You may have one

You may have one.
Personally,i want a chinese one.

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I would choose chinese as well

broke up with my japanese gf yesterday.

Is the Korean one a North-Korean? If so, Korean.
If not, Mongolian.

how did you come across my Filipino gf

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Lmao I dated a Bangladesh absolute subhumans almost put me off women for life and look nothing like the girl in that pic

Japanese. If not, a traditional Kazakh/Uzbek/Mongolian.

uuuh some of these aren't asian bro. roach here.

Gotta go with a mighty KAZAKH.

Get all the best attributes of Asian chicks and Russian chicks in one racially ambiguous package.

stop fetishizing asian girls :(

>fucking Israeli
>but no Arabic

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No u
Nah but i cant help but think chinese girls look great.

Based and chink pilled. Chinese girls are the only choice

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the Thai one has a dick right?

Who made this? The girl labeled vietnamese is clearly japanese, and the one labeled "japanese" has korean traits. The one labeled "korean" doesn't look korean at all.

give me a mongolian gf RIGHT NOW or somebody gets hurt

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I don't fetishize anyone

it makes me feel bad to see this, I feel like an object :(

Just go to finland, close enough right?

Not OP but sounds like you don't know anything about asians.

The vietnamese one is spot on, have you never seen one before in your life? Look up Michelle Phan, she is very similar.

>the one labeled "japanese" has korean traits
No lol

>The one labeled "korean" doesn't look korean at all.
Do you really not know what a north korean is? Holy shit.

armenians where

What if I am asian myself

Where's the Cambodian/Laos, transgenerationally traumatized gang member girl?

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Then it's okay! Are you really? I think that's rare.

That is your problem. I am not objectifying anyone. I dont see them as any less or more than what they are. I jist think that chinese women look amazing and have a natural beauty to them. You dont see black people crying over being "objectified " do you?the media preys on them all the time and you dknt see a single one of them cry about it. Honestly they cry if they dont get objectified.

Well I am only partly asian. Maybe that disqualifies me from your standards.

When I watch TV shows from Asia, no matter what country they're made in everyone always looks down on Vietnam and considers Vietnamese people the worst in Asia.

This one's pretty darn cute, though.

>it makes me feel bad to see this, I feel like an object :(

Everyone is an object.

Pick up a magazine, and hit yourself with it. Does the magazine stop when it hits your arm, or does it go through it? If it stops, you're an object.

There's nothing wrong with people interacting with you on the basis of the aspect of you that's an object. No one interacts always with "whole people" all the time. No one.

And most of the time, when people interact with you as an object, that kicks off a chain of interactions that ends up having them relate better to the whole you.

well that makes you marriage material then because hapa men are the best :o
Buuut why can't you like your own race
Ok, I'm an object then

Who says i hate my own race?besides,i have two brothers who can "stay true to the white race" so why should it matter that i like asian girls,and more specifically, chinese girls? Also i dont beleive for a minute you are a girl. You can go back to whatever r/asianmasculinity you crawled out of.

>well that makes you marriage material then because hapa men are the best :o
Now that is what I call rare

Why, you think it's normal for every asian girl to be a race traitor? Well from my perspective around half of western asian girls are still loyal to asian guys, I don't think I'm unusual. Where I come from, all of them are dating asian guys.

I don't have anything against white men, they are pleasant and nice usually, but race mixing brings a lot of issues to society. If you abandon your own culture and your own people, nobody will be around to fix the problems. It's better for you in the long run to have children who look like you too, mixed children may have issues finding their identity.

I agree that it's probably rare. I found out hapa men were the best though. I came to this conclusion talking to some from r9k and irl too. They're almost always nice, smart, cute boys.

You are speaking from the mindset of someone who spends all their time on the internet and nothing else

I don't spend all my time on the internet necessarily but I do spend all of my free time on my computer usually unless I have plans.

If you don't agree with what I said, I understand. We can agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Japanese gf

first of all, as a russian jew who used to live in israel, i must say the only accept choice is obviously the israeli one. but i dont want that one. but that doesnt matter as im dying a virgin anyways and am a 28 kv neet

but if i had to choose, id choose the most depraved and sexually immoral ones


- filipina
- japanese

- thai
- korean

rest i dont even fantasize about. i dont really want a chinese gf, i dont like chinks they're weird. but yeah, the most depraved degenerate asian i get off on

Filipino. the girls are so fucking bro-tier and the ones i've met have a domination fetish

Israeli since I want high IQ kids.