Why are there like no mainstream idols in America like there are in the Japans?

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Since we are different countries, our celebrity culture is not the same. However we have had plenty of very mainstream teen idols throughout the years, and the very idea of boy/girls bands is from America and Great Britain

That is my point. Much of modern day Nippon is influenced by Japan. But our celebrities are completely different?

because japan is at least 200 years more technologically advanced. we will get there one day.

But our celebrities are not completely different since we also have tons of pop culture figures for teenagers to obsess over.
>Much of modern day Nippon is influenced by Japan.
what did you mean by this?

>Why are there like no mainstream idols in America like there are in the Japans?
There are.

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Obese black man and hobgoblin are not qt teenage pop idols, user.

Compared to USA, Japan just produces way more commercial products explicitly targetted towards lonely people (idols, fantasy cafes, cd/dvds of fake GF or BF talking to you). Not sure exactly what cultural difference let do that

The Japanese are so wise. There is a market for catering to lonely people all over the world and only the Japanese choose to capitalize on it.

Japan has a culture of cute, west has a culture of sex. Cute Japanese idols wouldn't really sell well enough, and both sides of the political spectrum would be screeching at them. Worst Korea is more in line with what would work with western markets, but there still would be a lot of screeching about so blatantly sexualized young singers.

Because pop idols are pedophilia and most kid pop stars like Justin Bieber or Hanna Montana have to be legitimately talented to get more respect than hate. Jap idols lack talent and mostly get by with dance choreography.

The west calls you an incel loser, Japan makes money off of it. Fucking brilliant, god I love Japan.

>Justin Bieber

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Dont worry the nighers got their feelings hurt and need to post ego boosters to prevent them from chimping out.

America is "extraverted" and Japan the opposite. I'm guessing that's because western culture is based on individualism, and extraversion goes hand in hand with it.

he can sing

And I mean sing on a technical level. I haven't seen a single Jap idol group that is consistent and stays on pitch.

>Hanna Montana
She got a show because of nepotism, nothing to do with stand-out talent.
>mostly get by with dance choreography.
That's korean, retard.

>he can sing
my ribs hurt

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Rihanna, Kanye, Tay, Pink, Bieber, All the 1D guys, Camila Cabello, etc.. are all mainstream idols

Only difference is Japan and Korea take their business way too seriously

>Japanese idols can't sing
>western pop stars can sing
It's time to visit your local otorhinolaryngologist.

Its for the best
The Idol culture and industry are fucking degenerate

The Japanese look for different things in idols than we do. For Japan, it's not about being talented, it's about trying your best, seeming genuine, and growing over time. They want to support an idol and then years later when she is good at what she does feel a sense of accomplishment because they helped her get there.