My best friend told me hes trans

>my best friend told me hes trans

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How are you gonna celebrate his suicide?

I don't want him to die or go through with it, i just want my buddy back.

>my best friend told me >shes trans

I still think of him as a guy its hard not to

That's just internalized transmisogyny. You gotta fight through the conditioning and come to terms with the fact that she's a girl.

Hes a guy, its even worse when he acts enthusiastic about it and wants to tell me everything about it
It makes me feel like i lost him

Strike against ((the root)) of this problem.
Go full Breivik.

What do you mean whos the root problem

>whos the root problem

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gee, whomst could it be?

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Are you from Jow Forums

So tell him to stop being a fucking retard. go get him a whore or something

I tried everything i could to change his mind even asked him if hes doing it because hes lonely and tried to get him to come with me at the gym

Talking to him won't help. He needs to understand how much better it is being a man, perhaps by dominating a woman. who knows. something along those lines.

I tried getting him to come with me to find some girl for him but he said he'd rather us stay home

Make him take pimozide.

Time to find a new best friend, my dude.

this. op you should definitely give him an ultimatum, to either get over his illness or go to hell

When are going to kill him?

I still have hope he'll realize its just a phase

do you still believe in the tooth fairy?

Its a phase, he'll be back to normal soon

I'm feeling weird again boys

smash that boipussy OP

Itd be weird to fuck him since im not gay

it is not gay if he's wearing a skirt

Hes still a guy, i won't fuck him no matter how many times he tries to act like a girl

Still your friend, trans or not.
Suicide rates for trans people go down after hormone therapy and reassignment surgery, the people who tell you different are retards who can't even read the conclusion to their own data.

just show him pictures of old trannies and the suicide rates. make the argument that tech will get better in the future, but nothing will save him from the hack jobs currently available. also, begin a new pattern. as in, have a new hobby or interest which is developing at the same time as your friend becomes increasingly faggy so you can use it as a believable excuse to slowly spend less time with him for an eventual ghosting. preferably a social activity to find some other bros

ironic, or is it coincidence

So, will he kill himself or not? I dont want him to die

Hes still my bro and i dont wanna ghost him

Probably wont suicide on you, if they get help. Gender Dysphoria causes a lot of serious issues like depression and suicidal tendencies but the best you can do is support your bud.

Will not accepting him being a tranny make him kill himself?

>"friend" of 9 years tells me he is gay
>nigga starts acting funny
>i ditch him
ditch loosers, you are who you hang around with that simple

How could you just ghost your friend like that?

It could, Gender Dysphoria makes people extremely sensitive about their gender. Actively calling someone by their unpreferred pronoun could hurt them. It's pretty fucking mean to do also.
What's your general gripe with trannies? Is it just the whole "they're all perverts consumed by fetishes" that Jow Forums desperately tries to push despite any evidence or is it something like issues with the definition of a woman?

just like that, people loose value/ stop adding value and the reason to have a friendship ceases to exist. Just like when someone you trust/friend betrays you its over. Not sure if you are 7y/o but the real world is ruthless, time to grow some balls kiddo and do whats right for YOU

Happened to me 4 years ago.
I bullied him hoping he would realise his autism, but he never did.
I miss you Matan, please stop.

Yes, trannies have high suicide rates and it increases the longer they live as trannies.
You have to remember trannies become so after decades of brainwashing from the media, casual advice isn't something that will revert this warping of their mind, it's very likely too late for him.

I dont want him to kill himself and im a Christian born in the south to a christian family i was raised to see gays and trannies as sinful

He hasnt really done anything to betray me
He's just being sinful

Love the sinner, hate the sin.
Personally I'm not Christian myself, but I'm almost sure that the Bible says nothing about trans right?
If you were trans, would you wish to be misgendered, rejected and hurt? Treat others as you wish to be treated, friend. I hope you can either accept your friend or find a solution.

Deuteronomy 22:5
And id probably accept it if he didn't tell me about it all the time and want me to go on pesudo-dates with him

>Deuteronomy 22:5
Thanks, though this could just be interpreted as a crossdressing thing, no? A lot of clothing now a days is gender neutral, so a trans person could exist and not sin- if I'm interpreting this correctly.
Well, your friend clearly trusts you enough to tell you about this, if he needs to vent about it you might need to let him as a form of support. But if you don't want to hear it you don't have to, just tell him it kind of makes you uncomfortable going on pseudo dates and talking about it so much, but that you'll still be his friend.

He's too far gone, I recommend you just cut ties with him and give him the chance to ponder over his degeneracy himself.
Chances are if you don't cut ties he'll begin to be even more extreme and liberal with the tranny bullshit and try and rope you into it as well, which shouldn't be an issue if you aren't impressionable but it can be annoying and stressful to deal with. If you do, then he'll either eventually give up on being a tranny, kill himself, or fall even deeper into the rabbit hole.

Arguments wont work, It's not a fucking choice. This shit is subcounscious

I guess that makes sense but people can also say trans and crossdressers are the same

Hes a nice person i dont want him to kill himself so i cant just ghost him
I dont want another friend to kill themselves

>trans and crossdressers are the same
A lot of people do say this, but with trans people they don't find sexual pleasure from it. Crossdressers do it because it makes them aroused, or most do. Trans people do it because it lifts a feeling of depression or guilt away from them, makes them feel normal. Plus, a trans person does NOT have to crossdress to be trans, as I said: gender neutral clothing exists now a days.

He'll probably kill himself regardless. The real question is whether or not you want to be roped into his bullshit, which he apparently has and will continue trying to do. I recommend you cut ties and then give him the chance to reconcile if he ever decides to untrannify himself.
Trannies are very liable to attempting to coerce associates and relatives into their own lifestyle and will be overly forward and blunt in that regard. It's best you ignore him in his lunatic state.

So if get him to wear unisex clothing its alright? What about the dates though. It makes him so happy and i dont wanna make him sad

you will not change the fact that your friend is trans. if they want to go on dates with you and that makes you uncomfortable, tell them that. but their identity isn't something you can change or influence and you're actually probably hurting them a lot by not not taking it seriously and trying to be there for them. you just gotta make a decision whether you care more about being "comfortable" and not supporting something "sinful" (lol desu) or care more about being there for your friend, loyal and supportive.

If its hurting him and will make him depressed then ill stop trying to change him, i care about him and dont want him to suicide

Though to me it would be alright either way as I'm not Christian, in the Bible's eyes unisex clothing seems completely unsinful, right?
You don't have to go on the dates with her, you're not attracted so you shouldn't have to. She's your friend, yes, but you don't have to go on these dates with her. If a non-trans girl wanted to date you but you didn't like them, should you have to go on a date with them? No.

I mean its good to see him smile and happy and not depressed. Ill always do what i can to make him happy even going on these "dates"

Yeah, but you don't want him depending on you for happiness right? If he actually likes you, doing this could lead to hurting him more in the future.
This is your call, I'm just trying to help.

Who knows maybe ill grow to not mind it and start to like "her" in that way.

You should wait until youre sure about your feelings. Good luck.

Thanks, I'll just support him its not worth the risk of losing another friend to suicide

Godspeed, user. I hope you can come to accept him and you can stay friends down the line. Good luck once again.

Boomer here.
This shit is happening because young men's futures are looking absolutely hopeless and bleak.
They see only one option, to give up being a man and to
embrance passivity.

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I think we will and maybe more than friends, she does have a good butt

larpthread obvious

Maybe. Have fun.

>tranners people dont find sexual pleasure from it
tranners are disgusting sex addicted faggots rotten to the bone and there is no excuse to let them live

Remember, before you think of showing sympathy for trannies, you can go from this:
>Hes a guy, its even worse when he acts enthusiastic about it and wants to tell me everything about it
It makes me feel like i lost him
to this:
>I think we will and maybe more than friends, she does have a good butt

OP was unironically brainwashed in a single thread, can you imagine watching the mind of someone degenerating in real-time?

>changing opinion
it's funny that you say he was brainwashed in this thread, considering he's literally religious.

No one religious makes such a drastic change in stance from some flimsy positive reinforcement with an ulterior motive. It's blatantly obvious that you tranny abominations took someone with as impressionable and weak a psyche as his tranny friend and tried to play the sympathiser until he eventually threw away every last one of his moral scruples for the same lust that drives the rest of you degenerate faggots. All of you should be executed.

>He needs to understand how much better it is being a man, perhaps by dominating a woman
OP if your buddy cant score, dress up like a woman and give him your ass

>implying im trans
holy shit the strawmans.

Tranny thralls are just as bad, you're being groomed to become a tranny in the first place and likely will in the future with your complacency.
If nothing else this thread serves me well as an example of the fragility of the mind of some people who should in reality (and as adults) have completed their mental development. Kill yourself.