He's 25+ still lives with his parents

>he's 25+ still lives with his parents

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>Womens opinions

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>shes a woman
>she doesn't have a penis

Sorry I can't buy a house with a high school diploma like grandpa

not with that shit attitude

>falling for the move away meme

the point is to pay to banks or landlord and be slave who can't quit the wagecuckery

I'm 24 guess we can fuck right foid?

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>she's 25
>she's trying to get out of her parents house

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What is your point, multiple people still live with their parents? It is not always due to being a lazy kike Many are doing well and are fucking Chads. Fuck off OP.

>tfw no college
>tfw about pay off house
Feels good man.

Who gives a fuck if you have no degree edgu faggot. I also have no degree and love alone fucking fucker dog fucker

Edgy, live bitch

There isn't any excuse really. I clawed my way up from nearly getting hit by cars everyday to driving around in circles and getting paid $34/hr for it right now.

>tfw 25
>tfw still with parents but nice setup, have two rooms, a landing and toilet/shower
>cook for them and they cook for me, help out around the house
>mostly quiet and i am too
>saving a shit ton of money per month and the rent i do pay goes to paying off their home which im going to inherit anyways

judge me or w/e but its better than being some retard renting a single room with 2-3 randoms/pajeets

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Maybe he just doesn't like to be alone if he has a good job and have a good salary then it won't be a problem ig

this is pretty much the only good realistic option. However it requires having a functioning family which not everybody has.

Glad to know the cut off age is 25.

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>tfw live in barracks on post since age 18
Where is my free gf bots

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if i was a millionaire i guarantee id still live with my parents. they're awesome anyway

> free food
> free residence
> free energy

sorry for being too smart

what if my parents are dead, but live in my parents apartment?

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> still lives with his parents memories
> move on incel

noone cares tranny bitch

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dafaq are you talking about, retard?

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>by not bothering to try anything herself and instead tries to snach up someone that has it already made and pretend to love them.

What job exactly? Mafia?

>she didn't live under her parents' supervision until she is married to a good husband