*looks out of the window at the rain*
ah summer, edition

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phew, got in here quick lads

if chika is reading this, know that you are loved

>He's in his thirties and no longer produces test
Laughing at you, mate

Fucking dealer still isn't answering his phone

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Chika is a pedophile and a sodomite, how absolutely repulsive.

>a pedophile and a sodomite
winning combination

Fuck these phoenix wright games. Convoluted bullshit. I'm doing the tutorial trial and I got penalised for pointing out the difference between the witness statement and the autopsy report without pressing upon the witness before hand. Fuck you game.

take titty skittles to kill your >tfwnogf feels

>collection of op images is available
>still uses the wrong month

But I have a fiance.

*quickly grabs the comfy armchair before any other lads get in*

*Sits on the arm*
Hey champ. Looking pretty comfy there.

sory lads, we are going to have to cancel our sizable patreon contribrutions to /ourmadlass/
anatasia kingsnorth

*steels foot poof* sup lads, who's getting the brews in then?

since dropping out of sixth form i've done nothing at all with my life

Any save a donkey lads in?

That's fine she never gets nude anyway

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yeah i didn't save it in chronological order so didn't see it till after the fact. seen alll the files are in alphabetical order so need to sort that
and if you're that bothered why didn't you make 1?

Wow, what an absolute minger.

>Dunno lad I lusted after a lot of girls I knew as a teen but when I look at old pics of them now they seem plain and average

It's sorta the opposite for me. I wasn't attracted to any girls at my school/sixth form/student halls but now that I'm in my mid 20s girls in their late teens are almost all fucking hot

just a matter of timme lad

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I only just got back home this thread was already up
I will add the month number to the file names so they'll be in order
Someone has provided me with a valentines edition day version which will be uploaded soon

*puts 50p in the britfeel jukebox*
*selects choon*

Better version
Proper best of British

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>user thinks not having high t means you aren't a slave to your cock
>I have 0 t and I'm a slave to cock

>Proper best of British
That's not true, lad. She's a munter. Much better lasses out there.

I know mate she's just a meme for me

It's because of make up and how girls today dress. More sexual and attractive than ever before.

Poor Timmy getting gangstalked by the government.

Getting a pastie bap, a burger AND. A gravy chip lol

is it just last, was going to say last year but think it's from the last 2 years. i thought it was going to be 1 of all images.

Literally turning in to a nonce thread. Fuck sake lads.

Anyone on gear tonight? If so, what?

not to mention social media, knowing how to dress/style yourself well was largely down to your social circle and family, these days any bint can learn how to do good make up/hair and wear decent clothes

>late teens

are you fucking retarded or what? this isn't even hebephile territory it's literal post-pubescent females

Just from the archive for last year and this year. Gonna go through and get the ones from previous years too
They're renamed in the repo now and the valentine's day edition day version is uploaded too

I'm just sitting here waiting for the phenibut to slowly walk into my mind and make the place comfy.

why is she so orange? does she have kidney failure?

It's noncey as fuck you cretin and don't pretend like it isn't.

You lads ever do any acting?

David Dickinson's daughter

>these pics of a literal adult with big orange titties is noncey

Nice. My lad finally got back to me, cunts at a family party til later tonight *sigh* guess its just beer til then. Fuck sake.

OI!!! We are the Essex Ephebophile Hunters, and we have just exposed your predator arse! Baz, get im!!!
maybe THAT will teach you to leave our kids alone

would you FUCK this girl? I would

shes 15

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Anything below 16 would be nonce territory

I mean I think within minutes of meeting her I'd want to rip my ears off

tbqfh lads I'm just lolling at the thought of anybody here actually thinking they could not only pull, but fuck an 18 year old.

Feeling more ever-so-slightly more suicidal every day

anyone who wouldnt fuck anyone under like 23-25? used to work in a school and would see some of the kids who left years ago and they'd still seem so immature even at 20/21

Yeah did a drama GCSE. No one took it seriously though

How come lad? Something happened?

Spent time with a 20 yr old last year and it was crazy how young she seemed

Once....my 3rd cousin, at a funeral.

I was on an episode of Dickinsons Real Deal. I was selling some very old Lego.

God no. Nothing worse than a living italian

fallout 3 is shit lads

never played it, only fallout 4. love that settlement building shit

Good work lad, very efficient

It's hard to shake the mundane feelings after being a NEET for 6+ years

You mean THE shit? At least back in the day it was. Played all the DLC and everything. Maybe hasn't aged well though I'm not sure.

best in the series mate

new vegas is best

You know he's lying though because you've seen the scary cunts outside his house.

any of you lads ever smoke spice in a multistory car park

nah tbf I could hear the music in the background lad, you can well tell he's at one of them function room do's where they play every single fucking abba song in existence

I've smoked a bit of Coriander in a whorehouse car park.

i remember accidentially finding your characters dad

they're so noisy

Smoked spice once by accident, thought I'd smoked heroin, never again, nasty orrible shit.

mate you need to try cumin

Also pricks. One of my lecturers is italian and he's a fucking dickhead

There's something about Scarlett Johanssons voice that makes me instantly erect.

Knob heads don't snort paprika like proper men

fantastic food though, plus the sopranos was the best program on telly that ever was.

just been listening to this song lads
my flatmate at uni used to listen to it quite a bit kind of wish i'd made more of an effort to recind her friendship
so it goes

what are we up to tonight then lads? off out to buy something for my evenmeal in a minute. then shitposting and drinking as per. may givethe bladerunner soundtrack a spin

That huskiness to her voice almost makes me forget she's a jew

The Sopranos is about Americans. ;) xxoo

ITALIAN americans, mong.

How can they be Italian if they're American? You're a bit dim, lad.

>tfw 10% Italian
>found it impossible to connect with any Italians I've met

You can be both, besides, America is just one big bubbling pot of bastard inbred mongrels from every corner of the earth, no one's truly 'American'.

how pissed off would you be if you married your childhood sweetheart and this happened

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Americans are Americans. I'm fine arguing with you, you idiot.

They become a tranny? Look at that munter on the right


Fuckinell that's depressing lad.

Myself? Drinking alone and shitposting on here all night. Been watching Good Girls on Netflix, some funny shit.

she looked grim anyway

>childhood sweetheart


>nighttime image during the daytime
>wrong month
let someone else make the thread next time you stupid prick

Her tits got bigger, don't exactly see a problem here desu

Phwoar some big knockers in her that lass does phwoar I'd shoot a few spurts of sea men in her!

He gets happier and happier the fatter she gets

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and he seems to get better looking

he seems to like touching her belly a lot. Maybe he's a low key feeder?

>heading towards night, we should have a dusk image if you're wanting to be really anal about things
>like we have a current image
fuck off

>low key

I see you don't post on /tv/ much

Probably had his fill of slim Hollywood slags

My mate Chloe has bailed on meeting tonight so it's a Love Island extravaganza for me boys

Not at all lad, I only bother with britfeel, norarsed about anything else on this site. Maybe apart from /x/