What does r9k think of white men? Whats your experience been interacting with one of them?

What does r9k think of white men? Whats your experience been interacting with one of them?

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I can say as a white man that I am human
no different from anyone else.
I am however humbled that my interactions with others is somehow noteworthy.

please stop being a youtube brainrotter
youtube isn't real life

White men are not real men and are in fact pussies, I know that from personal experience.

>knowing who that guy is
>caring that someone else knows who that guy is
excuse me sir?

because i used to be a brainrotter like you
think about it and you'll look back at yourself now and cringe

im not op man i don't watch youtube people

>gets his ass beat by some white redneck
>didn't even stand a chance

>white people are such pussies! Fuck em!

and i'm not the guy you first replied to ;)

They're pretty much the only people I get along with

this, although I don't really meet other types of people (stemfag from eastern yurop)

As a non white? Very loyal to what they believe in once they are brought to believe in such a thing. Mmm whites would be dwarves in a fantasy setting

Pretty sure Mr.Fuentes is a Afro-latino man.

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Dwarves are actually Jews canonically. Whites are Elves.

I faintly remember dwarves having a thing for metals in general though right?I also thought Asians were elves

A lot of them are manwhores and degenerates who molest their kids and cheat on their wives, and will fuck pretty much anything; animal, vegetable, you name it.

Even as an occultist i have had nothing but good experiences with other whites.

I dont think you are meeting the same white people i have.

Fuentes is pretty intelligent, but he gets most of his ideas-talking points from omnichan Jow Forums, so it's kinda repetitive but he doesn't dive deep into the JQ.

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They're the most significant in being responsible for nearly everything I like and I appreciate them for the most part.

What I'll never understand is how they're also the biggest pussies of the modern world, letting other cultures encroach upon and destroy their progress. Too much empty sympathy and not enough sense of justice.

On balance, in a randomized selection, I have a better chance of liking one than a member of another ethnicity (including mine).

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He unironically does more harm than good

Prove it :) right now even