Hey anons, how are you guys doing today?

Hey anons, how are you guys doing today?

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It's my birthday today.
I dread spending another one like pic related.

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holy shit summer is here up in the north and its awful. Now I have to wear a t-shirt like some normie

happy b-day user. get some people over

Hey user, I really do wish you have a good birthday this year and an even better birthday next year. I went to watch Godzilla 2 on my birthday so if you dont have anything planned you could go watch a movie. Happy birthday user.

Im doing pretty good thanks for asking, gonna go mow the lawn in a bit. How is your day going?

Thanks. Both of those things are gonna be a problem, since I don't have any friends.
Going to the cinema alone feels weird. (I've tried)

op here, meh I played a bit of Watch Dogs 2 and rn I have to force myself to start studying

Today was alright, My ear infection that I'd had for a week has been starting to get a whole less painful and i didn't have to take medication to numb the pain. Besides that I did some folding and cleaning around the house and played a bit of vidya. I got to see my gf and she stayed for lunch before heading off for work. Today was pretty good

Happy birthday user

go to the pub or to a concert maybe?

Ahh thats understandable I just went to the cinema alone and picked a seat farthest from people. Maybe take a walk through a park since thats something I enjoy doing from time to time. I would come and watch a movie with you or something but we probably live thousands of miles away from each other.

fk off tohru

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I don't drink, but I suppose it would be a good day to start.
How much alcohol would it take to get drunk for someone who's literally never tried it before?

>Wake up
>still a fucking tranny
Can't kms, so now what?

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couple of beers but depends on what you like, you ever drank normal beer?

then stop being a tranny if you don't like it

>I just went to the cinema alone and picked a seat farthest from people
The memes are basically true.
When I went, the people in the row behind were audibly talking and snickering about me.

i just cycled for about an hour, my skin is getting tanned and i quite like it.
now im doing loundry and waiting for my potatoes to bake. my head hurts a little.

Yeah, it tasted like shit.
And it was supposedly "good" beer too.
I've tasted both really light colored beer like IPA and the dark, bitter kind.

fite me boi

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How do I do that? I've tried "not being a tranny" for 23 years now.

drink more beer, at first it taste like shit. Try different type maybe you'll find the one you like.
But I don't suggest dry Vodka, I did that one day and it fucking destroyed my throat and I blacked out

my question is why did you started being one if you hate it, I don't get it

i'm at my job wageslaving, 8 am til 2pm
3 hours and 30 min for me to go home

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Kanna's way cuter than you.

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Yeah, wasn't planning on starting off with hard booze.
Beer at least smells kinda good, hard liquor smells fucking revolting.

I can't deny that, both are cute

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yea, just taste different type, hard liquor is like drinking stuff to clean paint. I don't remember the name

I didn't start being one. I've wanted to be a girl since I was 6, but I kept telling myself it was a phase.
When I was like 19 or 20 I thought I might have actually been a tranny, but I rationalized it as me just being a faggot.
Then a few weeks ago I had a mental breakdown after arguing with a Jow Forumstard, and was forced to admit all the gay, girly shit I've done literally as long as I can remember were all gigantic tranny red flags.
>Steal mom's clothes to wear them when I was young
>Roleplayed as Power Puff Girls
>Pretended to be a girl the first times I posted online (early 2000s)
>Did girly shit like played with action figures like they were dolls
>Later on, ERPed with anons online while pretending to be the girl
>Got my online friend to treat me like a girl and enjoyed it immensely
>Tons of "ironic" behavior like posting "I want to be a girl" or "I wish I was trans"
There's lots more I could think of, but I think you get the idea. I didn't choose this. If I had a choice I'd rather just be a faggot.

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there is still time my dude. do everything the opposite way

No, ever since I stopped repressing most of my mental health issues have eased up. I've been fapping less, using less drugs, feel happier, and am more in touch with my emotions.
You're asking me to be a depressed, depraved druggie instead of a somewhat functional member of society.

Thats bad, Ive didint hear anybody say anything about since no one gives a shit about you in this country.

you do whatever you want my guy, im not asking you to be that. if you are happy right now, stay that way.

Thank you for being understanding user. I don't think there's many trannies out there who WANT to be trans. At least outside SJW circles.

im doing great user! do you want to chat with me and other cool ppl? come join our discord! need 2 balance out the population with some badass cool posters YzPKg2A