Anyone else here unironically doesn't hate women?

Anyone else here unironically doesn't hate women?

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I love them. I adore them. I am obsessed with them. Only fembots though, I don't care for normies.

I don't care about them nearly enough to hate them.

Yes me. Im jewish so it goes without saying.

I don't hate anyone desu

I'm afraid of them, i'm a manlet and I know they will judge me in their minds

I only hate that I'll one would never love me

>people here say they hate woman
>masturbates all day to hot sluts

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Raised by Mum, had a few female best friends, comfortable being the only guy in a group of women.. love watching my partner change and grow, love figuring out how this strange universe works with her.

Bit sad when people hate women due to a few bad experiences..

Because in the end, we all want a blonde slut.

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Nah, I fucking love them
I don't think they hate me, but most of the time they're cold around me
but who cares they're cute

This. They annoy me at most if I have to interact with them, but otherwise I spend my time worrying other things.

A blonde slut that will raise my children, trust me as much as I trust her, and love me no matter what. Wholesome blondes man, especially the german ones.

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We all deserve a blonde slut. Women dont deserve choice. They are walking wombs.

Incel spotted. Have sex.

I do not hate them, but I am uninterested in them.

Overwhelmingly, I prefer brunettes

I really don't, they're pretty cool to hang with I think and the different ways of how they're attractive still surprises me.

is she wearing a plastic skirt?

Yeah, it's weird. I prefer fabrics. That stuff is just too hard to lift or grope through. Hypothetically speaking of course, I don't have the balls to leave my house much less go near women.

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I do love women and want one that I can cuddle, please, and have sex with. I want to be in a loving relationship with a qt gf or wife that will act cute to me, I can help her and she can help me with school, and instead of masturbating I could make passionate love to her all night long until her pussy is gaping and she is making an ahegao. But the issue is other women don't want this. They recoil in fear when they see me and give off body signs they don't enjoy my company. Talking to a woman is like stalking a deer, if you make even a slightly wrong move she gets scared and runs away.

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Thot spotted. Give birth.

i hate most women just like i hate most men but at least attractive women are pleasing to look at.

Would be nicer if I could enter their hole.

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most people here don't realize that you can basically apply most of the things they say about women to men too.

I love women. To be honest, they're better than most guys. Super empathetic. Plus fun.

I upboat this

And thats why I hate everyone

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I think I hate them
I hate myself
I hate everyone

>>people here say they hate woman
>>masturbates all day to hot sluts
well, even serial killers had sex with women

>Have sex.
Discord group of trannies using this same line over and over spotted. Use a rope.

Women are awesome, so kind and cute and warm, they make the world a better place. I really love them for that

t. chad
I would feel the same way if I got to experience a bit of that warmth

I don't hate women as a whole. I just hate most of them. That's mostly due to my shit experiences with them though. I get that I'm disfigured and painful to look at but most guys at least were pretty understanding or sympathetic. All I got was shit from women.

>Women are so kind and cute and warm
>Women make the world a better place
not for me
but I don't have looks or enough money

26 yo khv, still experience it with virtually all women I interact. It doesn't matter if they don't want to have sex with me, I can still acknowledge and appreciate those qualities

how are you disfigured or are you just ugly?

Legitimately disfigured. Burn scars on the side of my face and much of the rest of my body. I know I look like a fucking monster but why do they have to remind me. Look kinda like pic related.

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>wholesome blondes
>esp the german ones


I've pretty much never had a bad/unforgivable expierience with them
They're cute and nice to be around.

They have their up and downsides but I don't hate them. I can't be bothered to deal with girls desu

how does that even happen? are you a veteran?

based and true


No, car accident. The funny thing is most of the guys in my family are objectively pretty attractive. I could've been a chad but I got fucked by chance.

I want one of two things, and I swear to god one of these will have to happen within the next two years.
1) Unconditional love, affection, and pride from a girl. A true relationship of understanding and attraction. Sex isn't necessary but if it happens it'll likely be soft and gentle and awkward. I would love her and she would be cute and it'd be pretty innocent and sweet.
2) Hatefucking a thot. I'd fuck her until she screams and then fuck her more. She would be my cum bucket for the night and I would pull on her hair and pin her to the wall and to the ground and just go wild. Until her makeup melts, but that only gives me an even bigger hardon.
I'd also take a relationship where I dominate her 24/7 that's sweet in the streets and aggressive in the sheets and various other combinations.

I don't hold people responsible for the evils of society. Everyone is a victim of political greed and ambition. We are easily controlled when we are driven to be separated by our differences. I wish the people of this board would, one day, come to understand this fact and understand no single individual is responsible for their situation (Except maybe those with abusive parents and family)

You don't deserve shit you mongrel. Educate yourself.

>no single individual is responsible for their situation
so kill them all then

>wholesome blondes
>German ones
Oh God you have no idea do you?

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those arent mutually exclusive you dope

I don't know how that would fix anything, though. It's kind of stupid to think that killing everyone would serve to improve the human situation if there are no humans left to enjoy the peace.

it would fix everything

too many to link them all, but this a pretty good example

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My ill intent itoward women is because I have an obsession towards one that upsets me, because she will never even want anything to do with me. I just cant seem to stop thinking about her. I avoid her, though, out of respect. I avoid other women because they remind me of her, as well.

user, the world is not something that can be fixed because there is nothing wrong with the world as it is. The motions of nature are going uninterrupted as they should go and one could say that the hubris of man is part of destiny itself. Life will always find ways to prevail whether we kill or save the planet so there is nothing to be worried about. The issue we are facing is the collective realization that sustaining our way of life as it is will deplete everything to the point that a lot of species, ours included, will go extinct. If we kill everyone, we save nature and that is it. Life on earth may never evolve to the point of sentience our kind has achieved and we will have wasted a precious gift. Nobody benefits from that since nature, as beautiful in its equilibrium as it is, is nothing more than an endless cycle that achieves nothing. Our presence in this universe is important. Out capacity to observe is important. Don't fall to pessimism or open the ceremony by yourself first if you want to talk this talk.

>our presence in the universe is important
I don't see it.

It's a shame that you don't.

Humans are important to other humans. If I fit in better with humans I would probably feel the same way you do, but whatever.
People like me are all part of the motion of nature.

I don't know about hate but I definitely have a pretty negative view of women. probably because I only have ever had 2 female friends and neither of which I was close enough with to talk to outside of school. So basically developing without any female contact it sort of feels now like women are part of some alternate dimension from me.

You understand my point more clearly. The beauty of our sentience is our ability to observe the universe in thoughtful ways, to take its building blocks and use them to our creative whim. We may be the only living things in the next hundreds of galaxies around to be able to do this. That in itself is an incredible phenomenon, but I understand what you mean. You are not wrong to see it as meaningless because outside of the importance we, as humans, choose to give it, like all things in the universe, it is ultimately pointless in an objective sense. I recognize that I choose to see it this way and that others like you simply don't. I respect your point of view. Which brings me to the original subjecr. Whether we save the world or kill it, neither of these actions have meaning outside of that which we choose to see, so this is why that I think a humanless world is a meaningless one since meaning is a human concept inexistant outside of our perception.

Threadly reminder all women are whores and will never be the faithful, loving, loyal partners you want them to be. All is lost.

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I don't hate anyone. I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with y'all that you guys just shit on everyone who ain't you

Somebody's doing the shitting. It may as well be me.

i dont hate them i just with they could be better

Most of my closest friends have always been women

I don't care about women.

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I had mainly girl friends for a good portion of my life. In the past 3-4 years ive become much more of a mans man, but i definitely dont hate women. I have a gf



I only want a fembot.

I'm pretty sure all the people on here who hate women don't have sisters. I'm just as bitter and defeated by life as anyone else but I know women aren't literally a walking Jow Forums meme that people on here seem to think they actually are

Yeah I don't have sisters, so I've pretty much had no contact with women in my life.

I don't hate women but I dislike a very large portion of them. Any individual woman I meet I will give the benefit of the doubt to and be polite/friendly with, but I ultimately have to keep all of them at arm's length.

Well, ragefucking some roastie is my peak sexual fantasy

I have a mother, a sister and many female cousins. They're basically memes, I've been told multiple times to be myself.

women are worse they're heartless husks that just absorb like leeches. All they do is want want want, but never give unless it benefits them.

thanks user we all already know

I'm a fembot and I know not everyones the same but when I add people from here I get called a roastie whore for having had 3 longterm relationships

Haven't interacted with them enough to form an opinion.
How the fuck have all of you, or are you just taking uour self-hatred out on them?

You're not a fembot. People call you a roastie because you pretend to be one, but by all accounts aren't.

I fucking hate women the only woman I care for is my mother which I don't even see her as a woman see her more as a parental figure. Women are heartless husks that use their holes to get what they want. like said
>b-b-but user you masturbate! So what? Those whores wanna show their body I'm gonna please myself over it.

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If you're 22 or younger, then that absolutely makes you a roastie whore.

I don't hate them, but there aren't very many I truly love and respect. Maybe three.

how old are you? like said it depends on your age

what makes a fembot then?

I'm turning 24 in a few days. How am I a whore for having had 3 monogamous partners I will never understand

there is a reason people make up these "memes" it's from things they see user, of course your sister or mother isn't gonna be a walking slut like everyone on the street. Maybe they are I don't know. But if I had a blood related sister I would never let her be a whore. And my mother is way too old to be a whore.

because you have been getting pounded by chads before you even turned an adult you stupid fucking whore. Why the fuck are you even here? Because chad rejected you? Go fucking cut your clit off bitch. If I saw you in real life I'd stab your boyfriend and spit on you.

It's not women I hate, it's bitches I do

used to be completely neutral but nowadays im leaning more towards loving them
getting compliments from a girl feels way better than getting compliments from guys
theyre really soft and feel good to hug and hold

you're so sad and pathetic for falling for the all girls want chad meme. fuck off

>it depends on your age
Does it really.
If she's 22 or less and had 3 long term relationships she's a roasty but I'd say the opposite is also bad, if she's older and with 3 long term relationships and still not married she's just a cat lady waiting to happen.

fuck you roastie shit it's the truth if a girl is dating a manlet then it's because he has a big dick. That's all women want is to have their holes filled up go shove a fucking baseball bat up your twat you stupid fucking whore.

Yeah, I don't hate women nor am I an incel, just ignore the loud vocal minority - they are just mad because they are virgins who've never had sex.

it's the same with men too, just with less words
humans are garbage species

>they are just mad because they are virgins who've never had sex.
no nigger it's because we didn't fall the for the roastiepill we didn't fall for these sluts tricks. Even in the bible women are evil you stupid fucking cuck but keep letting these evil bitches step all over you I'll be over here enjoying myself as a homosexual.

>tfw I already live alone with my 3 cats
you sound like a flyover republican tho so I don't feel too bad

A fembot would be someone socially, and concurrently sexually, unsuccessful. Someone unwanted by most everybody.
In what way are you a fembot?

what have women contributed to society? Not as much as men have. Men could be manipulative but men don't act slutty like women showing off their skin like their walking advertisement for their holes.

I don't hate women, but I do pity many of them. I find most women lack any real passion for anything. They lack any interests they could doggedly pursue or talk about for hours on end with a real sense of energy.
It's sad, their interests seem to extend only to whatever momentary blip pops up on their impulse radar, or whatever is currently in the popular mainstream.

in what world does having failed relationships make me wanted, or a success socially?
I'm a mess and I browse r9k. that should be enough

>It's sad, their interests seem to extend only to whatever momentary blip pops up on their impulse radar, or whatever is currently in the popular mainstream.
this is why all women are fucking husks they only bandwagon on interests and shit because it increases their chances of mating with a chad. They just walk around waiting for some big dick chad to come and fill up her already flabby hole that she's oh so proud of. FUCK WOMEN just take the gay pill already men know how to have a more wholesome relationship then these fucking whores.

because you've already been wanted now your just dumped up leftovers because your big dig boyfriends already drilled your holes until your organs were rearranged.