How was your high school experience Jow Forums?

How was your high school experience Jow Forums?

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Pretty bad, ended up graduating a year early just to get away from it.

It was ok. I just wish the girl I was crushing on senior year liked me back so I could have lost my virginity, had a date to prom, etc.

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>9th grade, constantly harassed by some prick that called me weird face (the guy was missing an ear too)
>10th grade, had a crush on this cute girl but never told her how I felt like a faggot
>11th grade, by this time I only have 1 friends who I can actually call a friend, the rest were just robot tier acquaintances that accepted me because they had no one else either
>12 grade, everyones talking about prom, getting laid, having fun, but my confidence has already been shattered and I failed to take advantage of opportunities to make friends or get a gf because I'm a fucking spaz

Could've been worse, but I don't like to think about it too much desu, puts me in a down mood

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I lost motivation in everything and made fapping a routine. It was the turning point

Dropped out first year i had plans to do online shit but never did got my ged though i dont really mind not going its whatever since i didnt really talk to anyone

1st year sucked
2nd year Chad takes me as apprentice, get first get
3rd year lose virginity with 3rd girlfriend
Get in honours roll and leave early, unfriend nearly everybody I met and feel ok.

I didn't hate highschool but I'd never want to experience it again

It was meh i went to high school at some village had great teachers though

It was fucking garbage. Worked my ass off and graduated early like this robot Always had really good grades, but I was too shy to interact with the chads and a stacys. I had some robot-like friends, but we only connected because we were outcasts

Yesterday was my last day of high school, and looking back at it, I can say without a doubt it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was a try hard faggot, so I didn't make any friends my freshman year. Then I went mute my sophomore and junior years. My senior year was the closest I was to making friends, but my sperg nature didn't allow me to maintain any of those relationships. Most of the students in my class thought I was either retarded or that I was going to kill them. I got my yearbook and literally no one singed it. I couldn't even approach anyone and ask because I'm too much of a pussy. Not even a teacher wanted to sign my yearbook. I cant even blame anyone for high school being shit for me. It was basically all my fault.

Fairly boring
Nothing of note really happened except for two or 3 kids dying each year.

What did they die of? Drug overdoses?

good because by some act of God which I still don't get I managed to make friends with the biggest Stacy in school which opened a lot of doors for me and turned me into a functional normie and got me laid (though I had to and still have to suppress my powerlevel a lot)

It was horrible, all my friends ditched me and acted like they never knew me, causing me to be alone and a frequent target of bullying due to my Aspergers. I would usually stay in the library at break and lunch reading manga.

A good time to ask me this question since I'm graduating started off really well good socializing cracking jokes making friends especially that I was sick of being autistic throughout my whole Middle School years but then this fuckin cunt asshole bitch ass dood moved in to my class and this dood started embarrassing me and hating me for no reason at all and I was struggling with my self-confidence because I gained some weight I have lost a lot of people's respect because of that and soon enough what was just jokes and words turned into violence he formed sort of an alliance against me him and this 5-6 guys would fight me DAILY really aggressively i started skipping school like crazy because of that and it effected my grades negatively a lot
I failed alot of my tests gained about 30Kg
And now I'm sort of hopeless stressed af got Alopecia in the back of my head and feeling really lonely and weird lately
I love Paul Denino.

pretty boring tbqh
>had a knife every day, nobody bothered me because I knew I could send both of us to the hospital
>stole thousands of dollars
>stole information
>changed my grades and other people's grades so there was no obvious discrepancy
>blackmailed someone because I was bored
>felt like I wasted years of my life
>I always got away with it
>grades were high but not excellent
>didn't ace the SAT but my score was a respectable percentile
>went to college and did much the same boring shit

Before anyone asks, I have crippling ADHD which is why I wasn't Ivy League material. The only thing that turns my brain on is banal excitement.

Terrible. I was bullied by a bunch of girls (that group of harlots ended up giving me a femdom fetish) and people were assholes in general. The only comfy thing to do was playing RO after I got home.

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went to an all autism school so it was quite autistic

Didn't have friends and was a total nerd

Could have been a lot worse. I'm ugly, short, have shitty social skills, and a learning disability. No one made fun of me to my face. I think because I'm so fucked in life, they just felt bad for me.

Most of them just left me alone.

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Total fucking shit. I moved 4 times and the only person I am still in contact with lives in another country and uses ifunny.

Actually pretty popular, even managed to get on homecoming court. Now I'm in college and I'm a fucking loner with about 5 "friends". Not that I care, I still have you guys.

not too good. that's all i really have to say about it

Depends on year because I got bumped around schools a ton.

Freshman: weird kid
Sophomore: honor roll and popular band geek
Junior: crippled and high as fuck
Senior: Same as previous yet frequently attacked by Mexicans for talking about buying a few burritos at lunch one day.

Everything went downhill after that.

>nothing happens
>nothing happens
>nothing happens
>nothing happens

I bullied virgins even though I had shitty relationships. Now I have a good relationship and I still bully virgins because that is just pathetic.

I didn't go to high school, dropped school in the 8 grade.

freshman: barely remember, had a couple of dick friends who I hung out with
Soph & Junior: misanthropic loner mad that people are having sex and that I'm so much morally better than them, but at least I was good at JROTC
Senior: content loner with no stake in anything, just interested in letting time go by so that I can finally be a NEET and enjoy my weeb stuff all night

t. based Chad, bully of virgins

Had no friends, only aquaintances. It was shit.

Different user, but I had the same thing at my high school. It was always either suicides or car wrecks though. We did have a big drug problem but nobody ever died from an overdose surprisingly. At least to public knowledge.