Be me

>be me
>kissless robot browsing cam sites
>find qt russian camgirl
>different from the other thot camgirls
>actually end up falling in love with her
>tip her over 20k in tokens
>get fired from job
>I don't tip her anymore and she just ignores me
>mfw even the most innocent camgirl is a money hungry thot
>mfw I spent 20k but didn't even get to nut because she doesn't get naked

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>>tip her over 20k in tokens
either you are trolling us or you are a retarded zoomer idiot.

I'm not she makes like 10k per month. I tipped her 20k in one year so around 2k per month.

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>mfw even the most innocent camgirl is a money hungry thot

Yes thats all camgirls , and most women.

Glad that you have come to terms with your disability. On the bright side, you can now move on in life.

they need to just cut the bullshit and make prosties legal already

>girl does something for money
>treats it as a job
>something she does during her job doesn't earn her money
>op's face when

wow so you CANT pay for love?!? an online? literally if you used the time you spent stalking her to work on yourself and going outside you would of found someone and probably not lost your job

how much money is 20k tokens?

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>>mfw even the most innocent camgirl is a money hungry thot
Of course she is after your money. How did you even think she wasn't?
Camgirls market a fake personality to get money. They play a role. You don't actually know her. You were in love with the product she's selling.

Its her job to be a thot. Money wasn't coming in. Why should she work for free ?

plus he just sent her text on a screen with a hundred other people. she has no idea what he looks like. what he acts like. what he sounds like. he was just text throwing her money on a screen. and expected her to fucking fly across the world and come marry him or some shit over a computer lol when shes a money hungry thot lol

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Is this you Kristina? It sounds like your retarded broken English.
She didn't seem like she was putting on a facade because she was being very transparent with her life and her personality plus she seemed super waifish. She has depression and other mental issues because she's been abused I expected her to have more empathy than this. Honestly, I'm not even angry that I spent that money, I'm angry because she lied to me and because she's probably also lying about her depression for beta bux which is really sad since there's people out there dying from depression daily. I honestly wish she actually kills herself. I'd tip her 20k again just to see her off herself on stream.

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>My story is similar i also fell in love for a camwhore but i tipped her only a couple of times and i did not give more the 50 credits
>we ended up dating irl and even becoming an official couple
>she left me for a richer man

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tell us how much money 20k tokens is you god damn retard

you're shifting the blame onto the male op instead of the girl

the girl is a whore who sells her pretty looks to gullible losers who fall in lover with her. she becomes her idol and makes money from them, profiting off their love for her. these are ill gotten gains, she is just slightly above a prostitute

but if op wants to support a girl like the cuckold he is, let him. but dont tell me the girl is innocent, she fully supports op financially ruining himself to feed his addiction, she is complicit in this, you disingenuous whore-defending white-knight faggot

Dude its just her job shes not looking for relationships from people browsing cam sites.

no im not. im saying hes a retard. you payed a girl money whos doing her job. and he was just a wall of text to her. they never did anything personal she doesn't even know who he was.

he was a sad desperate username throwing money at her for no reason

How much is a token worth?
If it's $0.1 or more, why are you baiting us retard?

shes way below a prostitute

why would she give you attention just because you gave her money?

just googled it. its god damn 1,000 dollars. no wonder why this fuck tard is dropped so easily

why would a cam girl care about someone giving her 100 dollars a month

It's survival of the fittest faggot. But she's not even a predator, she's basically a carnivorous plant. Fucking idiots with an IQ of a bug come flying to her and land on her and get devoured because theyre retards. If someone would gave you money without you actually asking, should you reject it? Would you be morally wrong even though you are the passive nephente(a carnivorous plant)?

Also why should o woman give a fuck even if you gave her like $20000? That would just reaffirm her self-confidence to trick you, message you etc... and wait for the highest bidder.

niiiice analogy genuinely but, benus flytrap is still way below an actual prostitute

Well should she give it back to him?
My ethical code says there's nothing wrong with receiving a gift and not giving more attention to the person who gives me a big gift, happened all the time when I was a kid.

Are you all actually retarded?

I started tipping her because I liked her and I thought she was genuine, I never asked anything of her. But she started talking to me on discord and she even gave me her private instagram. We would talk almost daily and she would video-call me to complain about her panic attacks and feeling like shit. She asked me for money to treat her mental illness and get hospitalized. She told me she doesn't get naked on cam because she feels uncomfortable doing so since she's only doing this "job" because she's in a really bad financial situation and has no other options, I believed her and I thought she was just a lost and mentally ill girl that needed help.

I have interacted with other camgirls before and tipped them and they work so much harder than this gulag looking whore. They fuck themselves in the ass, in the pussy, anywhere. While this cunt is making around 10k monthly sitting on her ass and pretending she suffers from crippling depression. Most cam girls sell videos of them fucking themselves, she does absolutely nothing. I believed she was too ill to work.

She constantly asks for money to treat her depression when Russia even has free Healthcare. I'm just saying I wish I had given my money to a Stacey looking camgirl selling videos of her fucking her ass with 3 dildoes at the same time. Not only she's not doing anything despite making a shitload of money but she's also faking depression and acting like "not like the other girls desuu~~~" while there's people out there dying from depression daily.

I fell in love with her because she tricked me into it, she literally manipulated me like a snake for a whole fucking year. I honestly have much more respect for camgirls that actually do their work and fuck themselves on cam, even if they fake their orgasms they're more genuine than this waifu wanna be Russian inbred lying roastie.

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oh lol she was just after you for money because it was easier to whine to you then get a job

you didn't even give her a lot of money

You are just the kind of a naive guy who would marry prostitutes.
Are you literally retarded, how didn't you come to the conclusion that she plays the same trick on other men, since her job is basically being somewhere in a room with internet access all day and messaging strangers?
Never trust camgirls, whores and attention whores.
On a side note:
She actually might be a depressive sociopath.

>history of abuse
Those three are connected. It's sad but you now know that mentally ill people are often not as thrustworthy as normies.
Sorry OP.

>show girl compassion
>she pretends to be my friend
>I empathize with her situation
>she's actually lying about having depression
>most camgirls would do anything for the amount of money I tipped her
>I don't expect anything back just her to get better
>can't afford to tip her anymore
>she drops me
>come to Jow Forums
>if she's a camgirl she has the right to scam and lie to people
>REEEEE its all your fault OP

There's no way out when you're a robot right?

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>She asked me for money to treat her mental illness and get hospitalized
>She constantly asks for money to treat her depression
oh no no

>I have interacted with other camgirls before and tipped them

LMAOO thanks dude you made my day.

I am a male and have a personality disorder, and when I was younger I often thought of suicide, like almost every day. Still I would take every opporturnity to scam other people if I wouldn't get money from my parents.

Did you really think she was cutting on cam for any other reason than to attract sympathy from white knight cucks like yourself who try to "save" her from camwhoring?

Kill yourself degenerate enabler

Imagine all the blowjobs you could have bought with that money lmao

I'd laugh at you if it wasn't so depressing, lets hope it's a meme

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>>mfw even the most innocent camgirl is a money hungry thot

Wow who would have thought that cam girls cam for MONEY. You thought she actually loved you? LMAO you pathetic wanker.

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>tfw I'm just another camgirl larping as a robot and you all took the bait

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don't mind, gave me a free laugh so I'm thankful

>Most cam girls sell videos of them fucking themselves, she does absolutely nothing.
So she's just better at separating idiots and their money, more power to her.

Men who pay camwhores need to be reeducated painfully in camps where they are branded with hot irons so they never forget their disgusting mistakes. Prove me wrong.

Why does she look so manly?

>he doesn't nut to clothed girls


yeah that all seems perfectly legit

She doesn't have the right to. We tell you why this happened and wonder how you didn't see it coming.
I'm still at loss why you go on defending camgirls in general.

>and she even gave me her private instagram
Totaly worth 20k lmao

This is why I don't waste my money on girls I meet outside of Jow Forums

Don't see what's wrong here, you should be happy you supported her

OP you can IRS thotpatrol her gogogogo

nigga you're stupid as fuck

Reading about retards who tip loads of money to camwhores just to amazed that they dont actually want to have sex with them always makes me feel good about myself.

>showing fresh cutting scars
BPD thot detected. You should avoid people who cut themselves in general. There's always a way in which they'll fuck up your life.

robots truly are a superior breed

Let's just hope that this is a fake story

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please tell me you're making this up, if not, you're a fucking retard of astronomical proportions

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There's no way you're real but the absolute state of old men and zoomers

It was 100% your fault. Get wiser.


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seethe harder, you utter autist. still 100% your fault

20k in tokens, 20 thousand american -I assume- dollars

you deserved this

I hope you will learn a lesson but it seems unlikely. You must be incredibly retarded to give this much money to a whore that didn't even fuck you. I hope shame and financial difficulties torture you for the rest of your undoubtedly short life

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dont be a bitch he shouldn't be a beta cuckold simple as

Just imagine donate money to "this". Hopefully you turn into a fucking beggar, then one day some niggers just throw gasoline and burn you alive while you sleep, just for fun. You're pathetic.

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do you think if you give change to a bum in the street he's going to think "wow how a bice guy, i'll remember him for the rest of my life"?

he already forgot your face as soon as your money left your hand. if you think internet bums are different you are fucking stupid.

>spent 20k on some random bitch on the internet
Why? And dont say hurr durr i luvs her, because the most interaction youve ever had with her is her pocketing your money, and then saying thank you for the money. If you wanted to bust a nut just browse the myriad of porn that exists, but why spend what some people make in a year on someone who isnt even tangentally connected to you?