Is masculinity the most fragile and brittle thing known to human kind?

Is masculinity the most fragile and brittle thing known to human kind?

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Try rejecting a woman who hits on you. Or hear from guys who have.

Why would you have a problem with humans being vulnerable? Seems kind of shitty to dehumanize men that way and try to make them ashamed for having feelings like you're doing.

You were never masculine if it's that easy to destroy it.

A thread died for this. Please be more considerate next time.
Also somehow society seems to be more fragile than masculinity if you want to talk about the fragileness of abstract things.
Society breaks before masculinity.

so im guessing that the OP is either a tranny faggot or a women femcel? more likely the first of the two.

masculinity built this world whore.

I'm guessing OP is a male who just wants to make you reeeeee

Funny post, considering being vulnerable is anti-masculinity and the fact that men reject vulnerability all the way until they totally collapse rather than take a break is the whole point of the "fragile masculinity" meme.

Masculinity and femininity are just abstract concepts. in like the 1600s pink was masculine and blue was feminine now its the other way around. There's no stead fast rules on how to be a man or woman you just kinda are and each person effects the perception of their gender. This is why I think transexuality is kinda bullshit because you're basically mutilating yourself so you can fit some arbitrary stereotype on what it means to be something since you have a fragile perception of self. honestly they're just all gay niggas with inferiority complexes.

fpbp as fucking always
and ofc this isnt original but you get the idea

>being vulnerable is anti-masculinity
No it's not. Masculinity is typically about virtues. Bravery for instance, which is generally doing something despite being vulnerable.
On a Darwinistic scale of things, survival of the fittest doesn't mean being the fittest. It means preying on the weak and vulnerable. It's logical to try to hide vulnerability, otherwise you'll just have some sadist, mentally ill, or in this case all those things trying to meme their delusions to try to benefit off your expense.

for some i suppose it would be. i'm pretty fuckin secure in my masculinity though.

>Comic has to rely on straw man arguments that arent necessarily true in order to prove its point
Men don't like appearing femine, just like how women USED to not like appearing masculine before feminism happened and started destroying everything.

what exactly was the point of that comic? I never even came across a person remotely like this. most masculine guys I know don't care about how manly they are and use anime avatars while the less masculine ones don't pretend to be masculine either. men aren't insecure about their masculinity

>toxicly masculinity why so evil
>>we are coerced into gender roles to the point that we are dehumanized as cogs in a machine expected to die for the betterment of people that would rather we die alone and away from view then ever voice this grievance
>LOL such fragile masculinity

masculinity will destroy this world

If a fucking flower destroys your masculinity you are the fragile one.

No. There's just a lot of weak men and women love pointing out people lower than them

No its not.

>throwing a flower at someone makes them a pussy

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>most masculine guys I know don't care about how manly they are
>and use anime avatars
I guess your definition of masculine is simply "not a trap"

That's projection, and a core part of masculinity is not giving a shit about what people say to you.
Why do feminists feel the need to emotionally manipulate and gaslight people for their identities and personalities?

>being vulnerable is anti-masculinity
>but at the same time it's not feminine for men to be vulnerable
What? Women's insane standards are what drive men to act the way they do. It's women's perception of masculinity that is the problem.

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