Are girls who date Black men all that different?

So I met this girl last night. Got her number and her facebook. Was looking through some of her photos and her ex-boyfriend is black. Are girls who date Black dudes different? Its kinda strange because I did get a different vibe from her. Had a really cool time with her but I could tell something was "different." I couldn't put my finger on it.

Has anyone dealt with or dated a girl who fucked black dudes?

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Oof, good luck on the dick size expectations, user. I wish you well.

very annoying, very annoying

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Yes they're universally awful people. Anyone who isn't intrinsically disgusted by the idea of interracial is degenerate and incomplete. Run as fast as you can user.

This is a legit thread I have no intention to troll. Last night is Friday night bro some people actually go out and meet others

yeah is a red flag because not even prostitutes want to fuck blacks. so girls who date blacks are lower then prostitutes.

GLwith dick size user. Yea I know that vibe you're talking about. I knew this girl in college that fucked black dudes. It's a strange vibe you get with them. I would avoid desu

People will date what's in their location, all the anti race mixers here will would melt if a cute nice girl showed interest.

I'm black and dated a Chinese violinist girl once. You're fine, user. Really depends on the black dude though

also BBC is a meme

>I'm weak willed so everyone else must be too
You're pathetic user.

No, it's about if the people in said area want to race mix

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How's that strong will working out though?

Are you one of those guys who claims no mixing but dates Asian girls?

Just fine. I'd rather be single than date a coal burner or a slut.

Are girls who fuck their dogs all that different?

Why would you come here for advice on that?
This place is full of underage virgins who still think saying nigger is funny

Same. I would never date a black guy who has been with a becky.

regardless of what racebaiters say, dating a black guy is the same as dating a white guy. just because they date a black guy doesnt make them a slut.
interracial dating is fine and anyone who thinks differently is a conservative boomer retard

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Lmao being this delusional
No one likes interracial relationships
Regardless of politics
Everyone across all cultures and races finds them disgusting
Biracial mongrels are disgusting, too

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Black men who date white women are valued less
Main reason why no black person fuckes with Kanye anymore
Why was this movie so popular? Everyone knows interracial relationships are intrinsically degenerate

White woman and her nigger pet

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Black men shill for interracial dating. Majority of people are attracted to their own race, get over it.

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Nah do not do it

im glad this she-nigger on twitter speaks for the whole of mankind

>Has anyone dealt with or dated a girl who fucked black dudes?
I noped out before it got serious. Hate to redoubt to a "muh dick" comment but she did say mine was bigger.

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Make me, stormcuck.