Meet cute guy on Discord

>meet cute guy on Discord
>we hit it off really well
>he lives opposite part of the world

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What side of the world do you live on?

Big deal. Do you know how many fucking guys there are on the internet? Take your pick. Your choice is arbitrary and your post is vacuous.

And? Arrange to meet each other. These things called airplanes do exist.

she's not talking about you user, she's talking about me

Don't be rude. It's not that easy.

I knew a girl that lived on the opposite side of the world as me, so most likely this cute discord guy that youre talking about is me.
Look, Im sorry that it cant work out because of the space between us, but there are plenty of good guys where you are you just have to look for them is all. good luck ;)

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>there is only one guy and girl on each side of the world on Jow Forums

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This is why you figure out where the other person lives before you get emotionally invested.

You dont have to be jealous of us. Im sure there is someone on Jow Forums and on your side of the world, you just have to look for them is all.
good luck ;)

I love it when someone uses words I dont know please do on this lower lifeform

>cute girl also lives on the other side of the world
>we will never meet irl
Honestly who knows, maybe we"ll meet them someday

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As someone bumming it around the world, if you're only going to one location, it costs like $1000 to get a plane ride to them, $2000 round trip. Lower if it's closer than actually 180 degrees around the world
It isn't that infeasible to meet them if you actually have a job, even a minimum wage one

that didnt stop richard burgess.
there is a lesson I hope you learn here.

>book flight ticket
Literally that easy.

How easy do you want it? You entitled hole.

I'm sorry user, I wish you could find someone in your area

if one or both of them are in uni/work it can be hard to find a gap of a week or two where they both are free or able to take time off

not to mention the money aspect behind flying across the world, at least a $2k round trip

>meet qt from other side of the world
>Put myself in debt to close the gap
>Pays off
IDK you are probably not serious about it

Same here. I was talking to a girl for a while and it was going pretty well but she's literally thousands of miles away. It hurts.

That's why you ask where they're from you yard, if you live in Asia and they in USA then it's gonna be hard, don't fall or ldrs but if you do make sure you both live at least in the same continent .

T. Experience

Find a different guy

That's happened like 5 times with me, everytime the girl lives in Europe, usually Scandinavia for some reason.
Meanwhile I have to suffer here in Burgerland, where there aren't any women who like skelly guys.

I'm the opposite. I'm from bongland but all the girls I meet are from the US. Literally a few thousand miles and an ocean away.

If you really liked him, you'd be willing to travel for him, and vice versa. If you can't do the basic obligations how do you expect to have a relationship?