Brooke mire thread

Im missing our friendly neighbourhood robot. Why did you fags have to scare her off :(

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please stop making these threads..and stop posting more pix on here

Only because you said please

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ok keep doing it if you want ig. this is why i stopped using this awful site. bye.

Goddess Brooke content should be the only content allowed to be reposted

can we have a yellow invasion here, fuck sake this board is shittier today

i dont want my content posted on here tho. it just makes me not want to come on here ever. and i tried being nice before and giving ppl my ig to talk there but they just kept posting pix of me on here.

Please forgive this fool, grace. He is dumb and we want tou back

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Imagine pretending to be Brooke instead of posting mire photos of our Goddess. Anymore of this treachery and you'll be excommunicated from the Church of Brooke

You absolute pleb - why believe some anonymous user instead of asking for proof

This is what you get for being an obnoxious attentionwhore and attracting more.normies to our humble site. I hope you get more crazy orbiters and have one that tries to kill you, you stupid cunt.

Listen here you useless cunt. Just because you hate your life doesn't mean you have to force your misery on other people

no one is pretending i just dont wanna be fucking posted.

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I loved brooke but the only thing that would piss me off is that she called us incels volcels, and that she started e-dating some Chad.

I still miss her and wish her the best

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yes higgus was really a chad lmfao henty :c

Oh shiet alright then I promise to not do it anymore. I was just a lurker and was going to try and see if you had an insta to follow but its all good. I wish you well friend

thanks for being so understanding.
yeah i just dont wanna be posted cause a lot of ppl found my twin sisters info and have been spreading it as if it was mine and i can handle all the drama but she shouldnt have to.

What would make you want to come back here? We can ban every picture of yours on sight if that's what you wish

well that and i want ppl to stop posting my sisters info as if its mine. my dox still isnt even out there (i mean my address is ig lol) but the youtube video of my sisters and her profile etc. being linked isnt cool.

Ahh shit I didn't even know this had happened. I haven't been on this in a couple of months. Sucks to see that happen, Jow Forums can be a cunt sometimes

She's the retard that decided it a good idea to shit up our board with her pictures, discord, and fan club. She deserves everything bad that happens to her and more. All she had to do was stick to getting a single bf and not be an attentionwhore, and all would be well. Instead, she fucking decided to be the gigantic narcissist that she is and camwhore on Jow Forums. Fuck you and fuck her, white knight cuckster.

Fuck imagine being a degenerate that you would hate someone you don't know. Whats the point in living seriously hahahaha

Post nudes, will ya

you dont know what you are talking about.

i posted 2 no makeup time stamps after ppl saying if i didnt then im not real etc. and i was seeking an incel bf so i had no issue proving i was real in order to get one.

someone from discord made an imgur of me and posted all of the photos and link to Jow Forums. i never spread my pix all over.

the server i made was me and like 5 others girls just wanting to make a server, ofc if you make a server you are going to promote it and Jow Forums.. just like everyone else. just cause im a girl doesnt make it different.

it wasnt called brookecord the server photo wasnt of me there wasnt a brooke posting room. ppl werent even allowed to post or simp me in there. stop assuming shit.

This is the only nude I've got sorry

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also ive never cam whored in my life. btw. and if i chose to who cares? get ur coins henty.

ive never taken a nude in my life, despite the photo of my SISTER laying down in a sleeve less top that is on her twitter that someone keeps saying are my nudes (lmao tea)

if you ever heard her talking your dick will be flacid
it basiest of basic bitch with the sprinkle of spoilet brat nazal voice

a lot of ppl like my voice, but a lot of ppl dont. idk i wish ppl wouldnt judge me and think im a bitch cause how i speak, cause im decently nice.

And here you are further reinforcing the fact that you have a presence on this board, which in turn brings more fucking orbiters. Get hit by a car and die, you stupid fucking shitter. Stop fucking up my board, you dumb bitch.

You know you don't have to click on a thread right. Its almost like you want her to reply to you?

i didnt post for months and there were still constant threads, henty.

some guys just have some weird agenda to hate women and will always spin the same narrative and its sooo cringe

super hot, berry nice!

I am communicating my displeasure at her presence in the hope that she fucks off eternally to some normie website. Tired of seeing her and her orbiters shit up the board.

only people that could like that voice could be your mom and super horny pathethic teenage bois
Is doxxing not enough to leave my safe space, do we need to dox you yet again?

Anything to make their life seem not as bad. They think its better to hate on others and ignore their own self hate instead of improving themselves

you don't have to hate someone to think they are disgusting attention whores, even then, shitting up the board -consciously or otherwise- even more warrants at least a distaste for her
imagine defending someone you don't know

the server was an echo chamber that would ban anyone who disagreed with you or any other girl, fuck off
and I reiterate, the board's state worsened because of your posting pictures of yourself, even if you had nothing to do with them being spammed, it would not have happened if you hadn't posted them to begin with; you don't even need to post pictures to get an """"e-bf"""

Hi brooke, it's me nick, how are you doing today?

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okay so you think im an attention whore, cool, original opinion. what now? am i supposed to say "Ya i am, sorry" am i supposed to leave? like whats the point of you saying any of this.

i think incels who come on here are more of attention whores than me. i think youre a bigger attention whore than me.

you doxxed my twin sister, for one. all her shit is on private now, for two. and for three if a dox is already out there what is left to lose? you gonna post it again and get banned for 4 weeks on Jow Forums? ig

Ideally you leave and fuck off to where you're wanted. How many times, in how many different ways, do we have to say it?


okay i did that and i had threads made about me still, constantly. go search "brooke" if you dont believe me.

so how about if you dont like me you can filter "brooke" and fuck off?

>twin sister meme
you can sell that shit to your buddies on Trannycord

why do you hate her so much user? the person you're speaking with is most likely not the one in the picture you know

yes, you're supposed to leave, the board will be better off without whores like you and you said yourself that you dislike seen your pics posted, so it'd be better for you too; and if you don't want to leave, at least don't announce yourself in threads like these so your orbiters can come back and shit up the board even more (again)

>incels like you
now you're assuming
and as to incels being bigger attention whores, as a collective, maybe; individually, no
fuck off

i genuinely do have one, its literally in my insta bio, there are literally videos of her and we dont even look identical. you brazy.

Brooke ignored me aweeeee shieeet.

I still like you brooke

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i never said "incels like you" i never even implied you were an incel. why are you so fucking insecure?

maybe if guys like you who dont like me ignored me instead of being a counterproductive idiot and bumping my thread you'd like the outcome more.

you can now go back to instagram harlot
this is bois club

im literally a virgin but go off lol

Call me brooke 4352201677

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oh man you guys are huge fags for this, sucking cock is less gay and pathetic than this

Brockmire thread!

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what if you suck cock and post in this thread? Does that make you straight again?

God I missed you.What you've been up to?Still got a discord server?

uh, oh, 16yo and virgin it must have been so hard to achieve this

Literally the image of the autistic kid at school having a tantrum in front the class. I'd call it sad but it honestly makes me feel better about my life that theres people like you

You stupid orbiter fsggots can leave too. Get out, you thirsty dumb shits. Go to /soc/ with this shit.

ehh sometimes but i have a new discord account im pretty careful with it.

especially after all the talia drama

You're literally bumping a brookemire thread

Jesus fuck,please start posting again.Use your trip or something.WE FUCKING NEED YOU

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Correct, you are surrounded by autists and weirdos. This is not the correct website for you. Go seek your normalfag counterparts and get off my board, you dumb fucking shit.

It's really me brooke, how you doing today?

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>i think incels who come on here are more of attention whores than me. i think youre a bigger attention whore than me.

I know you didn't explicitly say that, but the implication is right there (incels = bigger attention whores than you, me = bigger attention whore you; all in the same line)

let me propose you a (very) likely scenario that we can't prevent by merely ignoring you:
>someone makes an interesting thread
>one of your shithead orbiters joins the conversation and attaches a picture of you to one of his posts for no particular reason
>thread gets derailed because of that picture

if you left for a prolonged time, this be less and less of a problem; or at the very least don't fucking announce yourself in a thread with your name so your orbiters can come crawling back like the retard that's been defending you for the last 2 hours

No, I am not. Get out, dumb fucking orbiter. Leave.

yo what is that discord? Why would this girl ever come here lolll???

Cunt, how about you get off my thread you thickfuck. No one cares that you are getting mad at a girl. Its just sad

nope youre wrong. i didnt say therefor, and because of that, so in my opinion that makes you.

you just made a shitty assumption. i literally put a fullstop not a comma.

i just came out of boredom and to find a nice guy to kinda edate ig, cause irl guys were all kinda douche bags. but then so were guys on here.

I'm mad at her and all of her dipshit orbiters. Fuck you, fuck her, get off my fucking board. Get out!

right but this thread was a thread about me, so arent you the shithead in this situation? you joined to derail it? go find a thread you actually like and stop complaining like a spastic child.

She's lonely and has a harsh family life.At least god made her good looking and kind-ish.

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Post more Brooke's please I need moar!

Hope you learned your lesson, now get the fuck out.

Its not your bored you thickfuck. You don't own it. You can't control whats posted on it. All you can do is throw a tantrum

lol that photo is really edited idk what i did to it lol it looks deep fried

I like how I'm being ignored lol

Get out, you stupid fucking orbiter. You're thrice as bad as she is. Go somewhere else with this absolute TRASH.

Dude is this really you?That's not your typing style lmao.

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ok, you saw that guys are douches here also, so you can leave, unless you find late 20s virgins bf material

Nice real nice guys that made my day

Yes, it is my board. Kindly leave.

I'm a good looking nice guy, but antisocial. Let's talk
That's kind of sad.. hopefully it's improved

You are fucking disgusting. Get out, shithead.

You literally picked the worst possible dude in here(even though people told you not to,and you saw his redflags) and then you let yourself get blackmailed by him.That doesn't mean this whole place is crawling with BPD obssessive freaks.

dumb fucking orbiter

oh fuck off, the implication is there; do you think sentences aren't correlated? full stops don't magically turn the sentences into two completely unrelated statements, even less so if they are fucking short sentences

I thought people could be reasoned with, but at this point I'm only trying to convince an attention whore to stop craving attention

Go be thirsty elsewhere, dumb fucking asshole. Leave this robotic space alone.

>hopefully it's improved
She's here again so idk.Yeah it's kinda sad,people said she's being abused and shit.

okay what were my optioons
a guy who actually talked to me vs guys who refused to talk to me and would just post about me constantly... hmm i wonder

youre just incorrect and insecure

Lol dude I. Made my own rate me thread

Good. Hope whatever asshole is in charge of her beats her to death, and I hope you get a similar treatment, orbiter.

don't judge me dipshit, you're not forced to read my comments

this place is really bad for your mental state if you stay here too long, too much anger and negativity

Shut up and fuck off back to IG. Your stank pussy smell is drawing in orbiters like flies. Go away.

Bitch took 200 dollars for a plane ticket to Odessa Texas and KEKED ME WITH A NIGGER

Surely these attacks don't affect Brooke. Its just some dumb insults said on the internet that you wouldn't ever say face to face

your dumb meme is unfunny. ive turned down way more than that. that is literal chump change in comparison to what some guys pay. id never get bad karma for 200.

Dude,it's not her fucking fault that she's born with a vagina.She came here to vent and interact with people with similar problems.Why deny her that right and call her incel slurs just because of her gender?Girls can get problems too.

based Odesa poster