try to motivate yourself to get better, not just for the relationship but also so you'll be happier
I've started exercising again, so I guess there's that. Feels good.

I'm proud of you, try to make it part of your routine and once you do that you can start improving in other ways too

I'm bi. Recently I've kind of given up on finding a partner but now I've lost some weight and I feel really confident (I went from skinnyfat to just skinny). I really want a boyfriend right now, I'm not really interested in girls, though my attractions are arbitrary and seasonal so who knows about the future. How do I get a nice boyfriend?

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ill be 25 and without a car soon. absolutely 0 help from him. no one wants to hire me on my own accord. its he who has to apologize for being too lazy to raise me and just letting school take care of me

why give up? it'll just make you sad yknow, not sure how to get a gf if your attraction changes but I don't think getting a bf should be that hard. look in r9gay maybe (if you're okay with long distance) or try soc, or just make your own threads until you find someone near you
I never said apologize, just put in effort to talk to him. if you're upset it's okay and if you blame him that's okay too I'm not even saying forgive him yet I'm just saying try to talk and maybe you can make him out in some effort too

I'm on day 4 of starting to exercise again. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made in just 4 days. Thanks for the kind words.

no problem fren, I hope you'll update me soon. take care of yourself, if you want to vent about anything else feel free or if you wanna talk in a later thread that's ok too

sure. Im probably gonna end up going to bed when the sun starts rising. I have work tomorrow but its the night shift which starts at 4 pm so I think i still will be able to get 8 hours of sleep.

I'm heading to bed so no more venting this day. Maybe we'll talk again in a future thread. Wether we do or not, I wish the best for you, user. Take care.

idk what time it is for you but the sun has already started rising for me, shouldn't you prepare for bed too? like so you can fall asleep when it's finally time
I wish you the best too, although I think you'll do fine even without my wishes

I'm sorry everyone but i need to sleep now, thank you for talking and I hope we can talk again soon. goodnight/good morning

im lonley but i dont want to make friends because if i do they will eventually leave me

Just came to hug you a little *hug*, how're you?

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I'm afraid OP is gone to sleep, as he said here so I'll hug you in his stead *hug*. How are you doing, friend?
Regarding that book about wool trade (sorry if I didn't reply, but my internet connection sucks during summer), what time does it refer to? Wool trade doesn't seem like a recent issue

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I'm now 19 and need to become a man to marry the woman of my dreams, how do I stay on the path to greatness?