what type makes the best gf?



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I dont feel like anyone would be able to get me to fix my life, I'm just that disinterested.

ENFJs are for nurture and love. they are not as effective at motivating INTPs as ENTJ is to get off their ass and fulfill their potential in life.

ENFJs make better gfs for INTPs, or even for every type since they are absolute mommy tier, but ENTJs light a fire under INTPs ass and get them to put their unique intellect to work.

reminder to all INFPs that Keanu Reeves is an INFP and is an absolutely beautiful human being as are all INFPs if they can get out of their own wallowing. INFPs are pure and honestly stunning and gorgeous people.

I'm an entp and I'm convinced that we're superior beings desu

shes unhealthy enfj

to be honest, i think i could only make things work out with an ENTP girl, but maybe an ENFP would work out, too.

t. entp

i hear ISFJ and INFJ work well with ENTPs

S-so they should date each other's shadows...? OwO

>best gf
INFJ-T! :3c
Or maybe ENXJ or ISFJ...? Or maybe it depends on the type and the shadow hypothesis holds true...? :3

This! \(^_^)/

Why do you think Monika is an unhealthy ENFJ? :O

>tfw thread killer

INFJ-T!!!!! *^o^*
>enneagram with wing
5w6! :3
Everything is OwO and UwU! ^_^

Now I remember there was a matrix about this somewhere... UwU

Is it actually possible to have an MBTI thread where all the questions are answered? :3c

My disinterest and apathy is all consuming so I doubt any gf would change that.

But would you want to be changed?

Yes that's what I meant: ENFJ are better and Monika is one as written in the filename.

>second to anybody at motivating
You gotta be kidding me. ENTJ is a great leader who makes people work efficiently with great solutions but not a motivator.

is facebook an acceptable medium to ask a girl on a date?

I dont want anyone in my life, I just want to erase myself from the time continuum

yes (although obviously send her a message dont just use the event invite feature)

I always allow myself to be changed user, part of the fundamental essence of humans is change. Unless you refuse to or shut yourself off from society you will change naturally.
Then again I shut myself off none the less.

>ENTJ is a great leader who makes people work efficiently with great solutions but not a motivator.

don't get me wrong. ENFJ works as a great motivator for INTP because it hits their inferior Fe and makes them think they can use it better and give them great support to improve it and work on it, but ENTJ can give them efficient solutions and best tell them what they are good at and give them sound, logical advice to work forward towards. ENFJs are the best cheerleaders for INTP to get them moving through emotional means, but ENTJ is the best leader for them to get them thinking about the future.

it really comes down to the situation.

best gf/cheerleader for INTP: ENFJ
best leader and advisor for INTP: ENTJ

ENFJ will emotionally support them into getting out and do things. ENTJs will MAKE them get out and give them logical arguments as to where their strong points are, weak points are, and how they can adjust into making themselves better for the future and give them reasons as to why they should do so and in an honest, but sometimes harsh way. which INTPs always appreciate.

ENTJs take the reigns and pressure the fuck out of INTPs to be better if they see any possible potential in them. and INTPs pressure ENTJs knowledge.

Not really no.
INTP is a Ti type, they don't really want solutions, they prefer to come up with them personally and based on their subjective needs: this is done so naturally that it's no issue as long they have emotional support.
ENTJ is a Te type, and as such tends to uniform solutions and discard anything that doesn't work overall, without providing the INTP any emotional support, the latter just feels like controlled instead of helped, no matter how good the ENTJ's intentions are.


INFJs aren't the best partner at all. This woman brags in the synopsis to her book about how she left her partner on her wedding day.

redpill me on intjs quickly

why is it that ENTPs are considered creative idea people yet there arent that many ideas to be had in this boring world. all the ideas an entp is going to have, has already been had by someone else so why even bother with your lightbulbing?

intjs like to drink the finest wine that they can find except they havent earned a dime in several months, while watching you be miserable

that doesn't mean anything to me

but those digits do!

Basically a war strategist that just never exposes himself to the fighting but makes others carry out his shit.

you underestimate the power of Fi inferior. look at somebody like Gordon Ramsay, the quintessential ENTJ. harsh, to the point, but genuinely passionate and offering people help for the right reasons and wants people to succeed and is willing to honestly criticize them.

both types are not very emotionally needy by default due to F inferior and could theoretically even compliment eachother emotionally since they are both emotional inferiors, but even i have my doubts about that.

Te and Ti can compliment eachother. Te needs criticism. Ti can offer that in the form of in-depth knowledge of an entire system. Ti is too subjective and needs new information every now and then, which Te can provide in the form of tested and objective knowledge. Ni needs new perspectives which can be provided by Ne. Ne needs solid Ni theories, which can be provided through ENTJs Ni. Se and Si third are problematic because they are so different, and Fi and Fe are sort of complimentary.

Fi inferior is worried about having the right intentions and worried if they are doing the right thing for the right reasons which Fe inferior does not care about and can offer the Fi comfort and support in.

INTPs need a kick in the ass to get moving most of the time. ENTJs need an information check every once in a while and need new solutions and ideas. and both compliment eachother in the form of their function stack being thinking, intuition, sensing, feeling. both are alike and different.

why would ENFJ x INTP work better as a friendship or relationship to get INTP to do something? do you think INTPs just need emotional support? i agree ENFJs would be better at that.

Redpill me on INTP's everyone

It's the difference between leading and encouraging.
The INTP typically dislikes the former but has no issue with the latter, to the point that ENFJ actually does lead them but into what the INTP wants and how the INTP wants it in first place.

INTP and ENTJ could work decently together, but ENFJ is where it almost always works in everything

INcredibly Tiny Penis

no strategists/analysts expose themselves to the fighting. maybe a bad example but that's more specific to the job description than to a personality type, no?

small dick energy. arrogant. quick to form judgments and once formed, are closed off and defended to no end because they think they have the answers because they care about the subject and have done some research.

overcompensation: the personality.

think they have answers but are too wishy washy. always think they are right/wrong about something, but never come to any conclusive judgments about it because of Ne second always wondering. too theoretical. emotionally stunted. prone to irrational outbursts of emotion.

10 year old who thinks they are actually 30: the personality

All feels>reals niggers deserve to die.

Still, that's the personality in a nutshell.
They stay in the background suggesting strats to carry out their visions without needing to actually act themselves. Works in some contexts like the example I made, but heavily backfires in some others.

>defended to no end
You are confusing them with ISxJs, the difference is that INTJs do accept a good argument, but it has to be a good one.

so i guess the solution is ENFJ gf, soft ENTJ boss/trusted friend.

i could see ENFJ sometimes being too emotionally aware for the INTP. reading all their cues and picking them apart would be annoying. and ENFJ having their logic picked apart and overanalyzed would be annoying.

if both types were mature or could work past it, i could see ENFJ x INTP being perfect. i still think INTPs need an ENTJ somewhere in their lives to help give them clear direction and logical advice, though even if just as an example. although probably not at all times.

It's good to not form conclusive judgments, I can always stay as objective as possible that way.

The emotion bit is true but I think it gets to be less of a problem as I get older, I almost never feel anger nowadays and anger was 90% of my emotions before. I also care a lot less about my family nowadays. As edgy as it sounds, I think if I keep going like this I can genuinely kill all my emotions in a year or two more.

I can hardly believe there are people who can handle the hotshot asshole ENTJ would be INTP. INTP seem so lazy compared to the adrenaline fueled ENTJ. But your post makes a lot of sense. INTP is one of the few who just get ENTJ's scorching passion and don't mind some burns along the way.

Objectively optimal configuration of functions.

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>the difference is that INTJs do accept a good argument, but it has to be a good one.

try arguing with an INTJ who is wholly convinced that extremist alt-right solutions of racial genocide is the ultimate solution to political turmoil. you will get a lot of Te facts and they care so much about it that they are not willing to budge, in my experience. i provided a lot of good points which were apparently not good enough to sway the accelerationism and total war ideology.

INTJs can be incredibly closed off if they think they have all of the information necessary to form an Ni vision backed up by Te facts.

why are these threads only active during eu time?

is na too smart to fall for this trickery?

if someone believes that the issue isn't their personality trait it's their low cognitive function

This, INTJ is one of the most stubborn types of all. They are meticulous and once they feel they've formed an opinion, they won't budge. Their smugness and dogmatism is their downfall at times.

Guess the personality of the main character

INFP girls are definitely loving, caring, devoted and nurturing. INFPs can be mommygfs, but are less likely to be domineering or put demands on their partner like say, an ENFJ. INFPs have a good sense of humor but they are super sensitive at times, so you may feel you are walking on eggshells from time to time.

I always seem to get different results on these tests, but the most common ones are:
What does this mean?

Yeah well I'm an ESTP that also gets ENTP sooo what's the best gf type for me?

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I want an INFP gf that I can place in my lap and whisper nice things in her ears while I play with her pussy and hold her tight while she feels my boner grow on her back. I want INFPs to feel good and safe and be taken care of. They are pure and cute and should be spoiled and pampered with sex and love and affection.

I want a personal smol INFP gf someday.

INFP. INFPs and ESTPs make the quintessential abuser/abuse victim relationship pairing.

I ain't abusive though but I am controlling, dominant, and mad jealous. I don't know much about mbti stuff but usually i end up with Libra women. Where can one find INFP?

>Why do you think Monika is an unhealthy ENFJ?
Not that user but a Ti grip could make her act like a Thinker.

Literally git gud.
Based on your descriptions the INTJ is arguing properly. Defending your opinion with facts is debate 101.

DDLC spoilers

Monika is not unhealthy. Her character doesn't really have any issues, it's later revealed everyone just gets the same epiphany as club president and Monika was merely the first victim..

Reminder to all INFP's
You can't fix them.

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>be INFJ
>super depressed and not fun or creative
>always like INTJs
>they always want manic pixie ENFP gf
Being INFJ is suffering

the retardation of feelers is incredible, the coping the post

t. actual big dick intj chad

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Which types would best map on to each personality disorders?

what about ENTPs?
all the pictures depicting ENTPs I see have them shipped with INFJs, so just become my gf

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Annoying and too chad. Also not /NiMasterRace/.

Being INTP is suffering. We are literally aliens, what star system we come from Bros? Because Earth does not feel like home.

>prone to irrational outbursts of emotion.
Uh, no. That's more of a low-IQ feeler type thing to do.

I'm an infj and whenever i see your posts i cringe at my very core, i really hope this isn't what i come across like.

Maybe you just got BTFO and you're too stubborn/stupid to admit it.

MBTI is fun and all but you niggas take it too far as usual and makes it out to be exact science

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let me guess you're a Te user

which type is the best gf for an istp?

STJs, theyll appreciate ur mechanical mastery and will wanna learn from u

>be INTJ
>find manic pixie ENFP to be really qt
>but would settle for ENFJ

>too chad
h-haha, yeah, we're kinda chads aren't we

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ESFP is a shallow, zero dimensional being who is only interested in hedonism, attention, and living in the immediate moment - much like an animal. They operate largely on instincts and rarely have a genuine thought of their own, or even a brief moment of self-awareness. Instead, they drift from one social function to the next, wasting their time and their health until neither exist anymore.

ESFP females make the best courtesans, though.

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INTP Master race reporting in.
btw reminder that mbti is just a horoscope for men

lol redditfag is butthurt after getting BTFO

There is no way INTP is the master race when they always get BTFO'd by INTJ.

>is na too smart

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I think you've mis-typed yourself. INTPs are open to crazy thinkings so long as they work.

B-but he's a good person deep down, I just know he is! I mean, I know to others he seems like an abusive mean asshole who slaps me around but it was my fault for burning dinner! Inside he's soft like cookie dough, maybe if I love him more I can bring it out in him!!!

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Weirdly I can get along with any xxxP type, it's only J types I find to be fucking insufferable.

Who is it ?
>so long as they work.
Or not..

I'm hurting deep inside, so I'm going to express the hurt and anger, and let it out.

What is it with you INFPs? I've known four INFPs in my life (friends, intimate friend - I'm having a problem with this one - and another in a professional setting). These relationships didn't turn out well, and there's usually a pattern to it. You guys seem to alternate between being warm and cold, and the change can be so bipolar and drastic like what the fuck. You can be warm and caring, but at the same time, cold, numb, and lack empathy. You guys develop an interest in someone and can be very intense from the start. You want to talk to that person all day and night. You connect with that person in a really deep way because s/he isn't superficial. I'm an INFJ (sometimes on the T side). Everything could be going well. But one day, out of the blue, for unknown reasons, you guys decide to just fuck the relationship and disappear. No reason whatsoever. And you do it abruptly. So much for being healers when all you do is give people a broken heart.

Is it so hard for you to speak your mind and say what's going on inside? INFPs are so emotionally bipolar. And when you swing to being cold, distant, and numb, you don't say why. You abandon that person. No answers. No closure whatsoever. And you keep at it for months. You think you such behavior is acceptable when really, it's immature and childish. You can't be an adult and stand up and express yourself in a mature way.

Well, you would open up during the honeymoon phase, but when you decide that someone isn't an effective source of emotional comfort or distraction from whatever turmoil you're experiencing inside, you ditch that person as if the history and connection you guys shared meant nothing to you. What the hell is wrong with you INFPs?!?! And this has happened to me more than once.

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you sound like an INTJ

>INTJs can be incredibly closed off
this is very true. take a bad example, my INTJ mom. she believes hillary clinton is great and "pragmatic" and all this stupid shit and is absolutely convinced of it. as an INTP it gets very frustrating when she believes she has "the facts" when in reality she hasn't verified them with her Ti critic

>tfw no INFJ gf to break down my autistic lonerism

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INTPs dont need ENTJS in their life. Trust me, I'm an INTP and I will give you an unrefutable reason and a perfectly valid scientific opinion why :

ENTJs can suck my dick.
I was playing minecraft in work and my fucking asshole boss pointed me the pile of work I still hadn't done. Insufferable assholes. Like seriously why the fuck would I want to write some shitty drivers for some shitty printer?

>Or not..
How does it not? Personalities exist.
MBTI is merely the categorisation of personalities.

We don't thrive in Democracies desu.
Democracies favour mass-produced mediocraty rather than aged superiority.

Don't know about them either
I tell you guys, it feels good to be INTP.
All those mumblings you here from my fellow INTPs is just a camouflage to distract from our great and lazy lives.
>personalities exist
>just categorisation
You answered your own statement

You can't fix them but you can learn to manipulate their hearts so they'll do what you want.

you sure your boss wasn't estj?

>implying INFJs aren't autistic loners themselves

Manipulation via emotions. Knowing a persons emotional weaknesses and manipulating them to your advantage. Horrible, I know, but we are actually quite good at it.

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Hello fellow INFJs

>You answered your own statement
You what mate?
Personalities can be categorised. Anything can be.
Even categories can have categories.

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I'm ISTJ what do

I wont to choke out some bitch feeler, strangling them until their eyes start rolling back in their head, then allowing them to have a quick breather before I do this over and over again until the point they start bawling their eyes out, at which point I'll whip out my dick and user their tears as lubricant for my cock, I'll shove my dick so far down their small fragile throats that they'll instantly choke and roll their eyes back in their head faster than they did when I was manhandling their necks.

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I will live it to you.

>but I am controlling, dominant, and mad jealous


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>being dominated by an INTP


When it comes to girls wanting to be dominated, it's ENTP or gtfo, virgin. A man who dominates due to being a genuine alpha is different from a nasty insecure beta virgin who needs to satiate his fragile ego.

>being this buttblasted
have sex :)


no one has been able to fix me