ITT: Phrases that turn you on immediately

ITT: Phrases that turn you on immediately.
>deep fucking
>mate me

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>NO!!!! NO!!!!

the more she says no the better.


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"Good boy" turns me on in a very original manner

also the word

>STOP!!! anything resistant really gets me goin.

why does kek faggot turn you on, user

Being called Master, or Daddy but the former is better. Being submitted to is what makes life enjoyable.

>I love you
>I'm so happy we are together
>I'd rather cuddle with you than do anything else
>You're my world
>Don't worry, i'll look after you, you can crumble in my arms and i'll keep you safe

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>you're three times the size of my boyfriend
t. 10 inch pp.

>fuck it feels so heavy...

any command or order

Clean my big fat pp with your tongue, you little bitch.

Beg for it
Anything degrading
Describing how women are worthless and should be either pregnant or rearing kids indoors
Being ordered to do something
Having my hair stroked and told im a good girl who pleased her master

Protesting and begging for him to stop and him saying no

Why do women like being degraded so much? Your gender is disgusting, literally no self respect at all

>Si Deus pro nobis quis contra nos
>Gott mitt uns
>Pro Suecia hoc tempore

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Stop reading my fucking mind

>I hate black people
>Jews are to blame for X
>Women are cunts
>Jow Forums is for men only
>Trannies are just cross dressing homosexuals
>I want to build a 4th reich
>Hitler was right
>Stalin was worse than hitler
>Open immigration leads to crime
>Gas kikes

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I'm all of these except I'm a female

that's childish and not hot

How does it make you feel that I have my 10 inch cock in my hand right now, slowly stroking it while thinking about filling your pussy up with cum, then lifting your hips up so my cum can seep into your uterus and impregnate you?

Based& sadpilled

This but being the one saying it
And this too
I'm a simple man

giving me an order especially with saying my name

What's your name sweetie?

>Im a cunt

ftfy. Get off my board.

are you seriously ignoring the degradation males are demanding in the thread? or just trying to roleplay?

"Give me your baby" or anything similar.


Stop taking Jow Forums posts seriously user.

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Men hate us if we respect ourselves and don't sleep with them, and they hate us if we don't respect ourselves and sleep with them. Can't win.

Wanna be my tradwife and make white children for me?

Also, I really wish I was a little boy so I could impregnate a bunch of hot college/high school girls. TFW no shota life.

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Men who like being degradated are a minority of betas which is what this board mainly consists of. Women who like it are most, if not all of them.

Imagine crying about living life on tutorial mode lmao.

>>r9k is for men only
>I'm all of these
>I'm a female

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>Just me, living life on tutorial mode
>Seen as a commodity
>Always afraid of rape or violence
>Discriminated against for my gender, which I can't control
>tutorial mode
Break a rib and suck your own dick, that's the closest you'll get to a girls mouth virgin.

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>Break a rib and suck your own dick, that's the closest you'll get to a girls mouth virgin.

dont know about phrases but these type of things turn me on (only from females)

not sure if i am masochist or something else

>seen as commodity
Constantly put on a pedestal, people will literally pay you just to exist as a woman.
>Always afraid of rape or violence
Men are something like 10 times as likely to be victims of violence, and if you include prison rape they are as likely to be raped as women are.
>Discriminated against for my gender, which I can't control
Literally in what way? You get paid more when adjusted for hours worked. You outnumber male college graduates almost 2:1.

Women have it so fucking easy, you're just too retarded to realize it.

I would like to be a tradwife and make white children in the future

Please stop cucking me. I just want to be happy

>muh prison rape

Why would I give a shit that violent offenders, rapists and pedos are taking it up the ass from Jamal in jail? Fucking cuck.

I'm not telling because some people on this board might know me

Sorry but the power of the pp is too strong.
You can understand, right? If you were my size you would put it to good use as well.

The vast majority of prisoners are in for non-violent offenses.
But this dehumanization of men is exactly what I'm talking about. Men are seen as completely expendable to society. The only value we have is our ability to perform physical labor and as soldiers.

unironically everything except
>Stalin was worse than hitler
Stalin was baste nationalist

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No, please stop. It's not my fault I was born like this. If I were like you I would get a cute GF and live without fear of someone taking her.

>cries about how you're discriminated against
>proceeds to discriminate men for being a virgin
Don't bitch when you're slut shamed later.

>Only value is to perform physical labor or soldiers.
Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of CEOs and politicians are men.

>constantly put on a pedestal
By the media and far-lefties maybe but most men see them as meat.
>Men are more likely to be victims of violence.
Because they're more violent and aggressive, so they start shit more often.
Women are weaker than men and have a pussy on them, that's like walking around with a 100 bucks in the middle of fucking chicago.
>paid more and graduate more
Yeah, because men have become pussified thanks to boomer parenting and don't give a shit about doing anything for themselves anymore.

Maybe step out of the basement user and you'll understand the real world.

>Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of CEOs and politicians are men.
Ignoring the fact that that's because men work way, way more than women.
Like I said, wages are higher for women when you control for hours worked.

>By the media and far-lefties maybe but most men see them as meat.
Literally just go make a "premium snapchat" account and get infinite money for existing as a woman you dumb roastie. Or are you too fat?
>Because they're more violent and aggressive, so they start shit more often.
I guess I shouldn't expect a hole to know what the word victim means.
>Yeah, because men have become pussified thanks to boomer parenting and don't give a shit about doing anything for themselves anymore.
Explaining why that is to a man would take too long. To a hole it's just impossible, sorry.

>the problem is that men are stronger than women
>the problem is that men have become pussified
Come on make up your mind.

Anything submissive. Makes me want to ravage them.

You're not an easy gender to not hate.

>on VRChat
>talking to college friend who plays VR with me who gets really turned on by that too
>he's painfully shy as well so it's fun to tease him
>he's sitting between my legs as I give him head pats
>relaxing silence
>decide I wanna tease him, so lean in and whisper "Who's a good boy?" in his ear
>Can hear him stumble on his words as he nervously laughs and blurts out "hahaha c'monnn d-dont ask me that..!"
>continue poking and prodding him until I finally get him to nervously blurt out
>"I'm a good boy"
I have never felt so accomplished in my life

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>dicked down
Only black men can do this or say this without awkwardness

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Don't bitch when you're virgin shamed now and later, bitch

The difference is that I'm not a virgin, and you're a slut.

No one believes that you're not a virgin

That is ridiculously fucking cute

Yeah mate me and I love you are the two things that makes my heart race and dick hard.

>tfw no boyfriend who tells me that he loves me and wants me to mate him

But aren't you gay? Gays can't mate!

>>Jow Forums is for men only
>I'm a woman
Why are you here then? Shouldn't you confine yourself to Jow Forums?

r9k is more fun to browse than pol

>dicked down

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>But aren't you gay? Gays can't mate!
Doesn't stop me from pumping and dumping all my cum into the one I want to fuck.

i just realized i'm not even fully aware about what words turn me on, i'll just randomly get turned on at certain words or phrases i think but i never actually had the attention span to remember then when it happened, i was too lost in being horny.

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But in being here you break one of the rules you supposedly follow. I guess you're not taking those too seriously, are you?

>nigger dick
>big black cock
>white boy
>dumb bitch

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I implied I break that one

I just feel like throwing them in my bed and drilling her for hours when they call me this

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What's your Discord user, we have very similar tastes

What is that character. Sauce searching turns up nothing.

Yasegaman#9021, trying to be religious right now so I may not be as enthusiastic as usual about this stuff

go on /cm/ you'll find your answer there

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Thank you, sir. You have made my day better

This is a turn on too

Shut up little girl. No one wants to hear whine.

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>good girl
>be good for daddy
>daddys little slut

i'm sure you get the idea

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+1 indulgence for this post

>anything related to breeding
>mating too
>cum inside me
>ah it's so thick
.t girthy pp
>is it tight?
>give me your milk
>wanna cum in my mouth?

I got hard typing this

80iq fetish desu

unironically 145 but go off

Are you male, female, or female (male)? The answer greatly influences how this post makes me feel.

>Yes, sir.
>Yes, please.
Its a problem when women say this to me in daily life.

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I really like the idea of being bratty and put in my place never experienced it though

What about if you respect yourself and sleep with them?

I love if a guy makes me respond to him like this one of my biggest turn ons

> men work way, way more than women.
Men are also more confident leading to more promotions than women

>they start shit more often.
Women start shit too but never get retaliated against

>Yeah, because men have become pussified thanks to boomer parenting and don't give a shit about doing anything for themselves anymore.
Yet men are going to a trade school insted of college to avoid racking up tonnes of debt

>By the media and far-lefties maybe but most men see them as meat.
Then why the the courts always give custody to the women, also men are the ones sent to war just face it its men who are seen as meat

oof me too

Are you females or males? How would you describe yourself? I just want an idea of who is into this.

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I'm and I'm a female.
I'm very shy and have social anxiety and I'm a big sperg if that counts what else do you want to know

i'm the other one and i'm female too. i'm not really all that shy and i can talk to strangers ok but im a massive people pleaser and like being told what to do bc it takes away a lot of responsibility and pressure

Cool, so it looks like you are both a bit submissive in regular life too. Thats good to know, thanks.

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High IQ retort you bigoted piece of shit.

>rent free
>free wi-fi
nothing gets me harder

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I absolutely hate any form of "daddy", but "mister" and "sir" make me diamonds.

it's same for me (except for the diamond part because I in fact don't have a penis)

>You are such a good girl
>On your knees
>You like it, don't you little whore?
>You have paid off your student's loan

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Superior tastes user.
>shrimp dick
>white boy
>big black cock
>real man
>tfw no smug gf that cucks me

we're both cute gay twinks uwu

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>i love you
>fuck you
>i hate you
>stop being a creep
lately ive started to like being called daddy more and more

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> good boy
> you're so cute
> you're such a small boy
Stuff like that just makes my mind go blank

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