Would you date a girl that's slower than average?

Would you date a girl that's slower than average?

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Fuck yes, date no. Good enough?

I would literally date any girl who asked me regardless of conditions

l think I am.

no because im not here to serve as your cum dispenser gtfo
have you ever dated before?

Slow is fine. You can have a good conversation with slow people and sometimes it's better because the types of things they ask are more basic and help you come back to the real world.

Nope. I would imagine that I'm not very desirable to others.

>im not here to serve as your cum dispenser
Wouldn't the guy be the one dispensing cum? Dispense means to provide and so he would be providing you with cum.

>I'm not very desirable to others.
Why do you say that user?

Because nobody ever told me they wanted to date me.

Define "slower".

Ya. Dating a dummy is fine, but it failed for me when she become content with being ignorant. Im not a political person nor am I a rocket scientist, but it gets really hard when they blame everything on their lack of intelligence. Youre not stupid, youre lazy.

You would still be better off as a cum dispenser than alone. Think about it.

>no because im not here to serve as your cum dispenser gtfo
Aw, you are kind of slow, aren't you?

A girl can dispense her cum in my mouth any day

Nothing wrong with being "slower", now if that is due to a disability then that might be something that i'd be less ok with.

Just before I posted this a 2nd thought came to my head. Do you mean "slower" as someone who instagram and likes is their lifes goal? because if that was the case then that's just a straight up no.

No, its a tranny dumb dumb

Are we talking about actual mental retardation or just kinda dumb?

what the fuck that's foul

Sure I'm already slow af my ex gfs were all smarter than me studying their bachelor's/masters degree while I couldn't even get into a uni without doing a foundation year which is long

Are they at least expressive about what they do like? Then yes.

I think being slower than average and being shallow/ignorant can be independent of each other, so yes. If she had a personality that I loved, and was always open to new ideas and trying to understand things, then yes. It could even be cute if she was slower than average. As long as she's capable of being patient, caring, and calm, then I'd love her, because I've had bad experiences with neurotic family members who always tended to fly off the handle. I've never hated them, but of course when it comes to a partner I wouldn't deliberately choose someone who was like that. Besides, I've never claimed to be a genius, so learning stuff together with her could be fun, and we can always appreciate the simpler things in life too.

I would, I dunno if I'd prefer it, but i''d do it.

As long as shes not annoying about it

>would you date a girl
yes I would user

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No, never again. I dated a Auto model and, while she was beautiful, she was dumber than rocks. I had to break it off because if we ended up having kids they would be stupid too. The sex was awesome though, she was a nympho and I'd rail that girl twice a day

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This post makes my eyes bleed

Why? Would you want to sire retarded kids even though the mother is hot? If so, why?

Sure I would, just because a person is slower than average doesnt mean they cant love you or have a great personality. I had a couple of friends like that and they were great people who went on to do better in life than me.

As long as she isn't stupid, it's OK.

As long as we liked each other, sure.

>Youre not stupid, youre lazy
if you acknowledge that they're a dummy doesn't that entail tha they are stupid?

>I think being slower than average and being shallow/ignorant can be independent of each other, so yes.
I'm not sure about this. "Openness" on the big 5 is strong correlated with IQ.

Mm looks at the previous sentence. In that context

This really. I wouldn't go out of my way to date a girl like that, but I'd absolutely say yes if she asked me out.

I don't think a woman can be less intelligent than a male, even if slow compared to other women
So yes

No, I want high IQ offsprings.

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physically? maybe
mentally? no.
retards can fuck right off.

Slow, sure. Dumb and/or basic, hell no.

No, I only date girls who are FAST

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Despite the correlation, if I were to just take the information posed to me in the OP, then if she's just slower than average it is still possible for her to be open to ideas. In real life unfortunately a girl who is slower than average and yet open to new ideas would be an anomaly, but as long as this is the only variable being changed then I would take a girl like this any day.

Yes, I have both a fetish for super dumb girls, and super smart girls

It really depends on how slow. My intelligence is my only real positive attribute and if I can't even pass that on to my kids I'm fucked. Slow girls are just fine though from a dating perspective, it can make conversation difficult though.

See attached picture for my opinion on the matter.

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I'm pretty slow myself so I don't see why not.
Also women being smarter than their partners cause a lot of trouble.