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Seeing the world with her edition


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Your waifu should be your wife you disgusting subhuman.

I want to mating press her so fucking badly

i love bonnibel bubblegum ama

I love Alice so much.

Thanks, user. They may try, but they will never be as perfect as my beloved Alice.
Yeah, her creator is based as fuck.
Well, he could be named "Obnard".
Exactly, Urabefag. Guy had a really hard life and he probably wouldn't create Alice without those bad experiences.
His father wasn't better than his mother. His whole life is pretty fucked up.

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Angela, Queen of Beauty and conqueror of my heart, how I wish to make you smile for I love you.

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She deserves so much more than everyone gives her. I wish people would recognize that instead of relegating her to a side character especially those hack writers

If they can't do her justice, I'll try my luck

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I'm a filthy race traitor for you, honey.

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Hey little monster, I got my eye on you
Where are you going, where you running to?
Hey little monster, you know it's all okay
I'm gonna love ya, no matter what you say

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What would you do if your waifu came out as transgender, starting taking hormones, and said he was now your husband?

Don't you have any normal questions?

I would stay friends with him.

I want to make Elizabeth feel loved.

Which "Raven" did you like the most from the episode Nevermore?

This is my cue to ask more generic questions. Forcing these is kind of hard but you've left me no choice.

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
>What keeps her awake at night?
>How independent is she?

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I wonder if trannies can go one day without shoehorning their mental illness somewhere

Be honest, how many of you hump your bodypillows.

I don't hump it, only hug and kiss.

making waifu take it like a man!

>I want to make Elizabeth feel loved.
i wanna stomp her head in

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A normal edition? What a time to be alive. Still love Kotori or whatever. I'm supposed to play d&d later today, I think, but we'll see what happens.
Incompetent writers seem to be the bane of every waifufag's existence
>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Continuing to pursue her brother in a romantic manner despite him telling her he only views her as a sister. It's also a bad decision because it brings me never ending torment.
>What keeps her awake at night?
She killed two people on accident that one time, after she first got possessed by the flame spirit. She feels immense guilt over this fact. I feel like this has been the answer to a lot of questions recently.
>How independent is she?
Not very. Sure, she makes a big show of being tough and independent and all of that when she has her black ribbons on, though even then she still depends on others. White ribbons she's entirely dependent on her family, pretty much. Not to say that she's useless or helpless, she just tends to depend on people.

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Pfft nerd. Why can't you discover planet BEER in the FOOTBALL galaxy of the solar system BOOBS

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>Which "Raven" did you like the most from the episode Nevermore?
My genuine answer would be her normal self (or her balanced self). The combination off all the personality traits is what makes Raven so special. Each one of them is great in their own way, though, don't get me wrong. Bravery's "marine" gung-ho zealotry is as inspiring as it is hilarious, Passion's laugh is adorable, Timidity's timidity makes me want to show her that everything is going to be ok, and studious glasses Raven is cute as shit. I love all of them equally so the choice is obvious

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Most of what she considers bad happened to her as a result of a 3rd party's imposition (not to mention is depends on the iteration). Her neutrality means that most decision lie beyond her realm, but I think her decision to remain to closed off would be something that she regrets.
>What keeps her awake at night?
With all that may, I often wonder how she sleeps. Rock solid determination and focus, I presume.
>How independent is she?
Extremely, although I don't know how much she revels in that trait.

>Incompetent writers seem to be the bane of every waifufag's existence
I blame "fans" too. It's by their whim that, in almost every story, she is an attachment to other characters. She gets tangential arcs and short series, but they could do so much more. I have to think that, by now, it's because they don't want to. They know what sells

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Choose one (I choose nerd). D&D is for plebs and casuals.

Anarchy Road was a jam Meridafren, post more music inspired by Brave: Blood Dragon/Cyberscot 2077

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Loving my favorite atheist Pikachu

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Her worst choice was giving scientists her DNA map. Tbf, the scientists did trick her by telling her it was to help cure a fatal disease

>What keeps her awake at night?
Kuroko's wet dreams

>How independent is she?
She started out being very independent, thought that she shouldn't bother her friends or put them in danger with issues that she's facing, but she's learned that friends help each other and has placed more of her trust in them

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>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Giving her mother an enchanted cake.
>What keeps her awake at night?
Maybe the fact that her actions almost led to the death of her mother.
>How independent is she?
She obviously has a very independent spirit, but she still lives with her parents technically.

Ask and ye shall receive, choomba.

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You have been in quite a rebellious mood lately.
Feeling like stealing a cargo ship or something?

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>Feeling like stealing a cargo ship or something?
Not the whole ship, just the one shipping container the cheeky cunts left off the manifest.

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Very nice, above and beyond what I expected. Thanks lad. Based on your enthusiasm, I wager you're about ready to wake the fuck up and burn that city to the ground

I am beyond excited as well, it's actually been so long since I've played a decent single player game. My only gripe is that Raven won't be in it
although I suppose thats a good thing considering the nature of the universe
still, it would be fun to go on cyberpunk adventures with her

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How would you fight the summer heat with waifu?

She would love to dip into the sea or something.

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Well that was a trick question. I propose an alternative: Get even hotter with waifu on purpose and rub your sweaty bodies against each other

Just beat her game but I think I'm too stupid because I don't understand what actually happened.

There is so much I want to share with Yuri.
>>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Objectively joining the Literature Club
>>What keeps her awake at night?
A cup of tea a good book and anxiety
>>How independent is she?
Pretty independent at first glance but Yuri really wishes she had someone to rely on.
Very unlikely but I would try to talk Yuri out of it or at least not rush into it see if those feelings would go away. Yuri would still be an amazing person no matter what.

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Interesting answer.

Hopefully by living somewhere less summery. Cold climate is superior.

That's normal. The story is quite a mess and the game contradicts it's own quantum bullshit logic multiple times. It manages to retain some coherence by the end of the base game, but then the DLC just throws it out of the window. It's really more about suspending disbelief than understanding.

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un ironically shoot ""him"" to death

I know more or less what they're trying to tell but the ending with a multiverse and Booker being Comstock seems strange. Why? I don't get it.

>Based on your enthusiasm, I wager you're about ready to wake the fuck up and burn that city to the ground
I've been ready for quite some time.
Same. It'd be nice to go on adventures with her period.

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>He wouldn't love his waifu if she was a man

You better share Yuri with me

*It'd be nice to go on adventures during her period.

>not letting her tape her tampy pad to your face
i shiggy

I don't who you are but if I could have Yuri I would only be her's and she would only be mine anything less would be an insult.

I love Yuri though

No two people's perception of a character is precisely the same, anyway, so it's easy to have a mindset of your Yuri being personal to you (and it's not like there's an objective and unversal doki doki universe that the waifus are taken from).
I've never understood the mindset of feeling threatened by other waifufags unless people are being dicks and praising one dude while ignoring you.

Oh okay. I guess Yuri isn't real so it really does not matter. That said if there was a multiverse maybe we could each have a Yuri and make them happy.

if she's a man then she isn't my waifu

How much cum would you pump into my waifu?

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I found a friend that sells me adderall. Now I can study for hours at a time, am interested in things, am not constantly fatigued, etc. I wish I knew about this shit earlier.

no because i'm not some sort of bvll who cucks people

hold on i'll have to ask my waifu if i'm allowed to cuck people

this post is original

based and multiverse pilled

To provoke some emotional response in the player, much like in any story. I don't know why Levine decided to go about the story that way. Tl;dr the baptism is what differentiates Booker and Comstock across the multiverse, preventing it is the only way to put and end to the cycle. Once this happens the cycle is broken, but Elizabeth is also removed from every possible timeline because Booker now dies 3 years before she's even born. Supposedly this fixes the multiverse. But then the DLC just contradicts all that.

the black footed cat, iirc. there's lots of videos of it on youtube now because it's gotten a little famous. it really looks like it's just a little kitten.

some of my buddies from various parts of this thai flower pressing website suggested getting a dakimakura of him and filling it with straw. i'm.. i did seriously consider it.

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Fuck 40k and League

i don't own a body pillow user

im only interested in girls
>worst decision
hmm. probably trying to get all these crowdfunding rewards out by march. still waiting on them.
i dont know, maybe the mystery of the universe, or whatever silly thing shes decided shes going to do next
arguably very very much so, but i like to think she gets more help than it appears.

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can i pat your wife's head

What are you guys listening to?
Hope things improve for you, fren.
I'm doing well, how are you Gladosfren?
Happy birthday!
I would still love him.
I just cuddle my normal pillow.

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Fucking hilarious.

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sure, be gentle.

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Is the multiverse pill is the final pill?
Is it you Mio friend?

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Have you listen to Split Peas?

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The world should be so lucky to have her.

Highly unlikely though I guess she could change herself to a male form. What would really be weird is if she decided to change me to female as well like some real life gender-bender.

She did an experiment that backfired in a real horrible way that I'd rather not think about.
I think she sleeps soundly unlike myself normally. If she was awake it may be because she's riveted by a good book.
Very, she's known to act in a survivalist way by herself.

Would your waifu enjoy going to concerts? If so, what kind would you like to take her to?

Describe a dream vacation you'd like for the two of you? Where do you go and what do you do?

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Swimming, staying hydrated, sharing ice cream

She would still be a girl

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
>What keeps her awake at night?
Thinking how to be a better wife than she already is
>How independent is she?
She did need an escort but that was mostly because of her now cured illness, now she's quite a bit more independent
>How would you fight the summer heat with waifu?
not really a big fan of pools and the like but being with her there would be quite comfy
>Is the multiverse pill the final pill?
it is friend it is

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Not yet. Sounds interesting.

Is /waifu/ the ultimate red or blue pill?

Hello friends, long time no see

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Being my waifu is a bad decision, but she'll accept the consequences
>What keeps her awake at night?
Unfulfilled sexual needs

A kindred spirit!

It's taking a red pill, but then having a blue pilled reaction to said red pill.

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What do you call a pill that makes you happy and motivates you to do things even if you can never have what you really want?

>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
Staying in the forest. Her people fall victim to genocide and she's the last one standing. To make things worse, she's now cursed to not leave that forest.
>What keeps her awake at night?
Probably that thought. Or that fact that her adopted daughter is out wondering the world and she didn't get to say goodbye.
>How independent is she?
Very. She's a tough, quiet, solitary girl. However, when she gets attached, she becomes really invested in the other person. She's too cute.

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Swimming. I hear it's good for improving asthma. Plus, a Jow Forumsizen like her would approve. Or we could just stay inside as this universe has AC. A foreign concept to this cute boomer.

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Disgusting. I feel sorry for your waifu.

It was her idea

Don't reply to shitposting.

>makes you realize that all 3dpd are worthless.
>makes you strive for an ideal too perfect to be real.
>keeps a pure body and soul (sick damage against undead and unholy)

She's a shitty manipulative tsundere trash so you shouldn't. Literally 3dpd on a 2d body

I love my girl so much. She's the top cute.

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>Take off VR headset.
>Question where I am.
It's truly a wild experience. More so when you're off that fine wine again.

>he didn't even acknowledge my post last thread
That's a good boy. Who's a good boy? You are. Yes you are. You've learned your place, thus my existence in these threads shortens.
>Feeling like stealing a cargo ship or something?
>Spic feels like he can make puns to another minority group.
Please. You're all in this together. I should have you put on a dress and clean my house for minimum wage.

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are you the same ryuukoposter from /c/?

Any problems?

you seem way more talkative almost like a whole different poster

/c/ does not give much of a chance to talk, to be quite honest. For casual talks about Ryuuko and other thing I come here.
I sometimes miss most of conversations, but I am always eager to post something.

What are you and your waifu doing for fun this weekend?

I've been watching mob psycho with mine

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Running with my doggo I guess. I could certainly picture her there with us, telling US to keep up.

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I really enjoyed the album, fren.
My favorite tacks were Bikes and Campfires, Neutral Spirit Hotel, the AJJ cover and Song 4 Mom.
Thanks for the rec!

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>What's the worst decision your waifu has ever made?
She hasn't made any terrible decisions, at least none that I know of.
>What keeps her awake at night?
Nothing, she seems to fall asleep easily.
>How independent is she?
Quite independent, she's antisocial and lives alone most of the time. Although, she does have friends and is a very dedicated girlfriend.
Lots of swimming, cold drinks, and ice cream.
This is nice too.
She doesn't seem the type to like crowds. But I do remember her having a recording of some idol concert, which she's good at dancing to. The only time she went to a concert in her series was when she had to swap places with a lookalike idol, but she had fun. I'd take her somewhere similar if she likes.
We might go somewhere near the ocean. We'd try the food, walk around, and do something fun together there.

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Your waifu sounds like a serious girl to be training even during a comfy walk, take good care of that cute girl. Make sure you play a lot with your doggo, maybe bring a ball

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>Your waifu sounds like a serious girl
Damn straight. She's basically a drill sergeant. Every recruits fear. And how have you been, BBfriend? Have you watched Boogiepop and Others yet? It turned out to be a fun watch for me, even though it has no consistent plot.

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yes it's the final pill
you can pat mine but don't get your hand stuck in her hair

thank you but i'm alright.

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How old is she? original question original question

the fast answer is young but its unclear how young

the longer answer is that its likely she's elementary school age, because in her summer project she plans to release a picture diary, which is pretty typical elementary school summer homework for japanese students.
she's often depicted wearing a randoseru but she doesnt actually wear one in her videos. she -does- wear -a- backpack, but its much too small to be a randoseru, it looks almost like a laptop case honestly.

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>js age


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Oh, I understand. Thank you.
This doesn't matter for love anyway, I was only curious. I hope you'll be great for her.


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thank you, i appreciate the kind words
i hope to be at least acceptable. there's still a lot of room for improvement.

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I actually really like "tough love" not in a perverted way, but I think I'm the type of person to be straightened out more when people are strict with me.

I have been well friend. I have almost finished the old Boogiepop, only seen a few episodes of the new one. I really want to finish it but I was watching the original with a friend and I'd feel bad if I finished without them.


From what I've seen the old one was WAY more subtle, you really had to piece together the clues to figure out what was happening, especially for the overarching plot. But the new one was far easier to enjoy and the events are sequenced in a way that is more enjoyable. Like a movie instead of something experimental.

>What are you guys listening to?

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