How do i stop wanting to be a girl

how do i stop wanting to be a girl
i never asked for this

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here user take this and remember to aim at your head

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I'm nearly 29 user. I repressed my entire life. I wanted to be the girl since I was 6, and it never went away.
It's better if you learn to accept it as early as possible.

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you don't desu
you either take the pill or eat the bullet

There's no cure but to accept it and try to be happy in life.

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Jack off, mansplain. Do all the things that girls can't. Also remember that the grass is always greener.

just get out please, please?

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>want to kill myself daily
>rationalize it as depression and PTSD
>finally accept I'm a tranny
>80% of my mental health issues ease up
You don't have to dress up like a girl in public. You can still learn to live life as a tranny who just presents as male in public.
That's the best you can hope to do without going full transition.

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why did you (you) me you fucking freak, just get the fuck out, i already asked nicely

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I'm assuming you're OP. If you're not just kill yourself. You're a disgrace to your race.

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actual op here, you're all still invited to my thread

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hey OP, i can relate. since I was a little kid I loathed my body and my birth gender.
i thought repressing it would be the only way i could live a good life, but now I am 25 with everything i want and am still miserable. if i act on my gender dysphoria i will lose everything. I am in such a hard place.

why would i kill myself, im not a mentally ill tranny lmao

You spend most your time on an image board filled with pedophilia, degenerate Japanese media, trannies, and other filth that a true NDSAP would be reviled at.
If the Nazis were still around you'd be gone along with all of the other undesirables.

Just try to accept yourself for who you are. You don't have to present as a girl to anyone else other than yourself.
Just remember you can always do hormones without having to go girlmode in public.

>you spend most of your time on an ib
no i don't
and why did you bring out nazis? do you really think only Jow Forums drones hate abominations? that's just common sense

Realise that if you had been born a girl you would be an ugly, smelly girl. You would not have been "le qt gf"

If you change now you will be a weird looking, manish girl with a strange pussy and plastic tits. You could only look like a 1/2 decent woman when wearing massive amounts of makeup which would give away your true gender.

thank you for the advice, i cant say for sure what i'll ever do about how i feel if anything, but you are a very kind user

You're welcome user. Accepting yourself will make you feel immense cringe, but you'll have a feeling in the back of your head that this is also okay.
I like to present as a tranny online because it makes me feel more feminine. I spend most my time online, so it helps a lot.
Options to consider. I hope things work out for you.

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Too cute honestly...

i know right, im glad people are enjoying my thread

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Unironically, originally, weed

This. Weed is the COPE drug

You don't. You suffer and then you die. You can only choose when, but one thing's for sure - you'll suffer till the very end.

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Bad! I don't want to see you digitally self harming like this.

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Just saying how it is. Not just for me, but for all trannies. We live in a very wishful society. People who would've been told to shut the fuck up in the past can now easily find support from like-minded individuals. And with everything being so public, there's more pressure than ever to be nice to them. It's like a 24/7 livestream of a loony bin for them so they can circlejerk over being such great "happy" people. Trannies are being lied to by selfish, spineless morons who don't really give a shit about their suffering, but only want to make themselves look better by pushing the frontier of what's acceptable. They are the people who screech about gender stereotypes, but at the same time think that pink dresses and some hormones are what makes a girl. Fuck them. I'll kill myself before I buy into their nonsense. They have no idea what a gender is. It's a core of one's being, not an opinion.

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I know that feel. I like to listen to lectures on youtube when I'm laying in bed at night, and last night I decided it'd be worth trying to listen to one about being trans.
It was soft science, bad logic, assumptions, and anecdotes, all presented as if it was science. A lot of people are really fucking stupid when it comes to this stuff unfortunately, but that doesn't mean we're doomed to be unhappy.
Don't you want to be able to express your femininity? You don't need a female body to have to do that. If things were proper then gender roles wouldn't even exist. We could just be ourselves however we are.
The only reason you and I feel this way are because there are arbitrary standards society has, and if you break them people think it's a free ticket to harm you.

i like your spunk user, you make some points

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your positivity is refreshing

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The mind is ultimately generated by the body, but you're right, it's not that set in stone. I was honestly never even sure what being a girl would mean for me. Just that I'd be at peace with myself and the world. I'm not even sure why. I imagine I could love genuinely, instead of being an anti-social outcast. It's some sort of sense of purity and lightness. I'd let life take me wherever then and be okay with it. I don't know I'm very tired. All I understand is that there is no solution in this world for this problem. And there doesn't have to be. There's no law of the universe that all problems should be solvable. You're born a mistake, you live in pain and then you die and there's no moral to the story.

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you have a real way with words user, you seem very mature as well

LSD works for gender dysphoria too

LSD hasn't fixed me at all. If anything it just let me rationalize my dysphoria away easier.

Admitting I'm a tranny is the most relieving thing I've ever done. Even if it is stressful.

Are you really accepting of yourself though? It seems like you acknowledge you're trans, but still repress it. It almost seems as if you feel you shouldn't even try doing anything to help yourself feel more feminine because you're "always going to be male".
I find that limitations make me more creative. They reduce the possibility space and make it easier to make good creative choices.
How you express your femininity, and you are feminine, is a creative process. Look at your avatars for an example of that.
Don't focus on your male biology, focus on your persona.

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What's with the French filenames, are you a frog ?

I do have feminine features. Both physically and mentally. I don't need to focus on them, because it's just what I am and have always been. And that's the thing. Women don't need to focus on how feminine they are. They just are. If I woke up as a real girl tomorrow, the first thing on my mind wouldn't be putting on a dress, fingering my vag or going on Tinder. No, I'd do the same thing I do now. I'd pack some lunch, ride my bike to the fjord and just sit there admiring the view. Except this time I'd feel much lighter. I would see the nature around me as something to cherish rather than just a reminder of how imperfect I am. Maybe I'd even be smiling.
No, but I've studied French.

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force yourself to masturbate as a dominant male
been helping me for the most part
stopped crossdressing and my mood has improved

You are still thinking of yourself as not being female. You say you have feminine features. I say I am female. That's what I am. That's what I believe you are.
We are persons, and we have personas. Our personas do not necessarily have to match our person. Please don't feel ashamed of yourself just because you have the wrong body.
You still deserve to feel good about yourself, even if your pleasure doesn't come from your body.
You're a girl, deal with it.

I don't know if deserve anything, but I do know I can't have it. This "persona" doesn't work in real life since it's just a tool for people who lie to trannies to make themselves seem better. It works better online, but it's still pretty terrible from my experience. I stopped pretending I'm a girl months ago and I STILL get comments like "wtf I thought you were a girl, not a disgusting tranny kys". How am I supposed to respond? I don't know why they assume I'm a girl. It's not like I'm the only animuposter on this site. It stings bad, because those people are genuinely disgusted and even feel tricked by me, unlike the regular "reeee discord trannies" posters.

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ouch user, i really empathize with a lot of what some of the things you've said, that part about people lashing out feeling deceived by you despite not doing anything besides being yourself really hurts just to read

im not very smart so i dont have much to say like Marine, but i think you're really cool, i hope that doesn't come across as disingenuous from an internet stranger who doesn't know anything about you besides a few of your thoughts from posts itt, but you really seem nice, at the very least I enjoyed reading what you have to say and it did really make me think

Also you're very nice too, I enjoy reading what you have to say as well

Thank you for blessing my thread with your presence fellow tranons, you're helping me feel a bit better about everything

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I'm glad. Please try to focus on feeling good about yourself before trying to please others. You'll never feel good about yourself if you are always worrying if others think you're passing or not.
For me my goal is to accept myself, not to pass. If I pass, that would be amazing and ideal.
I don't expect it, but that's okay. I want to be comfortable in private, with myself. That's what's really important.

Stop pretending to be a girl. Don't hide the fact you're a tranny. If people are going to hate you just for being trans, it's not worth putting emotional investment in them. That just seems a bit like self harm.
Try to find people who accept you regardless of you being trans. There's plenty of anons on Jow Forums who are like that. /lgbt/ is kinda lame but it's still an option I consider for myself.
It's nice if you find a discord that you can fit into as well. But that isn't for everyone I suppose.

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I enjoyed your thread too. Felt much nicer than my regular shitposting. This usually isn't a very nice place for us, because all the discord bait threads have made anons lash out even against people with genuine issues, so it feels good to have a respectful conversation for once. Thank you for making this thread.

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I should have worded myself a bit better. By "stop pretending to be a girl" I mean stop pretending. You shouldn't have to pretend. Literally "bee urself" in this case.
At the same time however, don't hide the fact you're a girl who is also trans.

I think acknowledging you are a "tranny" is important, but you don't really have to act on it.
I mean, transitioners, boymoders, repressors, in the end of the day, we're all just coping. Find which solution is best for you. Also wether you could realistically pass, and how hard is your dysphoria.
Personally I find much solace in just aknowledging I have dysphoria and am a "tranny", but I don't want to transition, because I don't really think I am "female", I am a male, as much as it pains me to say it, with the envy of being a woman. I don't hate my male body, it just feels... foreign? I guess. But if I became a hon, in addition to everything I'd lose, I'd become genuinely ugly.
What kills me is that i will be called "sir" "man" "dude" "bro" every single days of my life.
If you can pass, I'd say, you can go for it.
Boymoding is a good in between solution but it can be hard getting the hrt in some countries as doctors would force you to socially transition. Also I feel like having cone boobs on my 6'1, 55cm bideltoid shoulders, would make me feel even more like shit.

I had that same line of thinking.
I figured why not at least try HRT? As you said, we don't need to get surgery or even try and pass.
I'd rather try HRT and end up like a male with oddly feminine features. If it doesn't work I can just boymode. It will suck to be treated like a guy, but I believe I'd feel better about myself if I at least attempt it.

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Yeah, I might try it if I can't calm my dysphoria a bit. My main issue is that if I take it, any prospect for getting a bf will be over. No one wants a weird looking masculine man with cone boobs.

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You're confusing lust for love.

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No one can love me, I'm a really horrible human being in every way.
Only thing I had going for me is a rich and prestigious family (that i'd lose if i transitioned), high intelligence (ruined by depression and dysphoria as i can't concentrate or do shit) and large shoulders with okay face and tall height (which I don't really benefit from because of dysphoria)

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stop masturbating bucko 4453

>If things were proper then gender roles wouldn't even exist. We could just be ourselves however we are.
No dude. People are men and women, just like God intended, and that will never change.
Society, as any structure, has predetermined roles.

You don't love yourself. If you don't love yourself how can you possibly tell if others truly love you or not? You'll just think they hate you, because how could anyone hate you?
You're a girl, deal with it. You need to love yourself. That's what's important here.

Stop believing in false teachings. Pagans know much more about reality than your Corruption Corpus.

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yeah which is why every single society of any scale that existed since the dawn of man had humans as either men or women with cultural significance and responsibilities for both of them

every single one of them

good stuff!!

but for sure ur genderless character creator utopia is totally gonna work once we kill all the evil nazis :) stupid fucking autist dyke lover nigger

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>force yourself to masturbate as a dominant male
what does that even mean?
hetero porn while muttering "uh yeah, slut, take that dick unf oh yeah ugh"?

thanks for shitting up a nice thread, you're really doing god's work

you're welcome libtard

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I don't love myself, i'm just realistic. I have almost no friends, and the couple i have are from elementary school. I can't even talk to people, I just hate everyone. Especially passing trans, I have so much resentment and jealousy against them. I can't help it, it's such a loser thing to feel but I just can't do anything about it.
Thanks for telling me i'm a girl, it made me happy for a second. Sadly I'm not. A girl is a human female, and I'm a human male. No one in their right mind would ever call me a girl.
Maybe I can live through escapism and self insert until I kick the bucket.
Either way, thanks for being nice.

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A bullet to the head is a permanent cure to faggotry.

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Even Rome is historically documented as having trannies. People who don't fit well as the gender they were born as is historical fact.
You are arguing from a stance of ignorance and doubling down. As expected of someone who worships a dead Jew on a stick.
Stop believing false teachings. All theologies are a corruption of the truth.

You are self harming yourself right now. You're using your rationalizations to cause emotional pain onto yourself. I don't know what kinds of experiences you've been through, but this is not healthy behavior.
People have almost certainly treated you like shit for a lot of your life. It's not your fault.

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>muh rome..
Rome also fell while their men were fucking young boys
Funny how that happens huh

And now you're trying to drag another vulnerable person into your little death cult so you can feel validated about yourself. Fucking disgusting. You make me sick.

Breathe in
Breathe out
I was with you until you made a go at JC
Persona is an internet thing
We're on the internet
kys is a meme

thanks for posting a marisa to add to my collection


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Jesus is a cool dude, too bad 99% of his followers totally missed his message.

Rome adopted your beliefs long before she fell. Just another sign from The All of what happens when you fall for human tricks.
If you truly believed the degenerate Christian theology, you'd know to love thy neighbor, and to hate the sin, not the sinner.

Christianity is based on far more ancient Pagan beliefs. I really suggest you look into Pagan/Occult knowledge some time. A lot of the magical stuff you read is just allegory for deeper concepts. The allegories came thousands of years after the original teachings, and ironically allegories only started being used to hide from the Church.
See: Issac Newton. He spent more time studying Pagan knowledge than he did physics and math.

You're welcome. I didn't want to post Marisa when you were, but there is important symbolism in that image.

I asked myself if I would rather be a woman or to be myself, taller/bigger and with a ton of reproductive success
Ultimately I've been waylaying my choice
Jesus appears to those who are drowning in faith they didn't know they still hold

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>You're using your rationalizations to cause emotional pain onto yourself
If being rational and honest about myself causes me pain, then there is something wrong.
>this is not healthy behavior.
Sure, but there isn't anything i can do anyway, i'm stuck in this shit forever either way
>People have almost certainly treated you like shit for a lot of your life. It's not your fault.
Sure, it's not, but people have bad stuff happening to them that are not their fault all the time. They have to live with it

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What do you think your relationship with your mother would be like if you were a girl? I always disliked mine. All the mental issues come from her side of the family and she herself is cold and anti-social. She didn't really raise me well or at all. I'm living with her now after not seeing each other for a long time. She's so nice now. I know this is probably just her trying to manipulate me, but it makes me sad. I think I'd like to be friends with her. But at at the same time, I can't stand her. I wish I was her daughter. Maybe then she would've raised me better. We could actually bond over girl things. Sometimes I just realize that personality-wise I share the most with the person I hate the most. We barely communicate, but she's probably the one person in the whole world who'd understand me the best.

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I dont love demons, I destroy them :)
Besides. My argument wasnt even ever "trans people dont exist" it was that every society needs men and women and that your dream of a genderless society is a meme.
But it's interesting how fast you default to being a victim. Must be a conditioned thing at this point, just like seeking affirmation.

I'm more interested in your relationship with your father

Well mine died when i was 8 so I have no idea really.

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I recently removed myself from a church that seemed to have taken good message for personal profit
I understand
That's interesting.
Have you read the Bible?
Tbh if you were a girl maybe she would have been more open with you. She was probably reluctant to see you become your father or something. Maybe he left so...?

welcome back francaiseposter

i think if you and your mother are on better terms now, even if it is superficial, it's a good sign that you can improve your relationship still

its not too late, open up to her sincerely and try to get her to reciprocate

i know some parents love their kids a whole lot more than others, and some parents dont give a shit about being a parent at all, but she is your mother and she probably wants to be closer to your on some level as well

my relationship with my own mother didnt really blossom until this past year and im really glad it did

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Humans shit on the ground and slept in caves for tens of thousands of years. You aren't going to advocate we do the same.
Transgendered people exist, and no matter how much you try to sweep that fact under the rug it's never going to stop being the truth.

No, I was an edgy atheist until I started learning about the Hermetic philosophy. I think it's very odd how an ancient philosophy managed to predict ideas such as everything being manifest through waves. Science only discovered that barely a century ago, yet Pagans axiomatized this idea as far back as the Greeks (as far as extant records are concerned). If you believe what the Hermetic texts themselves say or imply, then the teachings go back thousands of years before the Greeks even. It's just a historical fact that Christianity is heavily built upon Pagan beliefs.

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stop watching animee

you guys aren't trans. you're perverts.

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>tfw repressing FtM
>tfw there's no such thing as "trying" reversible HRT


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It's actually not that difficult for FtM to pass, especially if you get testosterone.
Makeup can make you look more masculine. Look at Hollywood.
Most guys aren't Chad

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Again with the god tier reading comprehension.
Whatever. You people will never be accepted as you want it. Have fun with your illness.

Makeup is a joke, that image on the right looks like a bad video game.