You will never tickle torture Anitas soft feet

>you will never tickle torture Anitas soft feet

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anita looks like a 5 at most anyway

I want to worship them while she makes fun of my small cock

>you will never suck on Zoe's feet and big milkies while calling her mommy

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Always wanted to fuck Anita
>swn yell abuse at you during sex

Anita would be amazing at gentle femdom

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>Zoe Quinn
Ah, I see you are a fellow patrician.

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But of course. I am quite a prolific Zoeposter, if I do say so myself.

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Dedicated Zoe Quinn thread when

Been meaning to make another SJW chicks thread on HR, maybe I'll do that later today

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based and Zoepilled

fingers crossed i get to be zoe's servant one day

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I like SJW/feminist chicks in general, but Zoe's on a whole other level. Absolute goddess.

I love how you can tell just by looking at her that Zoe would give you the best bj of your life

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Quinn feet look like balled up fists. Anita has shapely, beautiful feet.

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SJW girls are severely underrated in my opinion and deserve way more love
Zoe especially

No need to throw insults, both Anita and Zoe are lovely, and we can appreciate both.

Anita's are better but I'd still suck the polish off Zoe's feet desu

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Anita's feet are pretty nice
>ywn rub her feet while she records Feminist Frequency

>ywn be babysat by alison rapp and have her do inappropriate things to you with her feet

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Are there any webms?

Be honest anons, how many of you visit /anita/ on 8ch

I used to be one of the main users until it got wiped by a troll and completely died

>that one thread where a guy was telling how he gets off on giving money to his sexy cousin and she ended up turning into a full blown findom mistress when other anons joined in

Zoe look so strong
Imagine her holding you down

>you will never casually massage Anita's feet after a long day of Fem Freq shooting

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She's a nasty SJW whore, but I still want to fuck the shit out of her pale body

>you will never tickle torture Anitas soft feet
Thank you for the reminder.

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