Which sport do the anons of Jow Forums practice?

Which sport do the anons of Jow Forums practice?
I do judo, and I got my yellow belt yesterday.
What about you, user?

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lifting as it requires little to no human contact.

Chess isn't a sport, user.

outdoor running as i enjoy looking at chicks as i do

i enjoy (european) football but im not that good at it

t. brainlet
based, i play chess too, also poker and im learning how to play mahjong

chess and table tennis

I don't do anything besides drinking.

Chess isn't a PHYSICAL sport, user. That's what I meant.

Swimming it great for improving for health and fitness and if combined with calisthenics or weight training can built an amazing physique

I always wanted to get into swimming, but it's just so fucky I always run out of breath after a 25m swim.
What's the secret to it?

I did taekwondo till yellow. I feel like judo gives you much more tools and experience you need to win in any physical altercation. I had roasties evaluate my forms to get the promotion, and it was humiliating

You have to build up your fitness. There's equivalent of couch-to-5k programs except for swimming out there online, look them up.

Taekwondo is a martial art that's more for showing off technique and skill, instead of actual combat, but that doesnt mean it isnt difficult to learn/ impressive.

why was it humiliating?

boxing, got my second bout next saturday!

bro I got my yellow belt in karate in 1 day. can you even claim you "do judo" if you started a week ago?

>peasant tier martial art

>thinking man's martial art

hmm, i wonder why you got yours in one day...

McDojos, McDojos everywhere

It was at my school.

I have been practicing shooting as a hobby and hope to get into it more competitively. There is a place near me that occasionally hosts 3gun events, which I hope to try after I have become competent enough not to embarrass myself.

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as a lanklet skelly, what should i start with? I want to gain weight, but i dont know how.

Jow Forums here
Just eat and start exercising. Every other piece of advice will attempt to dress these two things up, but that is the core of it. Pick a physical activity that you personally enjoy doing and start doing it.


>bumping the thread off of page 9
fuck off mate

volleyball at national league level

I knew a guy who posted on Jow Forums who did judo. Or maybe it was some other martial art. Who knows...

Gym, running, and I recently got into boxing. Good thing I did too, helped me win a street fight the other day.
I used to shoot skeet, and man it was a good time.

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hey fuck off taekwondo is a totally functional combat sport. fucking brainlet faggot can't even fight, ill roundhouse kick you into another dimension, kid. Watch me land a 720 degree tornado kick right on your dick, boy. you are a waste of space, and I will make sure you no longer take up that space when im done with you. see you in the school parking lot tomorrow at three.

I have a purple belt in BJJ. It's my favorite part of the day. I'm just getting back in from 3 weeks off. I didn't realize how amazing I was doing. I've forgotten all the details of the moves I used to like doing. I feel like I'm just stalling all the time and I only get the upper hand in a scramble.

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Played at university and got destroyed by the Chinese students who couldn't speak English. Now I have nobody to play with.

fuck you man, ill judo your ass to the ground bitch nigga.

Nah but for real, from what i've seen, most of the kicks look like they're for show, and not really made for effective combat. But that's just from what i've seen.

I play golf but I don't really have the coordination to ever be much good at it.