Submissive women want dominant men

>submissive women want dominant men
>dominant women want to be dominated into submission by dominant men
>no women want submissive men
Why is reality so cruel to us?

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>being a submissive male
thats some cuck shit kys

>putting other men down for who they are because they aren't 100% stereotypically masculine
You're either a female, a nigger, or retarded.
Only females pull this stupid infighting bullshit, stop putting other dudes down bc all youre doing is stooping to the levels of fucking females.
Ridiculous as bullshit.

I'm ok with a submissive man as long as he's confident and passionate and not a fucking beta sperg that can't hold a proper conversation and has no interests like every single "submissive" man I've talked to is

So basically if hes only submissive in bed?

I'm submissive and passive in every aspect of my life. Shit sucks and I'm too much of a beta male to do anything about it. At least I can always jerk off.

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The real question is: Why do submissive men still exist?

No, he can be a house wife

shits a lie nigga never cooks my fajitas right no matter how much i scream at him

Did you read no more mr nice guy?

Being well rounded is attractive. You have to be capable of everything. Women are attracted to submissive men if they're capable of being dominant when a situation demands it.

mle submission is cumming
femle submission is wtf retord

Very based and perfectly whitepilled.

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If you want a girl to dominate you as soon as you meet her, no, it's not going to happen. Even if they want to, they don't want to expose that about themselves early on. You've got to ease them into it. If she's not already all about being dominant then it's still possible, but far from immediate.

It took me like 3 years but my gf will now do stuff like tie me down and sit on my face while edging me.

You do still have to be a competent partner outside the bedroom though. If you want to be passive constantly and have a mommy gf who manages your life for you, it's not going to happen unless she's crazy and has other issues.

Are you sure she isn't doing it just to please you, rather than it being her kink? After some time I'm sure women simply don't like to dominate and they only enjoy being dominated (sexually). It's not like men where there's a divide. If a girl is doing it just to please me and isn't really enjoying it herself then I'd prefer her to just not do it.

That would explain my attraction to crazy girls.

It's not a specific fetish of hers but she has enough fun doing it that it comes from her now without prompting from me. I agree if she was just making herself do it to please me I wouldn't get anything out of that.

>daily 'Jow Forums trying to use '''reverse psychology''' to '''redpill''' people to fit their ideology better' thread
wow nice, very cool OP!

I'm a little dominant, mostly into the super soft gentle stuff.

They do if you also give them money

I don't want any of the weird shit, I just want a girl who will initiate sex, take lead, ride my dick, etc.

My ideal relationship would be:
>letting the girl lead, but influencing her a lot (basically a 50/50 relationship)
>taking lead myself when the situation calls for it
I know that sounds highly specific, but something along those line would be good.

How do I meet and recognise such girls?

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This is why I can't stand it when people say that there's someone for everyone or that you just need to go outside. Because the reality is that being submissive or even just not dominant automatically disqualifies you from dating.

This is why feminism is needed, to make women comfortable with the idea of submissive male, knowing they won't have any problems facing the world (and by extension, not depending on their males in any way) so they can fully get into their domme roles

How can you feel dominant most of the time if the males out there feel like they can rape you and get away with it?

>How do I meet and recognise such girls?
You can't. Women always pretend to be like that tight up until they get a boyfriend that wants that, at which point they dump him for being too boring.

>I never dated anyone, but I know what I'm talking about

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If feminism could make women dominant I'd be getting a degree in gender studies right now. Unfortunately it has the opposite effect. They're more willing to demand a dominant partner than before.

>using a photoshopped fantasy of a hyper masculine chad as a reaction image in a thread about femdom
You wanna know how I know you're an incel?

Lmao, that shit is a meme from /vg/.
You're quick to call someone the I word.
Geez, I wonder why...

Being submissive is why im a virgin coupled wit the fact that i look average.
It never even began for us boyos.

>date a tinder girl for a while
>doesn't work out
>we go out separate ways but keep in contact because she was actually cool, circumstances just kept us from being able to have a proper relationship
>she starts dating another guy, very happy for her
>they break up, we are still messaging, decide to fool around a bit
>up until this point I was being dom with her (I am nearly 100% sub so this was hard) but when we started fooling around I told her I was feeling sub
>she takes up the domme role super fast, ends up that she likes it a lot
>after a couple of weeks her and her ex get back together
>we stop fooling around of course
>however, just found out that he is 100% okay with us fooling around in a domme/sub manner while they date
>acquired a domme fwb
This will end in a month no doubt but for now this is incredible.

when yu're eating her pussy or fucking her, remember he came in there raw.
Just a thought.

Oh no lad, she fucks me.

Do you know what submissive means

Yeah he listens to me and I am the leader in a relationship, manage money etc.

being submissive isn't only your gay fantasies of getting fucked in the ass

And being submissive also doesn't mean being a boring sperg with no interests and no confidence

>doing all the wage cucking
>pay for all a women's stuff
>do all the work in sex
>do all the hard decision making
>be a human shield for your highness
>have to lose arguments to get peace and quiet
>Must keep her entertained and never let her see your pain/fear or shell replace you.

Being dominant guy sounds like a clever form of being a slave with extra rules

That's a cuck not a dominant man

>manage money etc.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there.

You can manage my cock, my body and our house, but I'm the money boss.

Because they have heightened awareness of the issues, which are still unsolved
Once they're solved and they get the freedom they seek? Time to get a boytoy

every woman demand this from a guy ,

>be tall (so she can feel protected by her human shield)
>have a career (so he can pay for everything)
>have a house (so she can live off him)
>have hobbies/talents (so he can entertain her)
>be funny(entertain her again)
>be social (so she can show him off )
>have a car (so he can be her driver)
>Be sexually dominant ( he does all the work while she sits there )

It's all code man

stop being a submissive faggot then, op

Nah. Feminism just allows women to get what they already want, you can't actually change what they want.

Yes, I'd like if my bf was most of those except tall and dominant, but it doesn't mean he can't be submissive. It's literally fucking personality. If you think being submissive means you can be a a lazy neet with no passions or interests and the girl is supposed to like you anyway then you're wrong.

I'd prefer a bf who has a career and is fun, regardless of whether I'm dominant or he's doesn't fucking matter

And no, I am not saying that it's ok for me to be like that.

Everyone would like having an useful partner that can enrich their lives, don't know what you're on about with this wambulance male fragility crap

She is the one making the money.

Bullshit, I work on my online business and make money from home.

What now?

Women like you to be flexible

i dont even wanna be that submissive i just dont want to seem like a pussy for crying in her embrace and not seen as "weak" because im not rough in bed or like a "loser" because i prefer us 2 being alone in our room doing cutesie shit rather than going to parties it hurts so much

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Only NPCs go to parties, lmao.

Based and incel-salvationpilled.

Tone it down so you have more time to do house chores and make sandwiches for her.


So you're just the regular boring bitch that wants to be "dominant" in a relationship so you have emotional control over him but also wants to be submissive sexually so he has to do all the work pleasing you in bed?

What? No I literally don't give a shot about having a "useful" partner, as long as we love each other it's fine to me. Only you women care about the "usefulness" of your partner. I have a partner to have a romantic relationship not to fucking use her.

Nah, not worth it.
It would be more efficient to hire a maid to do it for her.

You can't turn your whole life into a larp.

If you think it's a larp then you're not submissive

please keep bumping i want a gf that abuses me

That's not what I said fuck off

I said being submissive doesn't mean being a loser irl.
Being successful in life also doesn't mean you have to be dominant in a relationship.

I can be dominant but don't want the guy I'm with to be a fucking loser, he can be successful and confident while also being submissive

>Why wont people hail me for being a failure?

so...what do you have to offer

come on bro, we all know its just a slice of pussy on the table...
maybe she has a nice waist to hip ratio, and a homebody type to be worth putting finances and resources from a career onto