Kill all bums. Smash their heads in like watermelons. They don't deserve to live

Kill all bums. Smash their heads in like watermelons. They don't deserve to live.

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Trips confirms homeless genocide

Define 'bums' first. Let's see if you've thought about this or are just spouting hatred and garbage

people who choose not to work
>no more sleep tight wagie threads
>no more im sick of browsing all day threads
>no more homeless hate threads
Who hates the homeless? people who have no one else below them.

Only those who are non-white.

That's tough to determine. How would you know if they're trying but failing?

faggots like OP that clearly have better things to think about

Homeless people who bother us regular people who work, contribute to this free society. They need to be eradicated or shipped to 3rd world countries like Africa. All they do is strain us with their begging and trashing up the place.

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How's that California life? Is there really doodoo everywhere?

I feel the same way about spoiled brats like yourself

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and name a few places
>New York City
>San Fransisco
>Los Angeles
Where are you now?

Kill all porkies. Kill all landlords. We have the homes, they're being kept out of them by inequality and greed.

>build homes
>they cost an arm and a leg
>give us free homes!!!!


Walk down market street in frisco.

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What he said.

I pay my taxes. These homeless fags should contribute instead of being dead beats. Like a job, nigger.

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I don't believe you're anything more than a fag working in IT and unless you were making a 6 figure salary you'd still be an asshole instead of a cucked asshole. This mindset is absolutely pathetic if you're living in one of the most expensive cities in US and you hate people for not being as ""successful"" as you. I hope those hobos rape you and burn down your faggot city.

no, it needs to be slower. i imagine using the food chain to remove them.
get an initial batch of homeless with free poisoned food, then cook those homeless people and feed them to another batch with another dose of poison, and so on. or just give them their drugs of choice, but make sure they od.

The presumption that having a paying job is contributing to society. Lol

Uh oh.

What happened user?

You're my favorite avatarfag

Hi Aiste. Not original.

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>have the same opportunities as me in this great country
>spend your life indulging in drugs and alcohol

Yeah, no sympathy from me NEETo.

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Who the fuk aiste

>burgerflipping wagecuck is butthurt

Oh, colour me surprised

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