Y u niggas gay

Y u niggas gay

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>not being a gaynigger

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But why though. Like just be straight

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Why does every norm fag think that 3d games push the limits of the gba? They look ugly and show off the limits other than pushing boundries.

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Females are known in every religion to be the source of evil.

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I know right! Yoshi's island is the only game that pushes the limits of the gba

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But why? Penis is gross nigga.

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So is evil.

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Based and gbapilled

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But cum is disgusting nigga.

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As is evil.

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balance out the good with some evil... join my server YzPKg2A

But why though how could you be attracted to another man? And you niggas call women evil yet ya'll dress like women.

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A-hole's a hole

But you're fucking a nigga, nigga.

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Get a girlfriend nigga like me im a Chad I fuck women daily just fucked one last night!

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>What is mother 3

Based, all these fucking retarded faggots on here probably look like pic related.

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Why does everyone pick their balls and give it a good old wiff? Does it smell like a waifus luxurious thighs on a hot sunny day or something? I really dont think a waifu would smell like a germ infested dumpster heap like a sweaty penis does. Get real mate,

I didn't say to post your favorite games on this thread. I would like to see you try to explain how mother 3 pushed the limits of the gba. Good luck nigga

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Fuck off nigga my waifus smell like ass

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Mine smell like under ball cheese.

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Because gay good

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Then by going off that theory, I would say that this scene here probably smells worse than a men's locker room caught on fire. Going by the weather conditions, I would have to assume that all of there oppai (if applicable) are squirting sweat all over there shirts, creating a wet as like under all smell. Noice, imagine the aroma of that field. God I wish I was that track owo

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Mmmmmmm delicious i would sniff each and every one of their assholes

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I just wonder what aroma reeks off of the circumference of that perfectly round lolly ass. Just a pleasant and godly smell I would imagine. Probably smells better than a huge bedroom filled with sweaty MEN after a big gangbang session. And oh god, oh god, oh GOD dont even get me started on those feet

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Nmmmm yes post more i like sweaty men

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Yoshis island is just a port of a SNES game, its very simple and doesnt really have anything other than beating the level and going to the next one. Mother 3 has amazing spritework, atmosphere, story and tracks like youtu.be/y4EATZ-tNPU
Theres way more but the rest can only be experienced by playing the game.

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Imagine, no fuck it, I am forcing you to imagine, so I command you to imagine a hot and steamy day, so hot that the the steam sales are on a all time high. The only way to get this junk of flesh to stop perpetrating is to shove its pushy vent in front of a draft machine. As the cool draft blows on the pussy meat, the rooms aroma slowly creeps upon everyone sitting in the room. "BAKKA!" The hunky flesh ball cried out, "it's not like I smell or anything..." suddenly after making this comment she realised the mistake she made by saying such an obvious lie. Her face quickly changes pallette from her natural state to a red as bright as her pussyflesh. As her precicus walks into the room, he is immediately drookicked in the face by the putted smell of a sweaty moshpit filled with thousands of men. He drops to the floor on his knees holding is face
shouting:"what the hell has god put upon this earth to make such a fowl smell?" He looks toward his imoto, in disgust. She replies"BAKAAAAAAAAAAA!" THE END.

Now it is time to hand out the test pamphlets and see what you kiddies learned from today's movie. You have five minutes to finish the test and no cheating allowed. Hand it to my desk when you are done and wait patiently for everyone else to finish. Good luck!!!

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I know mother 3 presents an amazing story for such a small console. But there is nothing going on impressively on a technical level in that game. Yoshi's island shows off what the gba is truly capable of as it display mode 7 graphics, gradient backgrounds, multi parralax scrolling backgrounds, rotating sprites, complex physics system, amazing sprite work, colorful graphics, giant bosses that stretch and jiggle, pseudo 3d effects like the doors or giant billboards falling down on yoshi in the castle, and many sprites on screen at once, every egg of yoshis has there own physics calculations that are all being done on native hardware, while the snes needed a coprocesser to perform such a beast of a game. Sorry bro, but the winner of technical prowess definitely goes to yoshis island.

girls are pussies , i don't fuck with pussies

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