Is it moral?

Is it moral to watch child pornography?

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I don't see why not, its not like you fucked them. Should we turn our heads at every crime committed?

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Depends on what you think is moral or not. It's not socially acceptable or legal. It's not the worst thing you could do, so it could be somewhere in a grey zone.

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It's true that hatred has a storied history, but that doesn't mean that you need to revert to being a fucking caveman.

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Jesus Christ it feels like the pass just came out yesterday before I started my job. I've been working at a place I hate for nearly 7 years

Yes, because absolute individual freedom.

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Rules of nature are set in stone. Rules of man are made up. Weak and malleable in comparison.

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It is actually immoral to watch those things, yes. I'm not even telling you what to do, but the feeling you get when doing it should tell you if it's moral or not. Unleas you're a sick fuck.

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Based and redpilled.

I know you don't mean legal but probably meant more morally acceptable there. But I get what you mean. Blame puritan America and retarded boomer Europeans for the demonization of sex and shift towards hyperviolence

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here's my take: As long as its not harming or affecting anyone else, do whatever the fuck you want. Literally whatever you want.

If you're asking just the act of enjoying it, then its not immoral, as long as there are no repurcussions. Repurcussions inculde anything like changing the way you act in a way that makes people unconformtable, or doing anything illegal.

I reckon it also only is alright if the process of you obtaining it has no effect different to if you had not have gained it, for example downloading it off an open source would be alright but trading, buying, selling or sharing in any way is immoral, as you might be indirectly peddling a business and so harming a kid somewhere.

Even if it ends up that your trading doesn't harm anyone, directly or otherwise, the very act of taking that chance when you cannot know for sure is grossly immoral; its the abuse of a child vs your will to bust phat ropes to something new.

Are you sure that's legal? And even if it is legal, nobody thinks that's okay, unless it's only an act. Even then, most people think its sick.

But don't worry, with the current state of society, everything degenerate will probably be allowed. Everything our ancestors build using morality as a compass will be considered wrong. Yay!

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well, it's not amoral

It's not moral, and you can get your answer in how brainwashed morons here support acts of terrorism over the innocent just because they watched a livestream.
It normalizes these terrible acts, effectively making you part of the problem.

what the fuck kind of question is this?
i suppose you also want to know if it's moral to fuck children? piss off you slimy freak

>fbi wants to know OP's location

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