Thrown I'm really sad and miss you

thrown I'm really sad and miss you

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Here's some cringe insight to my psyche. Each time I see vague threads like these I usually self insert and think Brooke is writing this for me.

I just me institutionalized for being so retarded

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I'm so Ionely

Bump gff

I hate this hh

you again? why don't you fucking add the dude back or whatever, stop posting useless threads

Because that's not possible

why? did he block you? if so, then you must have done something and need to move on already

no nothing Iike that

then move on and forget about some online dude or whatever, you're just making it worse

No I can't move on

you're obsessed and shit, i understand that, i used to be with a person too, but you have to realize that nothing good comes out of it, well, it's up to you. It's not healthy for your mental health, it will hurt but moving on its whats best.

you only say that because you don't know what I feel

i'm pretty sure i was in a worse situation than you.

But ask yourself, do you really want to keep going on like this? i mean, i am sure that by now you see there's no hope of him coming back or if there is is like so small that's best to not even wait for it to happen. But if you want to waste the remaining energy and time in that, go ahead, it's your choice.

I doubt you were in a worse situation than I am

hey its me thrown again please stop ignoring my messages

I'm in a similar situation, and I will never want anything else in my life except them to talk to me again. It's been almost a year and it will never end. I'm glad that you have a good enough life that it drops replacement people in your lap all the time, but this was a one in a 20 years thing for me, so there's really nothing to look forward to anymore.

Well, then if you're not blocked or didn't do anything to him or whatever, why can't you talk to him anymore?

Oh believe me i still think of that person every minute of the day, i'm sure there's no one like her anywhere around, but truly, what's the point when they have moved on and you know there's no hope for you to get back together? it's only dragging you down into the hole.

If you want to keep on going down that path, then go ahead, everyone is responsible for their own choices and decisions.

But yeah, i understand very well what you guys are going through.

I can't taIk about it

>what's the point when they have moved on and you know there's no hope for you to get back together? it's only dragging you down into the hole.
Well, it's love. It always kills you in the end. It's just how it is. What else is there?

well, whatever. Stop posting these useless threads and talk with an online friend or something.

I don't have any friends.

I like to think my ex is occasionally posting lovelorn threads like this but she's likely getting piped down and hasn't thought about me in ages.

Get some at least one from here, literally all you have to do is ask for discord tag or post yours and start talking.

I don't want to be added by people who pretend to be my friend but only want me to be their gf

And also there's too many rude and not nice people here

then don't mention you're a female. Even here im pretty sure there are guys who don't want to be with you or will try to get you to be their gf.

I'm bad at making friends ff

if you met that guy thrown or whatever, then im pretty sure you can meet other people online. There are good people in here and around, i have met some of them, but reality is that i'm a shitty person so i cut contact with them. But i'm pretty sure if you try you can find good friends.

It was pure luck I doubt I can find anyone like him again

i'm not saying to find anyone like him, i know that you wont find anyone like him or whatever, all im saying is find someone nice to talk to and vent and whatever so you stop making these stupid threads

It's not so easy to find a genuine caring friend here

whatever, im just trying to tell you there are people who are good here and i have a few of them, maybe you're not even trying to look for them.

It's too hard finding friends

ok, but stop making these threads

you're defeating yourself again

I will make these threads because I hope he sees one and it also helps me cope

I can't focus on finding new friends

I hope you're ok

I'll be back Vanessa

Ok I hope so and that you're ok

I'll be back once you will see me as your average friend, not more

Gib initials of his real name

ok i know you aren't him

Is your name actually Vanessa? lol

No it's not

go outside, shower, dress nicely, leave this website and never come back

post your timestamped pic (at least face and neck, don't try to shoop out adam's apple) and then we can talk.

I guess you were THROWN out of his life, am I right? HAHAHAHA
Stupid roastie

I don't have motivation to do any of these
Im not making this thread for any of you only for him so i don't care about you talking to me

That's not true at alI ff


Oh so you've been trying to legitimately reach him all this time. Why not try to get a friend or somebody you know on his friends list to talk about it? also regardless of the platform you could try to make another account and add him randomly.

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It's true until you prove the opposite

imagine hurting over a nigga named thrown lmao

if that was an option I would do it

Where did you talk? What happened? Why do you care so much?

Surely there must be a way to contact him, And if you really care that much go and see him in person, even if it's just to be at peace with yourself, confirm once and for all that he might be gone for good.
Not an excuse, at least on the long term.

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I can't talk about it this isn't a thread for venting I just hope he sees it.

There's literally no way

Why care about him so much anyway? Take me

So he's a ghost.

this won't make sense unless you know everything.

Because he deserves it

But I got digits. You can't refute that...

You literally can tell us everything thought. You're anonymous. LARP or not. You can make a pastebin if it's that long.

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No I can't do it and shouldn't do it

please? I'll listen to you and then will give fair advice

you can not reason with this kind of people, at least not when they are in this state. Just let her be she will get bored of posting these eventually.

Come on OP. Roastie/LARP or not i'm also in a shitty situation with a partner that means the world to me. We probably have common grounds. We can hear you out.