Would you date a girl with anorexia? I'm 5'4 and my goal weight is 90lb

Would you date a girl with anorexia? I'm 5'4 and my goal weight is 90lb

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I absolutely would date you at any weight.

Hourglass or bust

Would you date a fatty? No? Then there's your answer. No one wants someone with a shitty body

tits or gtfo of my very orignal board

Tits or gtfo cunt whore

Only if you let me enslave you and force feed you.

don't do that to your body. assumming you're around 18 you're fucking up your hormonas and mental health for a lot longer than you think. get some help, eat healthily
dumb bitch

I want to force feed an anorexic girl until she become my personal fuck piggy.

I love skelly girls. But healthy skelly girls. Anorexia is a disease. You're abusing your body.
Listen to and stop.

I'm 25 and the two main girls I've dated in my life have had eating disorders. 3 years dating a bulimic person and then six with someone who flirted with both that and anorexia.

I really like skinny girls but I've seen firsthand the amount of stress that shit causes and how much it can fuck up your life. Between the two of them I've seen a lot of breakdowns because of it and I've always tried to help the best I can, but there's only so much you can do. Try to make your goal 95 please, and stay healthy. Other than that, good luck.

No, I'm not interested in watching you gradually self-destruct.

Based and fatpilled, user

Eat a cheeseburger, bitch. Damn

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I'm singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" right now.

5ft4 and 90lbs is not anorexia


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No, because you wouldn't date me.

I would.
Would you date a guy who is severely underweight but suffers from no eating disorder?

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Sugarbones, you good at any size, dig? I'd love you inside and out, whether you be a jelly donut or a pixie stick, got it, sweetie tits? I want to make love to you, if you catch my drift. You ain't gotta eat any food but maybe you can have a taste of my salt lick, copacetic?

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I'm a 180cm boi that weighs ~50kg, would you?

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Would love to date you! I would try my best to get you to a healthy way and make you feel yourself comfortable with your body

no, anorexic bony girls are nasty. i like thin girls, they're cute, but at some point skelly thin girls get sickly looking and its just nasty

If you would date overweight guy, 6'1 / 250 lbs, then sure. I don't give a single fuck about body sizes of females

Hey brother

Also 6' 2", was 130lbs.

Severely increased my diet with supplements and raw eating. Now at a 150 mark. Doesn't seem to go higher though. Feels thin man

As a skelly guy yes, though I would want you to be healthy at least.

yes absolutely sticc is based.

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Come to Odessa Texas and be my fragile pixie GF. I make 140k as a drilling engineer at Halliburton and you can spend it all on Ephedrine and diet red bull

Yeah probably. I'd just make you sign a contract that states I'm not liable for any harm or injury or death after I fuck your brains out 3 times a day. I cannot be held liable for your toothpick bones breaking under the force of my cock.

If you are eugenia cooney I'd fuck you harder than normal.

Whether you live or die is meaningless to me. What you do with your body is your choice, even if it's stupid. I wouldn't bother trying to help you. If you are stupid enough to willingly starve yourself to death, you deserve it and the world will be better off without self-starving tards anyway.

No, I would not. But I would date a girl who was anorexic and got healthy/getting healthy.

what tha fuck. I'm 5'8 64kg and I'd consider myself skinny. I've always wondered what that kind of body would look like. Would you mind posting a pic of your arm maybe?

Fuck no. Eat a burger or something.

How much do you weigh right now?

tfw 6'3'' and 96kg
christ user, I could ohp you.

It's not healthy, but I'm not close to death.
At one point I got the flu and dropped to 107 after 2 weeks of basically eating nothing.

Here's a body pic, hopefully mods wont be asshurt, I already got warned for imgur.com/a/iQEYDJ3

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Only if you're asian and >5ft tall

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No, I want a girl that I can enjoy a meal with without hearing her throwing up afterwards. Not even mentioning how worried I would constantly be about her health and mood.

Yes. Sticc girls are the only girls I'm interested in and that would be a very cute weight.

I'm 5'6 and ~95 lbs
Guys who say they're into that or dont mind are common online but really rare in person from my experience. I wish I was thicc

>tfw someone this cute will end up gaining weight and falling for the thicc meme
It's a vicious cycle where the most vocal are leading everyone to become thicc and finding qt sticcs is near impossible.

You're exactly the kind of guy I mean.
Don't worry though I've tried gaining weight but can't.

gross no, a woman needs some weight so she can sit on my face properly and have a nice plump behind

>You're exactly the kind of guy I mean.
It's a shame I don't see any girls like you irl. Everyone I see is 130lbs or more.

What's the point? I have the body of a boy you'd just call me a tranny

Youre original and cute user-kun

People on this board have wack expectations cuz they either want someone that looks like a child and has the chest of an 8 year old boy or a thick ass milf with cow-honkers. Stick to being normal and aim for around 100-120 to stay safe for that weight. Despite common female belief, no one wants to fuck someone that looks like they'll break after 3 pumps.

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