If you ever in a million years dare to compare simply working for a living to slavery...

if you ever in a million years dare to compare simply working for a living to slavery, you have demonstrated a profound lack of understanding of our present situation. you are not trapped in some demonic capitalist system, you are actually among the most fortunate human beings ever to live. the norm for many centuries was subsistence farming, where all hours with sunlight are devoted to the maintenance of crops and animals just to get enough calories to survive. we, on the other hand, enjoy such general wealth that many of us have still never done any job into our twenties or even later, allowing us time to get educations on advanced topics, time and options to shape our lives and become fully realized .. and STILL people complain as if some unique kind of HARM has been done to them. the lack of perspective is truly mindboggling

if you are a young person in America feeling like life has done you wrong, i hope you can go spend time in somewhere like rural areas of thailand, vietnam, cambodia, burma, etc. spend the whole day making bamboo traps for eels and placing them out in the fields in the hopes of having something to eat and come back and try to say again how it's just SO AWFUL to have to wash dishes or make sandwiches or help people try on shoes or whatever other entry-level job, all the while completely surrounded with other opportunities to make money, unlike the farmers out in the rural areas i described .. omg, that kind of attitude is not just wrong, it's like completely backward in every way, profoundly misguided. there is nothing whatsoever shameful about doing any kind of useful work

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i want people to get the understanding that for almost all of history, humans had no options but to spend all day trying to live.
for some people it is a huge deal when a factory is built close enough to their village. for the first time ever in their family, they have the option to do something other than subsistence farming.
the mentality on /biz and places like it is pure mental poison
people who live better than EMPERORS of the past, convincing themselves they've got it bad, that they are being raped by an evil system. profound loser mentality
i mean they are truly feeling uncomfortable, probably due to lack of purpose, but that is the nature of life to feel at least vaguely uncomfortable.
to be born in an area surrounded, completely SATURATED with opportunity, is an incomparable gift.

the problem though is that farming for your own food and having no bosses or anything to answer to was a thousand times more fulfilling than working at a business doing something where you'll never see the end result. it's kinda like how owning your own business makes people way happier even if they don't make a ton of money off of it, because being in charge of themselves and being able to create whatever they want gives a sense of accomplishment that wageslavery just can't. the shift in how people's lives go ever since the industrial revolution is the root of many issues in our society today like depression, feminism, people dropping out of society, etc

You are partially correct and partially incorrect.

Yes, modern day economics has provided us with a great deal more PHYSICALLY but the problem is that this has not necessarily pleased people, much less (if one cares) enhanced us as a species. Your own fucking post points out that people are NOT happy. Why? Are they just profoundly ungrateful? Possibly.

But I would ask you to consider the possibility that corporations, the joint stock company, television advertising etc, all wonders of organization and technology etc have simply put people in a world in which they are constantly reminded that while they are vaugely comfortable, ultimate hedonism is available to some and not to them (but that they should constantly strive for it).

They have the metaphorical and (and often literal) equivalent of a comfy chair and a good meal in front of a TV while chad fucks 10/10's on his yacht.

What is more, they are deliberately pushed AWAY from the things that rural people have and value - family, religion, time alone, space etc.

And then you come along and go "RABBLE RFFFLE RFFLE HOW DR U BE UNGRATEFUL"

Think a little more, dickhead.

No. I want life to be like my cartoons! I want to go on an adventure and make friends and fall in love and grow as a person and be valuable! I dont want to be an expendable cog in an economic machine. I refuse I wont do it. You cant make me. No way. I WONT! I WONT GET A JOB!

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Your distinction rests solely on technological growth, but wage slaves, like chattel slaves, still have to work to make someone else richer and have most of the surplus value they produce expropriated by their owner/employer.

Oh fucking shut up you fucking NWO

Shut up commie. Value is created by technology, not labor. The existance of Steam already disproves Marx's theories, with 0 labor you can create infinite copies of a game, but it still has value. Its the information itself that has value, not the just the components of its production.

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Dumbass boomergroid at it again.

Capitalism is obviously miles better than feudalism and substinence farming, but the system is gonna eat us all eventually. But hey at least we have retards like you to remind us that "it could always be worse." Thanks for the high iq knowledge.
These megacorporations don't care about you or your livelihood. The fact that you haven't been burned by them yet means you live in a sheltered rural bubble whose mom and pop stores haven't been replaced by McDonald's and Walmart yet. I was there once, my hometown is slowly just turning into an apathetic shithole.
That's the main thing, modern capitalism gives poor incentives, and many people are struggling to find a reason to even care about our country anymore.
This is why post-modern abstract ideals like NEETdom, incels, feminism, and other identity politics are running amok in our first world and no amount of boomerposting will stop it.

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19k/year, or $600/paycheck is not a "living" when rent alone costs $400

thanks, local corporatocracy shill

amazon workers get a personalized piss jug after 90 days

but the leg mounted catheters are practically required and cost as much as a new employee hat, fuck those cunts

I still wish we lived in pragmatic world where starving to death was a real threat. This would force the r*asties to their natural role and take power from the oversocialized faggots. With no surplus production the communities would also be forced to punish man/women wh*res.

>The existence of Steam
Really? Thats what you're going with? lol

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Rent where I live is fucking $600 minimum and thats living in the ghetto

>he's comparing present day to the dark ages.

What the fuck is this shit tier argument

I live in a city with one of the lowest costs of living there is and rent anywhere that isn't a complete slum is $600

>yo dawg who gives a fuck about global warming when the earth was made there was lava everywhere BE THANKFUL


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>with 0 labor you can create infinite copies
imma imagine me a buncha gold n be rich!

>Bruh why do you care about health insurance being affordable for the most part of society we didn't even have health care lmao

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Are we not including the fact that the disc, case, artwork, etc. Are all produced by labor?
Or does AI do these things now?

is that from chunibros?

I think he is referring to digital distribution, which still ignores the cost of system maintenance and electricity

>who cares about living dude for most of the time we were actually dead so don't complain about suffering

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Ugh, anime avatarfags are such cancer to this websitr

I find pseudo intellectuals like yourself even more annoying. Just the shut the fuck up. Your argument is fucking retarded. Literal elementary level talking points

waste of dubs, wear your entrails like a ski mask and make for the closest 3rd story window

>Don't ever try to progress civilization, and instead just retrospect about starving children in Africa. Nothing is wrong in our society. Our masters are happy we should be happy

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Slaves were given food to work. Wagies are given money to get food in return for work. Wagies can quit and be homeless. Slaves could quit and run north and be homeless. No difference

>and be homeless
they could occasionally get work there as well in the denser metropoli, but it was worse than subsistence farming

Class mobility is the main thing people (imo rightfully) complain about, but i agree that the standard for those classes have risen dramatically. Its kind of hard, because while things across the board have gone up, the gaps between them (and subsequently the leaps needed to cross them) remain fairly stagnant in pratice. Maybe its capitalism, maybe its society, maybe its human nature, but i repeat myself. The problem is that stagnant class mobility leads to generational wealth which, in turn, creates for the kind of "born into a bad situation, fuck you" environment that gives off the appearance of slavery.

As a homeless person, kill yourself.

Well I'm about to do Ubereats on my bicycle for $5 an hour. Hopefully I don't get hit by a car this time. Wish me luck.

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I would go as far as to say that if you're still poor in a Capitalist country, while your parents were at least middle class; then you have no understanding of how easy it is to make more than the average Engineer on the internet.

Just need to be fortunate enough to be born with sufficient IQ, that's all. It's very easy if you're born with sufficient IQ, anyone with sufficient IQ can do it.

This is you on your own farts.

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>wasting time here instead of trying to fix your situation
like we would take that advice bud

>everything has be fixed if you try hard enough
>IQ is everything that's why we should kill all the darkies and not give them any incentives or help

Conservatives/Republicans are so fucking retarded that I get exhausted just listening to their bullshit

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>get exhausted just listening to their bullshit
is that why they're still poorfags?

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No probably because broken families and broken homes and getting a GED as a result plus IQ-poisoning lead in the water/paint of low income housing isnt quite as beneficial to development as someone who can afford to take piano lessons or play a sport through high school